Review: River by India R. Adams

Posted February 8, 2018 by Minx

Review: River by India R. Adams

This review is based on a complimentary book I received from Author, India R. Adams. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.

Review: River by India R. Adams River by India R. Adams
Series: A Stranger in the Woods #2
Also in this series:Rain
Also by this author: Black Waters, Rain
Genres: Action, Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
Release Date: February 09, 2018
Publisher: India's Productions
Format: ARC
Source: Author, India R. Adams
Pages: 460
Purchase at: Amazon
Minx's Rating:
Heat Factor:two-flames

I had wondered if I would be strong enough to love Ryder, the stranger from the woods. I learned that I was-still am. But now Ryder, Gunner, and I have a young together, Rain, the Princess of the Guardian Warriors. And a very powerful being, the King of the Shadow Clones, wants her dead. The only time I have ever witnessed King was in the dream where he forced a kiss. Yes, I learned I was strong enough to love Ryder but, with a new stranger in the woods, will he be strong enough to love me?
Two bloods of one will bring down the shadows, to cast, no more...
Rain will grow as river flows. Together…




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When I finished reading Rain I was apprehensive about its sequel because how could anything be as amazing as that book?! The newest book in the A Stranger in the Woods series, River, had me from chapter one. Rose, Ryder and Gunner had just welcomed their baby in the world, the elf community was celebrating the birth of The Prophecy, and everything was right in the world… for about five minutes. From the moment of her birth River was in danger. King of the Shadow Clones wanted her dead, he wanted Rose all for his own. King desperately wanted to make Ryder pay and pay dearly for stealing something precious from him a lifetime ago. Also, with the introduction of River, the dynamics between Ryder and Gunner came under stress and they needed to find a new equilibrium for the sake of Rose. Rose herself was also having to come to terms of her own with the introduction of Kara, an elf who quickly became very important to Gunner.

River was a complex read that if I could sum it up with one word, that word would be DISCOVERY. Every single major character in the story had discovered something new about themselves, about each other, and in some cases, they even realized that despite all they thought they knew about each other there were still secrets to be discovered. Rose and Ryder’s relationship went through another transformation as he faced some truths about himself that he had been denying for quite some time. There are some reveals in this story which were earth shattering and nothing that I ever expected. I loved every sentence in this story! River made me cry a river! Not only did this story bring me to tears, both from happiness and heartbreak, but it also had me cracking up, wanting to burn things down, and listening to crickets during the scenes where everything stopped, including my heart, and I just couldn’t believe what had just happened. River has all the feels, then it invented a few more and slipped them in there. I highly recommend this book and series (which p.s., is best read in series order)!

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Rain by India R. AdamsWhat if you knew you had just met the other part of your soul—the one who could take away all the pain and loneliness—but no one believes you because the rugged stranger from the woods is nowhere to be found? Would you search for him? Would you be strong enough to believe he exist somewhere out in the darkness where he found you? And if you were to finally find the stranger from the woods and learn he is like no other tale that has ever been told… would you still have the courage to love him?

Rose has no time for romance because her father has passed away from an illness plaguing her small town, and now her mother has also contracted the illness, leaving Rose’s two younger siblings to be her responsibility. But when her best friend forces her to be young for a night and celebrate her twentieth birthday with a bonfire and friends, Rose meets a stranger from the woods, and Rose soon learns he is no stranger at all. In fact, this magical being is trying to keep her… alive.

Two bloods of one will bring down the shadows, to cast, no more…

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About India R. Adams

Author India R Adams

Someone asked me why I have yet to write a female character with mystical powers, as I have with male characters. My answer?

“Because female’s already rock! Why fix what ain’t broke?”

Drop the mic!

India R. Adams is the co-founder of India’s Productions and is an author/singer/songwriter who has written YA and NA novels, and the music for the Forever series.

Being a survivor of abuse, has inspired India to let others know they have nothing to be ashamed of. She put her many years of professional theater background to the test and has written fictional stories with a shadow of her personal experiences. She says, “I’m simply finding ways to empower perfect imperfections.”

Another cause India feels needs change, is Sexual Slavery. She has joined forces with jewelers to design beautiful ways to raise money for non-profit organizations.

Even though India writes about serious subjects such as domestic violence, sexual abuse, and Human Trafficking, she has a magnificent sense of humor, as do the characters she creates. Perfectly balanced between laughter and tears, her readers see how to empower their own perfect imperfections.

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