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This review is based on a complimentary book I received from Amber Laura, Author. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.

Review: Twenty-Seven Tiered Almond Cake by Amber Laura Twenty-Seven Tiered Almond Cake by Amber Laura
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Release Date: November 10, 2017
Publisher: LitLiber
Format: E-book
Source: Amber Laura, Author
Pages: 334
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Charlie does not want to plan her sister’s wedding.

Erin is flakey, flighty. Irresponsible. And her upcoming marriage is proving no different. It reads like the playbill to a comedy of errors: the groom—what’s his name again?—is currently, mysteriously incarcerated; the bride is MIA; but don’t dare mention postponing the stupid thing; that would be scandalous.

Worse, in an industry that booked out months ago, Charlie has six weeks to hunt down everything from a reception hall to napkin holders! Ironically, the only person who may be able to help her accomplish this is Kantor O’Brien, aka the pastry chef she hired to create Erin’s wedding cake, aka the guy who seems to think Charlie’s antics fall somewhere between exasperating and not quite sane. (Okay, so maybe the cake she chose was a little, ah, unusual. Whatever.)

Kantor has interesting, if somewhat unconventional, contacts. Charlie’s got a colorful way of spinning the truth. Together, they might pull off something spectacular. Now if she can just convince him to go along with it….

TWENTY-SEVEN TIERED ALMOND CAKE is a light-hearted story about one woman’s struggle to give her sister the wedding she deserves. The novel’s primary themes—a contentious sibling relationship hanging in the balance of self-reflection and redemption—offset by its quietly comedic timbre and romantic undertones, will resonate and appeal to readers of commercial women’s fiction.


Twenty-Seven Tiered Almond Cake is a fun romantic comedy novel that made me laugh out loud at several points through the book. The main character Charlie was a complete pushover for her sister Erin and had managed to land herself in a dire situation when her sister announced her engagement. Despite not wanting her sister to get married to the guy she had just met, Charlie still agreed to be her maid of honor. When her sister had to leave town suddenly Charlie was left with the responsibility of planning a wedding she was not even supportive of and all within just a few short months. This left Charlie bitter and resentful but she would do it for her sister.

Erin was not a grateful sister and never truly appreciate the lengths that she was putting her sister through. Charlie was doing the best that she could to plan the wedding but given her short period of time she was coming up against a lot of walls. One item that was very important to Erin was the cake and she sent Charlie to a specific place to order the cake. This was where Charlie met Kantor the owner of the bakery. Kantor was not a very gregarious guy but he was a good businessman with lots of connections in the wedding business. When he first met Charlie he certainly didn’t think much of her because her personality is a love or hate kind of personality. Despite his personal feelings about Charlie he did help her out for her sister’s sake.

It seemed that Kantor was just the man that Charlie needed for her wedding plans to be successful. After she tried all other avenues she went back to Kantor’s bakery and asked him for any assistance he could offer. Although he was hesitant to the idea he knew that Charlie would not take no for an answer and this led to a weird sort of friendship between the two characters. Charlie kept things interesting and Kantor had become aware of how lonely his life had become. As Erin’s wedding drew closer and closer things with Charlie became zanier as she tried to keep Erin’s absence a secret and her sister involved. Things between Kantor and Charlie also took on a life of their own as they tried to understand what was developing between them.

I laughed so many times during the reading of Twenty-Seven Tiered Almond Cake! Some of the situations that Charlie got herself into were just hilarious. The dialogue between the characters in this story was also quite comical. I enjoyed it very much. This story also included Charlie’s and Kantor’s personal thought as well as dreams that Charlie has. I was not the biggest fan of being privy to her dreams, although sometimes it was really funny. Those might be a hit or miss with readers. I also did not like Charlie’s sister Erin. Almost to the point of despising her and when her parts came up I just wanted to skip them entirely. She had zero redeeming qualities and it made it hard for me to “care,” it also made me feel like Charlie was a chump for even putting effort into planning the wedding. It would have been better for me if I liked Erin a little or there was enough love between the sisters to justify why Charlie would see the planning process through. Overall though, I enjoyed the story between Kantor and Charlie and that alone made it worth the read.

*Thank you to Author Amber Laura for this complimentary copy of Twenty-Seven Tiered Almond Cake*


About Amber Laura

Author Amber Laura

Amber Laura is the sole owner and administrator of A twentysomething English major, Amber Laura has dreamed of being an author since she first started reading (and subsequently, started modifying those individual children’s stories to her own imaginative specifications: changing plots, characters, thematic motivations…even the very dialogue written on the pages, until, in the end, she was found telling her own, unique, and highly original tales).

Similarly, while still a pre-teen, Amber Laura was gifted a writing journal by her sister. Weeks later, after diligently committing to the exercise of making daily, sometimes twice daily, notations in the beloved pad, her mother asked if she was allowed to read any of it (particularly since mother and daughter were so close). Without so much as a shrug, Amber Laura handed it over, watching while her mom excitedly tore into its work; when, after the reading, that woman’s face belied perplexed confusion, Amber Laura felt compelled to explain:

“It’s a pretend journal,” she’d confessed. “Based on the life of a made-up teenage girl…” And that’s when Amber Laura’s family knew….

Fast-forward a few years and, while a whole lot in Amber Laura’s life has changed and evolved, one thing has remained an unmoving constant: her love of writing. So welcome to LitLiber—a place all about that very thing!

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