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Posted December 31, 2017 by Minx

Can you believe it?! Tomorrow is literally the start of the New Year! Where has the year gone?! For me its been unbelievably busy and blog wise a year of lessons. This past year was my first year having a self-hosted blog. Yep and like the naive chica I was, I had no idea what self-hosted really meant. Plus I had issues that cropped up like little gremlins. So many hours troubleshooting, learning, and updating. I am nowhere near awesome at this but I keep trying.😉


Alright, lets talk facts. This year I have written 302 reviews for this blog. That is a total of 88,218 pages read over 302 books. In the last 365 days there has been 265,706 visits to this blog. In addition to reviews I have posted 250 other than review posts. This could be wrap-ups, informational post, cover reveals, or book blitzes. THAT IS A TOTAL OF 552 POSTS!


Sources and Formats: 

Sources for the Books I read & reviewed in 2017

Indie Authors

101 or 33%


87 or 29%

Blog Tours

37 or 12%


32 or 11%


18 or 6%


9 or 3%


7 or 2%


5 or 1%


5 or 1%


1 < 1%

My sources are pretty self explanatory but I wanted to point out that most of my blog tours were also independent authors and that means that about 43% of my reviews are supporting Indie Authors – not too shabby!!



About 61% of my reading material for this blog consisted of Advanced Readers Copies of books. Another 32% of my reading material for reviewing was in digital format. Honestly, I love getting free books but I find reviewing a Mobi file so much easier for note taking purposes. I would say that about 88% of my reading format for this blog is electronic reading. I do love my hardcovers but a lot of them were purchased after I read the ARC. So I have not re-read the story…yet.


I read 302 books for this blog BUT that was not the actual number of books read by me this year. I use Goodreads to track all my books. This is where most of the books I read for challenges will appear. So without further ado:

Goodreads Ratings Snapshot

2017 Goodreads totals

That is the correct number of books, 449, which is an actual decrease from last year by about 57 books….believe it or not. Most of the books I have read this year I rated around a 4 star. I think that is good for me. It means that for the most part I chose books that I were exactly what I wanted to read. Obviously I had some books that were more than I expected and others that were less but for the most part I was satisfied with my 2017 reading experience.


Genres I Read in 2017

Christian Fiction4
Cozy Mystery6
Crime and suspense6
Dark Fantasy3
Erotic Romance1
Fairy Tales4
Historical Fiction41
Holiday Romance10
Literary Fiction6
Magical Realism7
Paranormal Romance47
Romantic Suspense14
Science Fiction27
Sports Romance4
Urban Fantasy27
Womens Fiction15
Young Adult54

I started my book reviewing career as The Genre Minx because I wanted to be a book reviewer who read a little of everything. I have always been honest though that the Fantasy genre is my favorite and I think that definitely shows through.

I CANNOT believe that I read ZERO nonfiction this year. How did that happen?! That is completely unacceptable to me, I try to make sure that I read at least one nonfiction per month, lol, but I guess I was not trying that hard to keep that goal. For 2018 I will read at least 12 nonfiction books. I also want to increase the number of bookish posts that are informational in nature on this blog. The truth of the matter is that I love to read and that consumes most of my free time but there are plenty of topics that I think about discussing but I just don’t make the time.

Looking at my list for 2018 I want to review more action and adventure books as well as more mystery and thriller books on this blog. I also plan to increase my horror contribution because I now have a subscription service for the horror genre.


See You Next Year

Okay, this is the end of my yearly wrap-up. As always thank you for stopping by and I look forward to spending 2018 with you!


Lots of Love,


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