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This review is based on a complimentary book I received from Author, Jennifer Samson. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.

Review: Tilt by Jennifer Samson & M.B. Miller Tilt by Jennifer Samson, M.B. Miller
Series: Sin City #2
Also in this series:Sin City
Also by this author: Sin City
Genres: Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction
Release Date: November 15, 2017
Publisher: Twin Crowns Press
Format: E-book
Source: Author, Jennifer Samson
Pages: 207
ISBN: 1988797055
ASIN: B0776K3S2W
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Everything Changes Las Vegas is a city of change. Fortunes are won and squandered; love found and lost; and alliances made and broken. Everything can change with a spin of the wheel or roll of the dice.

Bill is enchanted with Marilyn, who is everything he wants in a woman – and dating his friend Jimmy. Jimmy thinks Marilyn may be “the one,” but, if so, why is he drawn to Darla?

Rising star Darla loves Jake, but she has to choose between a Hollywood career and a future with him. Jake is in debt to the Chicago Outfit, and if he leaves town, there's nowhere Chicago won't follow, even to Hollywood.

Ray wants to become a made man with Chicago, but he wants revenge against Frank Kelly more. Frank’s daughter Diana presents an opportunity to drive a wedge into the family. The only person Diana trusts is her brother Tim, but their relationship is strained, leaving her angry … and vulnerable.

Rett is at his wit's end when his sister Ruby takes up with Tim Kelly, a petty criminal with a chip on his shoulder and disdain for Chicago. Even Rett's mob ties won't protect Ruby when – not if – Tim crosses Chicago.

Some will win and others will lose, but no one will come away unchanged.


Tilt is the second book in the Sin City series and it follows the same timeline as its prequel Sin City. The first book in this series, Sin City, was a story set in Las Vegas in the mid 1960’s. This was a tumultuous novel with a great coming of age story for the main character Ruby Gordon as she transitioned into a new life with her brother and found love and felt loss for the first time. There were many great characters that were involved in that story and they played large parts in the plot but the main focus of Sin City was on the ups and downs of Tim and Ruby’s relationship. I thoroughly enjoyed that story and it is absolutely worth the read, especially if you are interested in reading this book, Tilt.

What I loved about reading Tilt was that this story offered a “behind the scenes” look into the thoughts and emotions the supporting characters from the Sin City novel. While reading Tilt, I was able to understand the full story behind the supporting characters motivations and it brought the whole Sin City story to an entirely different level for me. I was able to see how the other characters saw both Ruby and Tim’s relationship as well as experience their feelings and choices as they played their parts. In addition to seeing the main protagonists from a different angle, Tilt also explained the choices being made for the supporting characters. I just loved that!

Tilt is such a fabulous complimentary book to Ruby and Tim’s relationship! In addition, it also serves in expanding the story to include the motivations for the other character’s choices! It is a great exploration into back alley mob deals, the lives of a cowboy and showgirl in the 1960’s, and criminals a plenty. I loved the expanded scenes between the characters and once I learned more information my original thoughts and feelings on certain characters expanded and I liked them more. Well, I at least felt less antagonistic towards them anyhow, ha ha ha. I will say that this series should be read in series order and that I highly recommend reading both Sin City and Tilt.

*Thank you to Jennifer Samson for this complimentary copy of Tilt*


About Jennifer Samson

Author Jennifer Samson

Jennifer Samson is a Canadian author who enjoys fountain pens, notebooks she’s too afraid to use, corner store candy, photography, adorable cats (especially her fur nephew @jasperjaxcat), and too many criminal procedural television shows to name. Being Canadian, a love of hockey goes without saying.

Her work has appeared in the literary journals Thursday and The Lyre, as well as the BoldPrint book Friends. Her crime/love story series Sin City and her four-book Young Adult/New Adult series Brookline University are available in print and ebook format. Her work has been featured in the Alpha Phi Quarterly, Brookline TAB, Toronto Star and Edmonton Sun.

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I’m a former journalist trying to find my way in a post-print world. Also: an author, unashamed cat-lady, television addict, coffee aficionado, foul-mouthed and opinionated.

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