Review with Excerpt & Giveaway: Dreams Collide by Kristina Beck

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Review with Excerpt & Giveaway: Dreams Collide by Kristina Beck

This review is based on a complimentary book I received from Enticing Journey Book Promotions. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.

Review with Excerpt & Giveaway: Dreams Collide by Kristina Beck Dreams Collide by Kristina Beck
Series: Collide #2
Also in this series:Lives Collide
Also by this author: Lives Collide
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Womens Fiction
Release Date: December 05, 2017
Publisher: Independently Published
Format: ARC
Source: Enticing Journey Book Promotions
Pages: 300
ISBN: 1977769802
Purchase at: Amazon
Minx's Rating:
Heat Factor:two-half-flames

Tina craves adventure, food, and her new client, restaurant owner Gerry.

At sixteen, Tina was full of energy, fearless, and desperate to get out of New Jersey. But her dreams shattered when her mother died tragically. She was thrust into the role of mothering her family while hiding the horrible truth of that day.

Now that Tina feels she’s paid her penance, she wants to rediscover the ambitious girl she used to be. With her new dream job and a move to Hoboken, it’s her time to spread her wings. Tina’s first client is a restaurant owner who tempts her—not only with food but with himself. She’d felt this kind of attraction only once before in college and is flooded with memories of an unforgettable kiss. One of her biggest regrets.

Gerry desires anonymity, a new life, and the beautiful website designer Tina.

Gerry fled Germany to escape the destruction of his reputation. After months of staying under the radar, he opens a restaurant in New York City. When he hires a website design firm, Gerry finds himself working closely with Tina—whom he had a taste of years ago and now finds a sweet indulgence.

Even as they admit their attraction to each other, an unexpected circumstance threatens to separate them again. Will their love be strong enough to give up their dreams? Or will someone be left behind?

Can be read as a standalone.



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Dreams Collide is the second book in the Collide series but this story can be read as a stand-alone. Tina is a woman with a mission and that mission is to finally begin her life, on her terms. A tragic accident in her childhood had put a long-term hold on her life plans and now that her father and sister seem to be stable and happy, Tina feels that she can move on as well. It was not just the implosion of her family that kept her dreams at bay though, she felt an enormous amount of guilt for choices that she had made when she was a teenager and feels responsible for things she shouldn’t.

Once when Tina was in college, she did try to “live” a little one night while at a party but that night ended in humiliation. Since then she has lived her life on the straight and narrow but secretly she yearned for more. For the time being though, Tina was just happy to move to New Jersey and start a new job for a company that she was hoping could lead to a possible job relocation in California. She couldn’t wait to prove herself and when she was given her first client, a local restauranteur, she was thrilled. What she did not expect was that the owner of the German restaurant, Gerry Maier would be a young and very attractive man, a man who had her thoughts racing to naughty places.

Although things did not start out as smooth as she wanted, Tina quickly regrouped and was determined to be the professional she knew she was. She needed to prove that she could see a project through. Gerry on the other hand was completely blown away that the woman in front of him was the same woman that he had an unforgettable kiss with years before. Although Tina would not remember him because she had been unable to see him, he had never forgotten her, in fact it was because of her that his life had been forever changed. What he was not willing to do was let her get away again but she was not willing to consider a relationship with a client, much to his dismay.

Despite the lines that both of these characters drew in the sand for each other, neither one could deny the attraction that was building between them. Both Tina and Gerry knew that they would be dynamic in a physical relationship but there were so many obstacles that they would both have to overcome in order to make anything work between them. Gerry knew what he wanted and was willing to lay it all on the line but things were confusing for Tina. She had already given up so much and she was not sure what she wanted but she did not want to lose Gerry either. When a circumstance developed between Tina and Gerry that left them both with a gulf between them, would they both be willing to take the leap of faith that together all their dreams would be fulfilled?

I enjoyed reading Dreams Collide. I loved that this was a unique second chance romance filled with plenty of witty banter and had a nice level of smolder that created a good sexual tension between the main characters. I thought that the romance between the two characters was believable and really sweet. There were plenty of twists and turns throughout this story that kept me wondering how things were going to truly turn out. I also thought that Gerry and Tina were the perfect pairing for each other. Overall, I am enjoying this series and I highly recommend Dreams Collide to readers who enjoy a light and swoony romance!

*Thank you to Enticing Journey Book Promotions & Author Kristina Beck for this eARC of Dreams Collide*




“No complaints from me. You look good, but I don’t know how you stay fit when you’re surrounded by food all day.” I gesture with my hand toward his body.

 “You love food and have a great body.”

     “Excuse me.” I point my finger back and forth between us. “Just friends, remember?”

     “What? You just said the same to me. Friends can’t say that?”

     A boat passes us a little too closely, and I say to the couple, “We’re just friends.”

     “It doesn’t look like it to me,” the woman says. She winks at Gerry.

     He stops rowing. “Oh. I’m sorry. Should I have said you’re as hot as the chili in the éclair you ate? Or as hot as the Sahara Desert? Or so hot that I’m counting the days on the calendar until my hands and lips can burn on your bare skin.” He clenches his jaw.

     I can’t see his eyes through his sunglasses, but I can feel them.

     Holy shit. He’s serious. My hormones are screaming let him.

     “You’re thinking about it too. Admit it.”

     I remain silent and look out at the water. No way am I admitting that. Hide your emotions.

     “I guess it’s going to be a long night. I’m not moving this boat until you admit it.” He lets go of the oars.

     I jump up and step closer to him to grab them.

     “Don’t jump up like that. The oars are attached. We’re fine,” he says as he tries to stabilize the boat.

     It wobbles enough that I lose my balance, falling face first into his lap. Your face is in his lap. Get up! But what if I like it? Get up!

     I push off him to escape the awkwardness. His arms wrap around my waist, preventing me from moving away. We’re face to face as I rest on my knees. I take his sunglasses off to reveal his heated eyes.

     “Why couldn’t you just admit it?” he says with a low voice, his eyes glancing at my lips. “Now look what happened. Not that I mind.”

     I whisper, “I think about it all the time. You all the time.”

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A Jersey girl herself, Kristina was born and raised in New Jersey, USA, for thirty years. She later moved to Germany and has lived there for over thirteen years with her German husband and three children. She lives in the farthest southwest tip of Germany, surrounded by beautiful vineyards and a perfect view of the Black Forest. She is an avid reader of different genres, but romance always takes precedence. She loves coffee, dark chocolate, power naps and 80’s movies. Her hobbies include writing, reading, fitness, wine tasting, and forever trying to improve her German-language skills.

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