Review: The Simple Soul of Susan by Noel Branham

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This review is based on a complimentary book I received from Author, Noel Branham. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.

Review: The Simple Soul of Susan by Noel Branham The Simple Soul of Susan by Noel Branham
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Release Date: October 12, 2017
Publisher: Independently Published
Format: E-book
Source: Author, Noel Branham
Pages: 305
ISBN: 069295130X
Purchase at: Amazon
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Susan Combs had long ago found the love of her life. The only problem was the other party still didn’t know he had been found.

Every day Susan saw Calder Hurtz, her next door neighbor and childhood best friend. They always enjoyed the short drive to school down the dusty streets of their small Texas town. She was happy in those perfect moments, for her life at home was most imperfect. The challenging homestead she inhabited was also the favorite subject of local gossip.

But one autumn day she overhears Calder and another boy having a conversation. This occasion of accidental audience sets Susan’s life on an unforeseen path. In the seasons to come, her future will be changed by two hospitalizations, two confessions of love, and one betrayal.

Compulsively readable, The Simple Soul of Susan is an engaging, soul-endearing romance and a mesmerizing debut.


When reading the synopsis, you may think this story is a simple friends to lovers romance but The Simple Soul of Susan is more than a simple love story. This story starts when Susan is a teenager in high school dealing with typical high school drama. For Susan though she has an extra caveat to deal with because her best friend is the most popular guy in school that all the girls swoon for. Most girls either despise Susan for her closeness to Calder Hurtz or they feign friendship to pump her for information about Calder. All the while Calder flits through life flirting with one girl and then the next, never staying in any one relationship for too long.

Susan though was wise to the games people played regarding her and Calder’s relationship and she was used to Calder the way he was. She had always hoped though that one day he would come to appreciate her steadfastness in his life, being the one person he could always count on, no matter what. Such hopes she had, until the one day that Susan learned without a doubt that her hopes were founded on shifting sand. With an unthinkable truth ringing in her head Susan reassessed her dreams and started to forge a new path for herself. A path where it was just Susan and learning what it was that she might want for herself and what a life without Calder would really mean to her. As her life moved on and events took place, there was one thing that was for certain and that was that what Susan and Calder had as children would never be the same. Something else would grow from it, something that was wholly unexpected but at the same time perfectly acceptable as it should be.

Even though I was well aware of what the story was about, I found the journey from point A to point B to be completely unexpected. There was more to Susan than I ever guessed and as her story unfurled my heart truly bled for her. All she ever wanted was to do right by those she loved and seeing how hard she tried made me downright love this character so much. She was not a simple character at all but you have to take the journey with her to see that. Sooo good! Calder as a character was just frustrating. I definitely wanted more for Susan but as their past was revealed and I saw how intertwined their lives truly were and how deep that went, I secretly wanted Calder to see what he had in front of him the entire time. The Simple Soul of Susan was a roller coaster of emotion but it is a ride I would take again and again. I highly recommend this story!

*Thank you to Author Noel Branham for this complimentary copy of The Simple Soul of Susan*

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Born and raised in a small Texas town, Noel Branham started her career in digital communications after graduating with a degree in English. An award-winning communicator, she now writes from her residence in Florida about things closest to the heart: home, family, and love.

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