Review: Winter’s Siren by Krystal Jane Ruin

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This review is based on a complimentary book I received from Author, Krystal Jane Ruin. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.

Review: Winter’s Siren by Krystal Jane Ruin Winter's Siren by Krystal Jane Ruin
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Genres: Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, Romance, young adult
Release Date: November 1, 2017
Publisher: The Narcissistic Rose
Format: E-book
Source: Author, Krystal Jane Ruin
Pages: 312
ISBN: 0998682217
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For the last five years, Fawn has been the star soprano of a secluded opera house, forced to sing for her kidnapper.

His daughter, Devi, waits patiently in the shadows, hiding a face so horrible that no one who’s seen it will look at it again.

As Fawn plots her escape, whispers spread through the shaded corridors of dark sorcery, warning her that she must flee by the next opening night.

But when Fawn draws close to the exit, it’s Devi who’s standing in her way, leading Fawn to suspect that Devi has something to gain if she fails.

A dark reimagining of Swan Lake


Winter’s Siren is a dark fantasy that was both captivating and twisted. This story follows the narrative of two characters who are opposite in every way. Devi was born out of a union that was doomed from the start. Her mother met a tragic end at the hands of her father but Devi was spared, just barely, due to her innocence. Her father made it his life’s mission to find a cure for the malformation that affected Devi. One aspect of finding a solution for his daughter involved the abduction of a child who came to be known as Fawn.

Fawn was kidnapped as a child and after numerous escape attempts became a prisoner who was kept in chains except for when she was performing. Fawn had been blessed with a beautiful singing voice and soon became the star at the Opera House that was run by her captor. A beautiful voice was the one thing that Devi and Fawn had in common. Devi may have had a beautiful singing voice but it was not something that many knew about. Devi’s face and skin were so horrific to look at that it caused most people to either scream in fright or vomit on sight. She hid her face under a curtain of her hair and did not enjoy social situations. When she was forced into one she was painfully shy and barely spoke.

Although Devi was a horror to look at she was loved by her father and the staff that he employed. They alone saw that Devi was more than she appeared on the outside and they also knew she was extremely talented. Not only was she an amazing singer but she alone composed the works that were performed at the opera house. For many years it was Devi’s operas that Fawn had been singing, gaining all the fame and adoration that Devi longed for, but Devi never held it against Fawn. She did not understand her Father’s plan, outside of the fact that is included Fawn, but Devi knew that Fawn was just as much a captive as she was.

Everything changed when the newest benefactors to the opera house came to visit. This event was too good to be true for Fawn because the benefactor brought his young and gullible son along for the visit. This was an opportunity that Fawn could not pass up because she knew she would be able to manipulate this young man and that he may be the key to her most longed for dream, escape. Fawn felt that something was happening with the upcoming opera and that she needed to be gone before opening night. With things going in a good direction for Fawn she became emboldened and started to plan her escape. For her plan to work though, she needed all the attention to be on her, not Devi, and when she conceived that Devi was a distraction for the men she had her eyes on, Fawn’s true colors came out.

There was a love triangle of sorts in this story and that was truly the nail in the coffin between the girls. Devi had never before believed that Fawn was deliberate in her actions that could have been perceived as malicious but after Fawn’s latest actions surrounding the two men in this story, Devi became painfully aware that Fawn was against her. This was hard for Devi to accept as they were both trapped but for different reasons and should have had a comradery of sorts, unfortunately Devi had to realize that Fawn was not a nice person and that she was deliberate in her actions. Although she was not privy to her father’s true plans, whatever was to befall Fawn became something that was easier for Devi to accept and be passively complicit in.

Winter’s Siren was a pleasure to read! The story is told from both Devi’s and Fawn’s perspectives so I was able to truly understand their motivations. I didn’t know how to feel about the whole kidnapping of Fawn situation, that was just not right, but it was an important element to the story. I liked that Fawn’s character was conflicted about certain things but her self-preservation quickly overrode her conscience. There were things about both characters that made me like them and have disdain for them, it was just lovely to have my feelings up in the air like that. I was conflicted about the romance element because it was and wasn’t real. You just have to read the story and then you’ll understand 😉. Overall, Winter’s Siren was a wonderful story that plays with your emotions and will enrapture your imagination. I highly recommend!

*Thank you to Author Krystal Jane Ruin for this complimentary copy of Winter’s Siren*


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