Review: Tall, Dark & Deadly by Kharma Kelley

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Review: Tall, Dark & Deadly by Kharma Kelley Tall, Dark & Deadly by Kharma Kelley
Series: Agents of the Bureau #1
Also by this author: Selenium Night
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy
Release Date: September 30, 2017
Publisher: Wicked Bayou Press
Format: E-book
Source: Purchased
Pages: 254
ISBN: 0998157309
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Heat Factor:three-flames

Chloe Hunter can't seem to stay out of trouble. Incarcerated by The Bureau after running amok for a century with a gang of vampires, grifting and terrorizing humanity, she's ready to make up for her dark and naughty past. Luckily, when The Bureau would rather see her at the end of a wooden stake, in comes her new straight-laced boss, Ethan Raines who's got other plans. An enigmatic vampire who finds her hybrid blood and sexy street prowess too irresistible to pass up, Ethan requests The Bureau to release her into his custody. Her debt to society is to punish other supernaturals who break the law and cut them down.

When Chloe's old gang involves her in a plot to unlock a mysterious box of woe, she's forced to make some hard choices that threaten to betray the trust of the man who's given her a second chance at life and love.


Tall, Dark & Deadly is the first book in the Agents of the Bureau series and it was a fun and sizzling read with a fast-paced plot. Chloë Hunter was a Dhampir, an unusual hybrid with all the strengths of a vampire but none of their weaknesses. For many years she had run with a bad crowd and had ended up on the wrong side of the law. After being incarcerated for her wrong deeds and affiliations she was given a second chance by Ethan Raines. She was given a conditional release to work for the Bureau with Ethan being her boss whose job it was to keep her in line.

The Bureau was essentially the brain child of Ethan Raines. Its purpose was to keep a balance between the supernaturals and to govern over them. That had been Ethan’s only focus for many centuries and he had been perfectly okay with his ordinary life. Boring was good because Ethan had his own secrets, secrets that kept him separated from any forms of relationships. He just couldn’t trust himself. Chloë, it seemed, was his only weakness. There was something about her that he knew would be an asset to the bureau and that was why he had put under his direct supervision in a work release program. Not because he was drawn to her and wanted what he could never allow himself to have. Nope, that was not it at all…!

Well, if he was honest with himself, maybe not the only reason. Chloë’s mere presence called to him in a way that no one ever had before and that was very dangerous. He was able to keep his distance and keep things professional but when an undercover operation went sideways and Chloë was put in danger Ethan had to make some tough choices. Tough choices that put him on the outs with the bureau and into close proximity with this femme fatale. Once Chloë and Ethan were on the run it seemed that all Ethan’s will power had been used up and his resolve was weakening when it came to his employee.

Chloë had always found her boss attractive but he was her boss and that was that. Or so it was supposed to be, Chloë couldn’t help her desire for Ethan, he was practically sex on a stick but that idea was just off limits. She had known for a long time that the only person she could trust was herself and over the years, she had allowed very few people to see the real Chloë. Her beginnings were very confusing for her and she had always been alone. After she was put in a dangerous situation and Ethan had come to her rescue, Chloë was touched. She quickly realized that if she was going to put an end to the fiasco that was created by her and Ethan that she was going to have to trust him and they would have to work together.

Both Chloë and Ethan knew that they should deny their attraction to each other. It could never work and they each had their own reasons for holding back. As the stakes were raised and the predicament they were entangled in became deadly, their chances of righting the wrongs seemed almost impossible. Equally impossible was their inability to deny the growing attraction between them. No matter what happened neither of them were going to come out with all their secrets intact. One of them was going to have to give in order to overcome the menace that threatened to destroy the precarious balance between the supernaturals in this world.

Tall, Dark & Deadly was a sexy paranormal romance that has a few unique twists! I really enjoyed the world that was created with all the different type of supernatural creatures and the idea of having a bureau to govern them all. I enjoyed Ethan and Chloë’s characters a bunch but it was a character named Leto Petrides that really grabbed my interest, she was fekking hilarious and I am hoping that she is the main character of the next book in this series! There were some grammatical errors I found with this story but nothing that really took away from the story. Overall, Tall, Dark & Deadly was a steamy romance that was quite entertaining and a read that I would definitely recommend.


About Kharma Kelley

Author Kharma Kelley

I have been enamored with all things that go “bump in the night” for who knows how long. Finding humanity and beauty in some of the most seemingly unconventional places is part of the romantic psyche to me. I enjoy reading other fantasy novels and writing in my spare time. I have a lot of projects on my plate and want to create interesting characters for readers.

There’s something intriguing about strong women finding love in all the “wrong” places in the world of fantasy. Of angels, demons, ghosts, wolves and your occasional blood sucker, all these paranormal metaphors are catalysts of what humans are and crave most…that we’re all different, beautiful and a little bit weird–and just want someone to love us for what we are.

My influences are Sherrilyn Kenyon, Gena Showalter, Kresley Cole and the late great author, L.A. Banks.

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