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This review is based on a complimentary book I received from Author, Isabel Jordan. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.

Review: Semi-Sane by Isabel Jordan Semi-Sane by Isabel Jordan
Series: Harper Hall Investigations #5
Also in this series:Semi-Charmed, Semi-Broken, Semi-Human, Semi-Twisted
Also by this author: Semi-Charmed, Semi-Broken, Semi-Human, Semi-Twisted
Genres: Fantasy, Humor, Mystery, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy
Release Date: November 17, 2017
Publisher: Isabel Jordan
Format: ARC, E-book
Source: Author, Isabel Jordan
Pages: 260
ASIN: B077383JD8
Purchase at: Amazon
Minx's Rating:
Heat Factor:three-flames

No one knows crazy quite like Dr. Violet Marchand. As the preeminent psychologist to Whispering Hope’s supernatural population, staying calm, cool, and collected in the face of crazy is sorta part of the gig. So, when she starts receiving death threats, Violet isn’t all that rattled. But when her new bodyguard turns out to be the man who betrayed her—the only man who ever came close to breaching the carefully constructed walls around her heart…well, trusting him again might just be a little too crazy, even for a pro like Violet.

Nikolai Aleyev has a lifetime of sins to atone for—not the least of which is betraying Violet’s trust. She’s made it clear she wants nothing more to do with him, and he understands. She’s better off without him. It doesn’t matter that he’s broken and only semi-sane without her. But when he’s assigned to act as Violet’s bodyguard, Nikolai knows he can’t stay away. Protecting her? That’ll be easy for a dhampyre like him. Keeping his hands off her and controlling the attraction that sizzles between them with every touch? That just might be more than he can manage.

When bullets—and sparks—start flying, Nikolai will put everything on the line to save Violet—his freedom, his heart, his life. Because sometimes, the line between crazy and happily ever after is razor thin, and the reward just might be worth crossing it.


Semi-Sane is the fifth and final book in the Harper Hall Investigations series which has been an AMAZING series! I have completely adored each and every book in this series and Semi-Sane was no exception. In this installment, the focus is on Dr. Violet Marchand and bad boy Nikolai Aleyev. The story between these two characters was introduced in the previous book, Semi-Broken, and I would recommend that you read that story before reading this one. As a series, the books are all best read in series order but no one is saying you can’t go rogue and read them however you want to. I just recommend that you read them 😉.

Violet Marchand is the only psychologist in the city of Whispering Hope who is certified to treat both humans and supernatural beings. Although she is only human herself she has devoted much of her time trying to help the supernatural community but they can be a little high maintenance at times so when she starts to receive death threats she kinda blows it off. She has too much that she is currently dealing with already, what with having just survived a kidnapping by a guy who used her to try to get close to one of her patients to kill her. No biggie there, right? Just another day at the office.

Unfortunately, Violet had developed feelings for Nikolai Aleyev during their courtship and when his true motives had been revealed it was heartbreaking to Violet. Yeah, I totally wanted to punch that character in the face. Despite the betrayal, she was a professional and she could get through her feelings about the situation but her heart missed him so much. Now Violet was only dating safe and reliable men, strictly humans. What she was not expecting was that Nikolai would come knocking on her door asking for forgiveness. Forgiveness she could give but not her heart, she could never trust him again.

Despite feeling that the threats against her life she had been receiving were nothing serious, Violet did bring up the matter with her friend and investigator Harper Hall and pretty soon she had the entire investigation team looking into the matter. It quickly became apparent that Violet’s life was in actual jeopardy and Harper decided that Violet needed protection 24/7 and that she would find the perfect bodyguard. Just imagine Violet’s utter shock when she opened her door to none other than Nikolai. Yeppers, Harper had a lot of explaining to do! Thrown together both Nikolai and Violet were going to have to deal with the chemistry that was happening between them all the while keeping Violet safe as the threats against her life become extremely dangerous.

I have adored Violet’s character throughout this series, so I was very happy that Semi-Sane was her story. Also, I got to see a new side to Nikolai this time around and I liked that very much. As always, this story included all the original characters in this series and I love that! Semi-Sane was a fast-paced mystery that also had some hot romance between two characters who definitely deserved their second chance romance. There is a lot of humor throughout this story and the sarcasm and snark that I love is definitely not missing at all, I highly recommend that you grab a copy of Semi-Sane for yourself today!  The Harper Hall Investigations series is such a wonderful series that I just cannot recommend enough!

*Thank you to Author Isabel Jordan for this eARC of Semi-Sane*


About Isabel Jordan

The normal:

Isabel Jordan writes because it’s the only profession that allows her to express her natural sarcasm and not be fired. She is a paranormal and contemporary romance author. Isabel lives in Indiana with her husband, eight-year-old son, a senile Beagle, a neurotic Shepherd mix and a ginormous Great Dane mix.

The weird:

Now that the normal stuff is out of the way, here’s some weird-but-true facts that would never come up in polite conversation. Isabel Jordan:

1. Is terrified of butterflies (don’t judge…it’s a real phobia called lepidopterophobia)
2. Is a lover of all things ironic (hence the butterfly on the cover of Semi-Charmed)
3. Is obsessed with Supernatural, Game of Thrones, and Dog Whisperer.
4. Hates coffee. Drinks a Diet Mountain Dew every morning.
5. Will argue to the death that Pretty in Pink ended all wrong. (Seriously, she ends up with the guy who was embarrassed to be seen with her and not the nice guy who loved her all along? That would never fly in the world of romance novels.)
6. Would eat Mexican food every day, if given the choice.
7. Reads two books a week in varied genres.
8. Refers to her Kindle as “the precious”.
9. Thinks puppy breath is one of the best smells in the world.
10. Is a social media idgit. (Her husband had to explain to her last week what the point of Twitter was. She’s still a little fuzzy on what Instagram and Pinterest do.)
11. Kicks ass at Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.
12. Stole her tagline idea from her son. Her tagline idea was, “Never wrong, not quite right.” She liked her son’s idea better.
13. Breaks one vacuum cleaner a year because she ignores standard maintenance procedures (Really, you’re supposed to empty the canister every time you vacuum? Does that seem excessive to anyone else?)
14. Is still mad at the WB network for cancelling Angel in 2004.
15. Can’t find her way from her bed to her bathroom without her glasses, but refused eye surgery, even when someone else offered to pay. (They lost her at “eye flap”. Seriously, look it up. Scary stuff.)

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