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This review is based on a complimentary book I received from Amanda Siegrist, Author. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.

Review: Mistletoe Magic by Amanda Siegrist Mistletoe Magic by Amanda Siegrist
Series: A Holiday Romance Novel #2
Also in this series:Merry Me
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Genres: Contemporary, Holiday Romance, Romance
Release Date: December 01, 2017
Format: ARC, E-book
Source: Amanda Siegrist, Author
Pages: 177
ASIN: B076C9374Z
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Heat Factor:one-half-flames

Theresa might not make the best pot of coffee in town, but people still flock to the diner for a cup, even Officer Crowl, who rarely displays a smile since his fiancé died. She’ll never be able to win his heart, but it’s hard to resist him, especially when he kisses her under the mistletoe. Well, on the cheek, but that has to count for something…right?

Staying busy keeps Officer Aiden Crowl sane. Because when he’s idle or alone, he thinks, and nothing good comes from that. Everyone thinks he was the perfect man. They think he’s broken because she’s gone. He is, just not for the reason they believe. Every time he walks into the diner, one sweet smile from Theresa erases some of the pain. He should stay away from her. Far away. But what is he supposed to do when they’re standing under a mistletoe? Kiss her, of course.


What a sweet story Mistletoe Magic was! I was not sure at first how I felt about Officer Aiden Crowl because he was quite a jerk. I loved Theresa Brennen’s character though. She was a sweet small-town girl who may not have had the best of opportunities but she made do with what she had. Despite growing up on the wrong side of town she was not jaded and was satisfied with her life for the most part. She did of course wish for someone to share her life with but so far that had not been in the cards for her. She was a gem of a character and I immediately wanted the world for her.

Growing up in a small town everyone knows everybody’s business and this was not an exception for these characters. Theresa knew of Aiden but they had never run in the same circles. I guess it would be hard to get to know someone who’s girlfriend then fiancé made your life miserable growing up, but Theresa never held that against Aiden. No matter how she felt about his choice in women, she was well aware of the tragedy that had struck his life and she felt terrible for him. She always had a bit of a crush on him but after his fiancé died she just tried to be kind to him. The death had caused a remarkable change in Aiden and it was a change for the worse.

Aiden was a haunted man over the death of his fiancé but it was not for the reasons everyone assumed. He definitely was beating himself up for the death of his fiancé and he made sure that he kept distance from everyone. He did not allow himself an iota of happiness. He lived in a virtual life loop where he repeated the same tasks day after day. The only guilty pleasure that he allowed himself was to go to the local diner and order a cup of coffee. I bet you are wondering what was so great about a cup of coffee, it was not for the coffee that’s for sure, it was during this time that Aiden was able to see Theresa.

Aiden felt that Theresa was truly a nice person and he desired something with her but he really never allowed himself to consider what he wanted. All he knew was that Theresa’s personality was everything he wanted in a woman and he would do almost anything to have someone like her. Well anything except forgive himself and move on. Theresa also wanted one chance with Aiden but she knew that could never be. He had never expressed any type interest in her, until one day when he kissed her underneath a mistletoe. Theresa was shocked but not as shocked as Aiden. With that one kiss, everything spun out of control for these characters and it was up to them to decide if this was a chance worth taking.

I found Mistletoe Magic to be the perfect happily ever after Christmastime story that will appeal to a wide audience of readers. There is romance in this story of course but in addition to romance there is also an element of mystery and angst with a star-crossed lovers feel to it. Sooo good! Mistletoe Magic is the second book in this series, A Holiday Romance Novel, and I love this series. For two years now I have had a sweet Christmastime story to look forward to. Mistletoe Magic is definitely the type of holiday romance that I would recommend to those who would like a sweet romance filled with holiday spirit!

*Thank you to Author Amanda Siegrist for this eARC of Mistletoe Magic*


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