Review & Giveaway: Ready For Wild by Liora Blake

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Review & Giveaway: Ready For Wild by Liora Blake

This review is based on a complimentary book I received from Xpresso Book Tours. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.

Review & Giveaway: Ready For Wild by Liora Blake Ready for Wild by Liora Blake
Series: Grand Valley #3
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Release Date: October 31, 2017
Publisher: Gallery Books
Format: ARC
Source: Xpresso Book Tours
Pages: 320
ISBN: 1501155172
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Heat Factor:three-flames

Featuring Liora Blake’s signature “funny, endearing, and more than a little hot” (Library Journal) style, the third novel in the Grand Valley series features a rough-talking game warden going toe-to-toe with a TV star who unexpectedly turns his life upside down.

Braden Montgomery is certain about three things: one, luck is for suckers; two, time spent outdoors is what keeps him sane; and, three, when it comes to sharing his bed, there’s only one female he’s willing to put up with—his Chesapeake Bay retriever, Charley. Braden’s constructed his life on these beliefs, and he’s quite content with the status quo.

But when a moment of bad luck lands Braden toe-to-toe with a blonde bombshell with her own television show, his stubbornly structured reality begins to unravel.

As for Amber Regan, her brand has been built on camo, cut-offs, and cleavage. With her own hunting show on the foremost sports channel and enough social media followers to garner her plenty of endorsement deals, Amber’s come a long way from the tomboy in a small Texas town she once was. Unfortunately, ratings are down and her contract for next season is in limbo, so she’s in desperate need of a reboot to save her show—and filming a rough and tough archery elk hunt in Colorado might be the way to do just that. Too bad the local game warden grunts more than he speaks, seems determined to despise her—and makes her heart race in all the most inconvenient ways.


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Ready for Wild was my first taste of Author Liora Blake’s writing style and I am hooked. This book is the third and final installment of the Grand Valley series. Although I had not read the previous books I was not at a loss with the story, it can be read as a standalone. I think the only thing that I missed out on was getting to know the main character Braden Montgomery beforehand. Despite not having a history with that character was I drawn to this story and it left me with a big smile on my face by the end.

Braden Montgomery was a surly bear of a man. He had life exactly as it should be and he was not interested in anything different. When he drew the short straw at work, he was forced to help Amber Regan and her crew scout out possible locations next season’s hunt for her hunting show. Everything was riding on this hunt for Amber and she was holding nothing back, if this hunt went badly she would not get picked up for the next season then she would be left with nothing. Braden of course could care less about her issues because he thought hunting shows were dumb to begin with and he was absolutely not a fan of Amber’s show at all.

Amber did not know what to think of this grumpy game warden. She was normally able to charm any person she pleased but regardless of his disposition Amber was determined to scout that location. By the time Braden met up with Amber he knew everything he could about her, not because she was irresistible and amazing, nope it was for pure research reasons 😉. Once he met Amber in person his world was rocked. He might not have liked her hunting show but she definitely knew her stuff. Despite his amazement of her skills, Braden refused to like Amber and was ready to get her out of his life.

Amber though, was drawn to Braden despite his surliness and she was interested in getting to know him better. Amber managed to insert herself into his activities for her time there and she was definitely interested in a more physical relationship with him. Braden wanted away from Amber very badly but it was because his attraction to her was nearly explosive and he did not want to feel anything like that for her at all. Amber though kept pushing herself into his presence and when they finally get their moment it is very hot, and also teasing because neither character is ready to take it very far.

After Amber went back to Texas she made the decision to film her hunt in Colorado with Braden being her point of contact. This was not something that Braden wanted at all, despite his attraction to her, because he wanted to forget she ever blew into his life. That did not happen though because Amber was a persistent little thing and she proceded to woo him into a texting relationship. I loved that part of this story because it was so cute to see how things progressed between these characters. It was just the right amount of pressure to hook Braden without him feeling overwhelmed.

As the time for Amber to return drew near it became clear to both Amber and Braden that there was something “more” between them and they both decided to see what more there was to be had. The relationship development was heartwarming and at times hilarious. It was not an easy fit for either character as they were both used to using their shields to keep a distance from heartache. Despite their apprehension, they both were committed to seeing how far they could take things. As Braden and Amber grew closer the relationship heated up in all the right places but they also had some growing to do.

Ready for Wild is a swoon worthy read that has the perfect mix of sensuality, witty banter, and sarcasm. Amber and Braden’s characters felt real and authentic to me and I appreciated how their relationship was developed over time and with more than just a physical relationship. Their relationship was built on “the little things” that matter day to day and when they came together physically it was HELLO! Now there is actually a lot of hunting talk in this story and as I am not a hunter I can’t speak to the “authenticity” of that element but it felt pretty realistic to me. Overall, reading Ready for Wild was a sweet romance that stands out from the rest and I highly recommend it!!

*Thank you to Xpresso Book Tours & Author Liora Blake for this eARC of Ready for Wild*

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