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Posted October 12, 2017 by Minx

This review is based on a complimentary book I received from Alexa Whitewolf, Author. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.

Review: The Dragon Medallion by Alexa Whitewolf The Dragon Medallion by Alexa Whitewolf
Series: The Sage's Legacy #1
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult
Release Date: February 19, 2017
Publisher: Independently Published
Format: E-book
Source: Alexa Whitewolf, Author
Pages: 160
ISBN: 9781543292152
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In a world where ghosts roam the Earth, one girl, keeper of a powerful legacy, is the only one capable to save it. Freya Hayes, 16, is a powerful Sage. For the past two years, she has trained in order to master her powers and be able to fight evil ghosts. Now, she will have to see if it was all worth it. When an ancient Viking ghost comes back with a vengeance, Freya is the only one capable to fight it.

Cadmael is all but an ordinary specter, as he has somehow acquired powers never brandished by ghosts before. At first glance, the mission seems as easy as it can get. But Freya will soon discover that “easy” shouldn’t be taken for granted. What the Sage isn’t aware of is that this particular ghost may very well hold the key to many answers she seeks.

Along with her mentor, Professor O’Keeffe and Sam, her twelve-year-old friend ghost, she will do her best to stop the Vikings from taking over London. But what happens when her powers aren’t enough? Will the powerful Cadmael win or will the presence she keeps feeling help Freya defeat him? And if yes, is she ready to accept its help… even it means allowing a few concessions down the road?

Making decisions and keeping her head above the water are not the only things Freya has to deal with. Being a teenager is also part of the challenge.


An ancient prophecy about a boy and a girl that would come together and save the world from evil, sounds cool, right? Well, it really was. The Dragon Medallion combines many fun elements, such as dragons, ghosts, an ancient prophecy, an Egyptian god and goddess, and battles with long since departed Vikings. From the start of this book I was drawn in to the plot. I had so many questions that needed answering and I was dying to know how this story would play out.

I was not disappointed in the plot at all! It just kept giving and giving. Freya Hayes was a ghostbuster, ha ha couldn’t help it, and she was able to fight the ghosts that had shown up on Earth a century earlier. There was no explanation as to why the ghosts had arrived, they just were there one day. Over time people got used to their presence and the ghosts became nothing more than background to everyday people. No one understood just how dangerous the phantoms were except for Freya and Seamus O’Keefe. Seamus was Freya’s guardian after her parent’s death and he was also once a powerful Sage himself. Together they have been hunting phantoms who needed to be dealt with while Freya was growing her Sage skills.

It had come to Freya’s attention that there was a certain Viking phantom, Cadmael, who had developed unusual powers. He was using those powers to amass a small army, but to what end? It was up to Freya and her companions to find out those answers and put an end to Cadmael’s plans. Unfortunately for Freya, that was easier said than done. She was going to find that she needed to trust the others that had come in to her life. She needed their help in order to put a stop to the force that was threatening to take over the world. Even if one of those people she needed to trust was a cocky, self-assured boy who has knowledge that Freya needed and secrets of his own. For someone who was used to being in charge of her own destiny, this was going to be one challenge where she would have to rely on others to be successful. In short, this was going to be Freya’s greatest challenge yet!

Freya was a great character in many ways. She was strong, fierce, stubborn, and committed. The only thing that didn’t jive with me, and I get it that she was a teenager, was that she had all this training and knowledge as a Sage but she kept doing the dumbest things in order to find more about her parent’s death. I would think that a girl who has been training as a Sage for several years would have developed simple things such as respect and patience. She should have figured out that Seamus wasn’t withholding the information because he had nothing better to do. If Freya had been a typical teenager then sure, I would get that she just “had to know,” but given her disciplined training and the educational schedule that she adhered to, I expected more out of her.

The Dragon Medallion was a fun read with great dialogue and fast-paced battle scenes. I liked the turn that the story took once Freya realized that some battles she could not win on her own and starting working with others. There was so much to enjoy within this story and I believe The Dragon Medallion is a story that would appeal to a wide variety of readers. If you are looking for a story involving good versus evil with a plan to take over the world and only a pair of teens stand in the way then this is a fabulous story for you.

*Thank you to Author Alexa Whitewolf for this complimentary copy of The Dragon Medallion*


About Alexa Whitewolf

Author Alexa Whitewolf

I was born in Romania (yep, Dracula’s country!) in 1992. As a curious kid, I devoured every book I could on Greek, Roman, Ancient Egyptian mythology. I studied university in political science and languages. I speak five of them: french, english, romanian, italian, spanish (feel free to correspond with me in whichever language!).

My current hobbies outside of writing? Training dogs, running, reading.

So, how did I get into writing?

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. I wrote my first novel, The Sage’s Legacy, when I was 14. It’s currently undergoing a new editing process, and hoping to release it along with the sequels sometime soon 🙂

I’m one of those people with an overactive imagination (my main #1 reason as to why I can’t watch horror movies!), so I put it all on paper. I dream about it, zone out about it, doesn’t really matter when or where, something’s always in my head.

And, sometimes, those somethings turn into novels. Like Avalon Dream! I dreamt one of the scenes, a night way way back, when I still kept a journal. Woke up at 5am, wrote it down in my faithful little notebook, and forgot about it for years!

My lovely fiance found it one day while we were cleaning, and asked me what it was all about. So I started telling him about the story, and as I’m talking, it develops into this larger narrative… And yep, you guessed it, I wrote it down. I worked on it for months, and spent even more months editing.

I currently have two series out: Avalon Chronicles and The Sage’s Legacy. Books I and II of each are out, with the last installments to be following in 2018.

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