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This review is based on a complimentary book I received from Amanda Siegrist, Author. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.

Review: Deserving You by Amanda Siegrist Deserving You by Amanda Siegrist
Series: McCord Family #3
Also in this series:Protecting You
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Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Release Date: October 20, 2017
Publisher: Amanda Siegrist
Format: ARC
Source: Amanda Siegrist, Author
Pages: 204
ASIN: B075775GLY
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Heat Factor:two-flames

Deja Wilson was given a second chance. She’ll always be grateful to Sophie for her kindness. Now, they’re best friends. The McCords, including Emmett, only like her for Sophie’s sake. It doesn’t stop her from wishing things were different, that she could have a good man like Emmett. When her brother is released from prison and arrested again the same day, she knows Emmett will never want a woman like her. Especially when he learns the truth about why her brother was sent to prison. It doesn’t matter anyway. She doesn’t deserve him.

Emmett McCord has wanted Deja since the moment he met her, despite how she came into their lives. It didn’t take long for him, and the family, to forgive her and see just what kind of woman she is. Strong. Determined. Remorseful. Faithful to a fault. He wants to declare his feelings, but he knows she’ll resist him. He can’t risk losing her friendship. When her brother walks back into her life, causing her pain, he’s done keeping his feelings to himself. He wants her, and she’ll just have to get used to it.


In Deserving You, Deja Wilson was not born into the best of families and her only bright spot was her brother Dare, until the day came when he was no longer around. On her own and alone Deja made many choices that she was not proud of but she was desperate. Although, one her not so wonderful choices introduced her to the McCord family and her best friend Sophie, so it was truly a blessing in disguise. Still, Deja struggled with her self-worth and even though she was turning her life around, she kept her distance from all, except Sophie.

Deja was unlike any woman that Emmet McCord had ever encountered. He was smitten from the start but having a relationship with Deja was just not something he felt would ever happen. Emmett had been keeping his feelings towards Deja hidden from her for fear of losing her friendship. He felt that he did not deserve Deja and the most he could ever hope for was a friendship with her. Although he wanted more, much, much more, his fear kept him unwilling to take the next step.

Even though Deja was completely blind to his feelings about her, she was the only one. Everyone else in the McCord family was very aware that Emmett wanted a relationship with Deja and they wanted Emmett and Deja to be together. Deja was very guarded because of a lifetime of rejection and although she secretly, at least to Emmett, desired Emmett she was never going to act on it. She felt unworthy of him and her only focus at the moment was her reunion with her brother Dare now that he was getting out of prison. Things didn’t go as planned though, and soon Deja found herself having the worst day ever.

It was at her lowest point that Emmett stopped over at Deja’s house in order to bring her some pie. Although, his real reason was just to see Deja. Completely undone by the day’s events Deja makes some reckless decisions, but before anything can truly play out, Emmett and Deja are interrupted with terrible news concerning Deja’s brother, Dare. This news opens up a whole can of worms for Deja to deal with, but her only concern is for her brother and she quickly tells Emmett to take a hike.

Too bad for Deja that she opened a box of possibilities for Emmett and he decided that he wanted to see where he could take things with her. Which was quite entertaining and humorous. Both Emmet and Deja have their hearts well protected in this story but it is really sweet to how sheer will and determination can turn an improbable situation into a marvelous possibility. It was not going to be an easy road for Emmett and Deja, there were plenty of obstacles along the way, but Emmett was determined to wait as long as it took, because Deja was going to be his.

Deserving You is a sweet romance that has an emotional element about the power of love and self-love. There is a wonderful message of forgiveness and acceptance that is woven throughout this story. I also enjoyed the involvement of characters from previous books, there is always a strong family togetherness feeling with Author Amanda Siegrist’s books and I really love that. I am hopeful that this series will continue to grow because I am thoroughly enjoying the McCord Family series!

*Thank you to Author Amanda Siegrist for this eARC of Deserving You*


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I am a romance enthusiast. I can’t pinpoint an exact time I really got into reading a good romance novel, but I can say I’ve always loved to read. There’s nothing better than grabbing a good book and immersing yourself into another world. I can read almost anything, but if I have a choice, it’s romance. I have a sappy heart that just loves two people meeting, going through the cycles of a relationship, and ultimately, falling in love. Give me a good book like that and I’m a happy camper:)

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