Flights of Fantasy Update September 2017

Posted September 30, 2017 by Minx

2017 Flights of Fantasy Reading Challenge

The Flights of Fantasy challenge is hosted by Alexa of Alexa Loves Books and Rachel of Hello, Chelly. It is a no pressure challenge as I set my own pace and choose my challenge amount, which is 30.

For the Flights of Fantasy challenge, here are the fantasy books that I have read and reviewed during the month of September:

  1. [1 Sep] The Bride of Glass by Candace Robinson
  2. [2 Sep] Denai Storm by Tiffany Shand
  3. [6 Sep] Sweet Sacrifice by L.D. Rose
  4. [8 Sep] Girls Made of Snow and Glass by Melissa Bashardoust
  5. [11 Sep] The Longing and the Lack by C.M. Spivey
  6. [13 Sep] Selenium Night by Kharma Kelley
  7. [14 Sep] Veiled Planet by Teagan Kearney
  8. [15 Sep] The Spirit Mage by Layton Green
  9. [16 Sep] The Devil's Advocate by Michaela Haze
  10. [18 Sep] The Last Namsara by Kristen Ciccarelli
  11. [20 Sep] The Siren Chronicles by Douglas J. Sloan
  12. [21 Sep] The Goblins of Bellwater by Molly Ringle
  13. [22 Sep] The Ninth Circle: Fire by C.A. Harland
  14. [25 Sep] Gatekeepers by Sam Ferguson
  15. [26 Sep] Drop Dead Gorgeous by Juliet Lyons
  16. [26 Sep] Blackwing by Ed McDonald
  17. [28 Sep] Thrax by Christina Bauer

On the above list there are 0 books that were on my original list of 30 books, which you can see HERE if you like. In this next list are more fantasy books that I read but only mini-reviewed on Goodreads:

  1. Immortal Eclipse by Sherry Soule
  2. Daughter of the Burning City by Amanda Foody
  3. Dead Heat by Patricia Briggs
  4. Winter of the Gods by Jordanna Max Brodsky


  • So for this month I have read 0 books from from my challenge list.

  • From my list that makes 28 books completed in total.

  • I have 2 more books to read to complete my original proposed TBR list.

  • I have read 21 fantasy books this month.

I am still on track to hit my challenge goal and then some. 😍

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