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Posted September 25, 2017 by Minx

This review is based on a complimentary book I received from Dragon Scale Publishing. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.

Review: Gatekeepers by Sam Ferguson Gatekeepers by Sam Ferguson
Illustrator: Luciano Fleitas
Also by this author: Ascension: The Dragons of Kendualdern, Flight of the Krilo, Dark Sahale
Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy
Release Date: August 18, 2017
Publisher: Dragon Scale Publishing
Format: E-book
Source: Dragon Scale Publishing
Pages: 275
ISBN: 1943183414
ASIN: B074Y4528B
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It's an average Tuesday night in Dallas when Joshua Mills learns that his estranged father is in deep trouble for a theft committed years ago. When an other-worldly bounty hunter comes to exact vengeance for the stolen item, Joshua is caught in the crossfire and put on trial for murder. Though ultimately able to beat the murder charge, Joshua's life is left in tatters after the attack, and more than one special enforcement group is interested in Joshua. Creatures from across the seven realms are after Joshua and information about the strange engine stolen by his father decades earlier. Joshua will need to decide whether to help protect Earth from the forces that would enter through inter-dimensional gates from the other realms, or to live a life devoid of memories of his family and home in order to remain safe.


Gatekeepers is the type of read that when you pick it up you find yourself caught up in the excitement until the end. I love reads that have creatures from other planets or dimensions and this story certainly delivered. Joshua Mills has had a rough go of things lately. After he was acquitted of patricide, had lost his wife and child to divorce, and was finally released from prison, all Joshua was looking forward to was a hot shower and some sleep without cell mates around.

For months, he had been trying to figure out what really happened that one day in the back alley that had left his father dead and the police looking at him if he was an inhuman killing machine. The truth that a portal had opened up and creatures had crossed in this plane had not been corroborated with the cameras that had filmed his father and him cross into the alley. Over time Joshua began to doubt if what he believed happened really took place.

Once Joshua had settled down for the night and tried for the millionth time to wrap his brain around where his life had gone up to this point, he was interrupted by two men claiming to be a part of a secret organization and they want him to hire on as an agent. Men in Black style, total goosebumps folks! Well he was not having the offer they were giving him. Their style was a little “do whatever it takes to get our way.” Before they had an opportunity to put a bullet in his head another man from a different organization intervened and gave him a chance to find out what had really taken place eight months ago and who or what really was to blame for his father’s death and the subsequent destruction of his life.

With very few options to consider, because being acquitted is not the same as being proven innocent, Joshua signed on to work as a Gatekeeper keeping the planet safe from the creatures who want to cross into this world. What no one ever expected was that Joshua would show some remarkable skills that had not been seen in a long time. Now Joshua is being hunted by more than one alien life form and they are willing to use any means necessary, even threatening the ex-wife and his child’s safety, to get what they want. Joshua though is not a man to cower when those he cares about are being threatened and soon every will know that he will go to any lengths to protect the innocent.

I found Gatekeepers to be a wonderful array of the science fiction elements that I love in an action story that involves extraterrestrials. There are also fantasy creatures such as fae and vampires included in this story. So, there is a little of everything to please a wide variety of readers. The story kept a nice pace but I did feel like it slowed down a bit for me in the middle. I also would have preferred that Joshua’s family would not have played such a large role. I would have liked it if the entire story had been about the struggle to keep Earth safe from outsiders looking to dominate this planet. Overall though, the story was a fun read that kept me entertained.

*Thank you to Dragon Scale Publishing for this complimentary copy of Gatekeepers*

About Sam Ferguson

Author Sam Ferguson

Sam Ferguson is a fairly average guy.
That’s it.
No, really, that’s it.

Oh- you are actually reading this?

Well… the truth is that Sam is a very lucky guy. He juggles work in such a way that he makes sure to spend enough time with his loving wife and five sons. He is blessed to be writing full time now. In his spare time he is an avid powerlifter, and competes from time to time.

He spent nearly five years serving as a U.S. Diplomat and absolutely loved the experience, but decided to move back home. Outside of the U.S. he has lived in Latvia, Hungary, and Armenia. He speaks Russian, Hungarian, and Armenian. (He used to speak some Latvian too, but he has no one to practice with anymore…)

He has a large, happy dog.
He plays the Elder Scrolls series.
His favorite superhero is Wolverine, but Batman is a close second.

If the kids go to bed at a reasonable hour, he will cuddle up with his wife to watch Scrubs reruns, the Big Bang Theory, Castle, and Burn Notice.

See, really just an average guy after all.

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