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This review is based on a complimentary book I received from Author, Maureen Driscoll. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.

Review: Where Dreams Merge by Maureen Driscoll Where Dreams Merge by Maureen Driscoll
Series: Jasmine Cottage #2
Also in this series:Where Hearts Meet
Also by this author: Where Hearts Meet
Genres: Historical Fiction, Romance
Release Date: July 20, 2017
Publisher: Independently Published
Format: E-book
Source: Author, Maureen Driscoll
Pages: 284
ASIN: B0744Q26DC
Purchase at: Amazon
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Heat Factor:two-half-flames

The second book in the Jasmine Cottage Victorian Romance series follows Grace Moore as she matches wits with writer Carter Beckett, the Earl of Wainwright.

Grace Moore has avidly followed the career of Carter Beckett, who pens pieces for a London newspaper. Never shy to contradict him, she has sent him several letters about his work. What she didn't expect was for the man himself to visit the country not far from where she lives, even more handsome in real life than his pen and ink picture in the paper.

Carter Beckett is restless. He is attempting to write a novel, but the words simply will not come. However, once he meets the lady who has been his most outspoken critic, he realizes he has finally found his muse. Once the two begin writing letters to each other through alter egos, love of the written word turns into the love of a lifetime.

WHERE DREAMS MERGE is the story of two people reaching beyond their day-to-day lives to find love. This book contains explicit language and graphic sexual scenes. If you don't like sex with your books, this one isn't for you, though the author hopes all readers end up with their soul's mate.


Where Dreams Merge is the second book in the Jasmine Cottage series. In this series, the Moore sisters had always lived out in the country but when their mother and father left for the Orient the sisters rented a small cottage to live in. This cottage, which they nicknamed the Jasmine cottage, was rented from their childhood friend Lord Audsley.

The sisters soon faced reduced circumstances as their grandfather died under rather scandalous conditions and had failed to provide for the women in his will. Although the sisters, Emma and Grace, did not have much, they never failed to help those in need. It was because of these generous hearts that the Moore sisters had taken in a few other women that also had troubling circumstances. They had become the best of friends and one of their friends had just recently become a bride.

It was at the wedding of Arabella and Jonathan Graves that Carter Beckett, the Earl of Wainwright, was properly introduced to Grace Moore. Carter had been wanting an introduction to Grace because he writes for the London newspaper and she was his greatest critic. For this reason, when he learned of her attendance, he wanted to meet her. Carter was fascinated with Grace because she was a lady who not only read his articles on politics but also dissected them in a manner that showed intelligence and understanding of the subject matter. Her criticisms also grated a bit on Carter and he wanted to understand her better.

Grace Moore was considered a bluestocking and that was quite unusual for that time. She did rather enjoy reading Carter’s articles and was most surprised when she learned that he wanted to meet with her. Grace was attracted to Lord Wainwright from the start but was not going to let a pretty face stop her from voicing her opinions on his work and his spelling habits. In fact, Carter soon realized that Grace’s objections and criticisms were most stimulating and he was more productive when he was able to get her input on his work. It was this revelation that led to Carter asking Grace to assist him in is writing efforts.

Grace and Carter soon worked out an arrangement that suited them well. She would help him with his project and he, in return, would help Grace on her secret writing project. Grace was writing her own story but she lacked a certain finesse with the romance aspect and there is where Carter would help her. Carter took it upon himself to write some scenes with the intention of showing Grace what her characters could be doing. What he did not expect was that Grace would accept his challenge and write some of her own scenes.

What started out as writing between alter egos quickly became expressions of love between two characters whose worlds could not be more different. Unfortunately, there is a rather large impediment to these two having a life together. When Grace and Emma were given an opportunity to go to London and try and sort out the issues with their Grandfathers will, it becomes clear that something foul is going on and that things quickly become dangerous for Grace and Carter.

I adored Where Dreams Merge. I thoroughly enjoyed the idea of alter egos and passionate claims through the written word. So very swoony indeed. As always, the Author expertly wove in humor, romance, danger and intrigue. I found this story to be a fun read that moved swiftly and the ending was most satisfactory. The Jasmine Cottage series is quickly becoming one of my favorite historical romance series and I am eager awaiting the next installment!

*Thank you to Author Maureen Driscoll for this complimentary copy of Where Dreams Merge*

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