Review: To Tame A Wild Heart by Gwen Mitchell

Posted August 21, 2017 by Minx

Review: To Tame A Wild Heart by Gwen Mitchell

This review is based on a complimentary book I received from Xpresso Book Tours. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.

Review: To Tame A Wild Heart by Gwen Mitchell To Tame a Wild Heart by Gwen Mitchell
Series: Zyne Legacy #1
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy
Release Date: June 21, 2017
Publisher: Independently Published
Format: E-book
Source: Xpresso Book Tours
Pages: 364
Purchase at: Amazon
Minx's Rating:
Heat Factor:two-flames

Audrey Taylor has carved a living out of society’s fringes using her supernatural abilities and street smarts. Freedom—sleeping beneath the open skies and under the radar—is all she’s ever needed. But when an ancient council of witches discovers her powers, Audrey must submit to their training or be stripped of her gifts and her memory. Audrey knows better than to trust anyone, and she’s never worked well with others, so it’s just her luck to be assigned a withdrawn and irritable falconer as her mentor. Even more disturbing is her desire to tear through his brooding façade and bare the man beneath when she should be focused on escape.

Corvin Wright values the solace of his duties and only finds peace among the birds entrusted to his keeping. But the council no longer sees a use for his unique gifts, and his sanctuary is in danger unless he can earn his place by babysitting a fledgling witch. The task becomes daunting when his apprentice turns out to be wilder and more broken than any creature he’s ever cared for. Her fiery spirit and dangerous beauty challenge every ideal of the life he’s built. As Audrey wrestles with her captivity and the bonds of responsibility laid upon her, Corvin must find a way to tame her wild heart before she breaks his.


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To Tame a Wild Heart is a series starter for the Zyne Legacy romances. This story is set in a world that has magic, witches, wraiths, and the non-magical folk. Ignorant to life beyond the ordinary Audrey Taylor was a street hustler who did what was necessary to live. She knows only one thing – trust no one. Being on the streets has put Audrey in a few bad situations and at the start of the story she is in a horrible one. Shortly after escaping that dire situation she is captured and brought to a fortress where her worst nightmare is realized.

Audrey had always been different from the others growing up. At an early age she realized that she had some “powers” and used them as her ace in the hole. It always gave her an edge because she had powers that no one else did. What Audrey had not previously known was that she was descended from witches and that her powers were not supposed to be used in the manner she was. When she had been brought to the fortress her powers had been stripped. To have them nullified took away every sense of security that she had and she rebelled at the idea. It was because of her ignorance that the Council was giving Audrey a chance to learn instead of killing her outright. Audrey was put on a “probation” of sorts but she was not grateful at all. A gilded cage was still a cage.

The Synod Council has very specific rules for how witches are supposed to behave and Audrey was in violation of their laws. Under the rules of her probation, her powers were nullified except in certain circumstances and they gave her a period of three moons to learn control over her powers and what her responsibilities were in the non-magical world. Although, before Audrey realized that her powers had been stripped she had tried to break out of where she was being held, but that jailbreak ended badly. The only reason she even survived was due to Colvin’s interference. Unperturbed, Audrey vowed that she would not give up trying to get free. She had some unfinished business on the outside.

Colvin always preferred the company of his birds to that of people. He was proud to be a witch and damn good at it but he was not necessarily a fan of the politics. He had always strived to stay as uninvolved as possible. He even took the office of the Falconer, a job that was more about preservation of history than a useful service. It was happenstance that he saved Audrey but his actions sealed his fate. When he was given the ultimatum of either taking on a novice initiate, i.e. Audrey, or losing his birds, Colvin begrudgingly became Audrey’s mentor.

Neither Colvin or Audrey were happy with the arrangement, the limitations that it put on both of them chafed. They definitely did not become fast friends. If anything, they spent all their available time antagonizing each other. Colvin and Audrey may have resented what the other one stood for but their sexual attraction was “hello!” They had an immediate attraction but that was the only thing that happened immediately. Definitely made for a swoony romance by the end. I loved it.

One of my favorite elements in To Tame a Wild Heart was the inclusion of the birds. Especially Smoke, the feathered side-kick to Colvin. He may have not had any lines but he was able to express himself in several different ways. I absolutely loved the bird behaviors that were written into this story, even made me laugh out loud a few times. While reading the story I had questions that popped up, were answered later, but then some more questions arose and were left unanswered. I am hoping that those questions will be answered in the next installment in this series. I absolutely want more time in the Zane society. I want to learn their history and how their society functions. This was an entertaining read that was engaging from the start. It is a good read!

*Thank you to Xpresso Book Tours and Author Gwen Mitchell for this complimentary copy of To Tame a Wild Heart*

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