Ferryl Shayde by Vance Huxley

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This review is based on a complimentary book I received from Xpresso Book Tours. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.

Ferryl Shayde by Vance Huxley Ferryl Shayde by Vance Huxley
Genres: Fantasy, Magical Realism
Release Date: March 2, 2017
Publisher: Entrada Publishing
Format: E-book
Source: Xpresso Book Tours
Pages: 290
ISBN: 1614331278
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How many people have a tattoo that teaches them magic? While trying to outrun the local bully, Abel trips over a stone slab and something wakes up. After it helps him escape, Abel returns the favor and breaks the binding seals and finds himself apprenticed to Ferryl Shayde.

Once Ferryl takes up residence as a tattoo on his arm, Abel can see the magical creatures that live alongside us every day. Not the ones of folk tales, but their scruffy, slimy, fanged cousins. Worse, he finds that the pact that should keep them under some sort of control has failed.

Magic is easy, controlling it can be lethal, and by letting Ferryl Shayde out Abel has aroused the unwanted interest of others.

If only it was just a board game, like the one he is creating with his friends. Unfortunately, it turns out the other way around and the players begin to discover real magic.



Ferryl Shayde is a wondrous story the follows Abel Conroy as he discovers that magic is real and that he has an opportunity to be instructed by a practitioner of magic. One day while he was escaping some local bullies he stumbled onto a magically imprisoned entity. This entity promised to give assistance to Abel if he helped her escape her imprisonment. Being in a pinch Abel agreed.

Ferryl Shayde had been imprisoned by a powerful sorcerer hundreds of years ago. Back when the town they lived in was watched over by sorcerers, witches and even the church of God was able to keep the nasties away. Keeping it safe from supernatural creatures took knowledge of magic and its use or faith in a deity but over the years both had been practiced less and less. Now there was very little magic in this town. Part of Abel’s agreement with Ferryl was that she would not take over his body and that she would teach him magic. She acquiesced to this agreement and became a living tattoo on Abel’s body.

I loved how the author used this idea. It was very unique and quite comical. Abel’s mother’s reaction to the tattoo was just hilarious. Once he learned that magic was real Abel became aware of all the magical creatures that he had been previously ignorant to. In the story, many of these creatures were liked to pests. There were gremlins that affected electrical devices, blood sucking leeches, hobgoblins and globhoblins, dryads, and numerous other creatures that were a part of the story line. I loved it!

As time went on Abel found that he could not keep the existence of magic a secret from those closest to him. As he became greater in his magical practices more and more people became aware and the town started to turn back to the old ways and provide protection from magical creatures. Not everything goes smoothly and there is conflict, betrayal, and tensions in relationships between characters. This leads to a not so happy but a satisfactory ending that will enable this story to roll into the next installment.

Ferryl Shayde was a fun read full of imagination and whimsy. This is a perfect read for middle-grade fiction readers as well as adults. I highly recommend this story to all readers who enjoy being captivated by magical realism and always imagined themselves immersed in a world like the one that Vance Huxley has created. This was a very entertaining read that will delight your imagination and leave you considering how cool things would be if we could find an enchanted being to open our eyes to the magic all around us.

*Thank you to Xpresso Book Tours and Author Vance Huxley for this complimentary copy of Ferryl Shayde*


About Vance Huxley

Vance Huxley lives out in the countryside in Lincolnshire, England. He has spent a busy life working in many different fields – including the building and rail industries, as a workshop manager, trouble-shooter for an engineering firm, accountancy, cafe proprietor, and graphic artist. He also spent time in other jobs, and is proud of never being dismissed, and only
once made redundant.

Eventually he found his Noeline, but unfortunately she died much too young. To help with the aftermath, Vance tried writing though without any real structure. As an editor and beta readers explained the difference between words and books, he tried again.

Now he tries to type as often as possible in spite of the assistance of his cats, since his legs no longer work well enough to allow anything more strenuous. An avid reader of sci-fi, fantasy and adventure novels, his writing tends towards those genres.

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