Saving the Bear by Rachel Robins

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This review is based on a complimentary book I received from Author, Rachel Robins. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.

Saving the Bear by Rachel Robins Saving the Bear by Rachel Robins
Series: Bear Kamp #4
Also in this series:Seduction of the Bear, Wealth of the Bear, Growth of the Bear
Also by this author: Seduction of the Bear, Wealth of the Bear, Growth of the Bear
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: July 2, 2017
Publisher: Quantum Works Publishing Group
Format: ARC
Source: Author, Rachel Robins
Pages: 88
Purchase at: Amazon
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Heat Factor:two-flames

Rick ruled the casino underworld of New Orleans with an iron fist. His pack was his only connection to the outside world that didn’t run on bribes and blood. He craved their companionship to keep him sane. As one by one they found their mates, Rick found himself mostly alone even in their company. He knew without a mate he would soon go feral. His friends would have the dirty task of putting him down. He didn’t want that for them, but he couldn’t make himself leave. Convinced he could buy himself more time, there was a price for everything.

Stella was a human that the world had long forgotten. She had spent her life helping Grandma, a healer of shifters, tend to them and learning their ways. When her daughter Emma begged for her to move to New Orleans with her, although nervous, she went. Although, she didn’t find love in the new city she did find friendship, in an older shifter, Rick.

When Rick’s ripped away from his pack, Stella feels a call to him. She believes there’s nothing that can stop her from finding him and bringing him home. The pack soon finds out there’s more than just a feral shifter to worry about.

Can they come together and defeat the unknown? Is Stella strong enough to find Rick and bring him home before he goes feral? A lot is on the line, and betrayal is everywhere. Don’t miss this action-packed shifter romance.


Saving the Bear is the fourth book in the Bear Kamp series. In this book, we are able to understand why Rick, the oldest bear shifter was so negative about love. Rick loved his pack and was happy for them as they found their mates but he was also apprehensive for them as he knew only too well what it felt like to be betrayed by the one you thought was your mate.

When Rick was a younger man he had met a woman whom he thought was his life mate, little did he realize that he had been pulled into a game where he came out cursed, never to know his true mate. He was to remain unaware of her presence until it was too late. Ignorant to his curse and nearing feral Rick had given up on ever finding anyone and was just biding his time until it became too much for him and he had to end it all.

Stella and Rick had developed an understanding between each other. I wouldn’t call it a friendship but it was the best they were going to get. They both had been severely hurt by the one’s they considered their mates and from then on turned a blind eye towards love or anything resembling it. They were both content with their careers and place in life. It was not until Rick was taken from the pack that Stella came to a realization that would rock her to her core. With time ticking down it is up to Stella to find Rick and end the foul game that has Rick ensnared in a battle he cannot win on his own.

It was really nice to get a true understand for Rick’s character and why he was so negative about love. Well maybe not negative because he begrudgingly accepted his pack brother’s mates but he was definitely bitter about love. I was a bit surprised how this story turned out but the curse explained a lot of why Rick couldn’t sense things. I was glad that Rick was finally able to learn the truth of his past and make a new future for himself. I have enjoyed reading every installment in this series and Rick’s story was no exception!

*Thank you to Author Rachel Robins for this complimentary copy of Saving the Bear*


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I’m just a regular person trying to make my passion a job. I honestly love to read and write however my secretary day job gets in the way however I’ll never let that stop me! Funny how most write about them in third person whilst I just wrote myself in first person… Quite strange… Just as strange as some of the characters in my books!

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