Dark Sahale by Sam Ferguson

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This review is based on a complimentary book I received from Dragon Scale Publishing. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.

Dark Sahale by Sam Ferguson Dark Sahale by Sam Ferguson
Illustrator: Bob Kehl
Also by this author: Ascension: The Dragons of Kendualdern, Flight of the Krilo, Gatekeepers
Genres: Fantasy
Release Date: June 02, 2017
Publisher: Dragon Scale Publishing
Format: E-book
Source: Dragon Scale Publishing
Pages: 281
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Haunted by the ghosts of war, Erik Lokton has spent years traveling alone in the Southlands, hunting for answers to the nature of his identity as a Sahale, a dragon kin. Visited by visions of a fiery wrath that is one day to be brought upon the world, Erik also seeks to unravel the mystery of the Four Horsemen, enforcers of a mysterious Cosmic Counsel which is, by all accounts, unstoppable. When a series of murders in the Middle Kingdom call him home to help avert hostilities between dragon kind and the races of men, Erik is reunited with a beautiful woman from his past, the elven ranger Lady Arkyn. Together they must race to uncover the identity of the murderer. Erik will be faced with questions about his heritage and his past, and will find some unexpected answers.

Dark Sahale takes place after the Dragon's Champion series.


Over five-hundred years ago Nagar’s Blight, a curse that was created by Tu’luh the Red and Nagar, was instrumental in the dragons leaving the Middle Kingdom. The curse used the inherent evil in a creature to turn it into a mindless drone that could be used as a weapon by the one that controlled it. That curse was recently lifted, Tu’luh had been slain, and now the dragons were slowly coming back to Middle Kingdom. For the most part everything was ok but recently there had been skirmishes between the humans and the dragons. It is within this struggle that this story takes place.

Dark Sahale follows the main character from the Dragon’s Champion series, Erik Lokton. Erik has been searching for an understanding of who he is and answers for the reoccurring nightmares that he has been having. Each nightmare has been increasing in severity. At first, they were considered to be a type of PTSD from his battle with Tu’luh the Red but as the nightmares increased there were additions to these dreams that did not occur during any of his battles. Each nightmare left Erik with increased feelings of insecurity.

For these reasons, Erik has been separated from his friends and family for a long time. Recently he has been living at a monastery waiting to confront a demon that has been plaguing the Monks of the Southern Light. It was here that he was contacted by Lady Arkyn, she is an elven ranger and more than that she was once the woman Erik had hoped to wed. She had contacted Erik because several Sahales, half-humans who can turn into dragon form at will, had been murdered. With this incident, the fear is that there would become an even deeper divide between the residents of the Middle Kingdom which could lead to increased hostilities.

There is a great mystery to the events that unfold throughout this story. Erik and Lady Arkyn with their allies must work together to solve the identity of the murderer who is killing creatures and absorbing their power. There is more going behind these random heinous acts than they were first led to believe. It will take every bit of knowledge and skill they possess to stay ahead of the ones responsible for the current events as well as getting to the bottom of what is really going on.

An adventure filled with mythical creatures, sorcerers, orcs, elves, and satyrs. This very entertaining read starts off a little slow due to the backstory building but then the story takes off with plenty of twists and turns. The writing is vivid and the story unfolds exactly as the author intended. This is an epic fantasy that will capture the imagination of its readers!

*Thank you to Dragon Scale Publishing for this complimentary copy of Dark Sahale*

About Sam Ferguson

Author Sam Ferguson

Sam Ferguson is a fairly average guy.
That’s it.
No, really, that’s it.

Oh- you are actually reading this?

Well… the truth is that Sam is a very lucky guy. He juggles work in such a way that he makes sure to spend enough time with his loving wife and five sons. He is blessed to be writing full time now. In his spare time he is an avid powerlifter, and competes from time to time.

He spent nearly five years serving as a U.S. Diplomat and absolutely loved the experience, but decided to move back home. Outside of the U.S. he has lived in Latvia, Hungary, and Armenia. He speaks Russian, Hungarian, and Armenian. (He used to speak some Latvian too, but he has no one to practice with anymore…)

He has a large, happy dog.
He plays the Elder Scrolls series.
His favorite superhero is Wolverine, but Batman is a close second.

If the kids go to bed at a reasonable hour, he will cuddle up with his wife to watch Scrubs reruns, the Big Bang Theory, Castle, and Burn Notice.

See, really just an average guy after all.

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