Poison and Prejudice by Chelsea Field

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This review is based on a complimentary book I received from Author, Chelsea Field. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.

Poison and Prejudice by Chelsea Field Poison and Prejudice by Chelsea Field
Also by this author: Eat, Pray, Die, The Hunger Pains, Taste of Christmas: A Holiday Short Story, Poison is the New Black
Genres: Contemporary, Cozy Mystery, Crime, Humor, Mystery
Release Date: June 13, 2017
Publisher: JFP Press
Format: ARC, E-book
Source: Author, Chelsea Field
Pages: 325
ISBN: 0994575688
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When Izzy agreed to become an undercover poison taster, she didn’t anticipate that it might involve driving around the streets of Los Angeles with a corpse in the trunk.

Because the police asked her to.

She also didn’t think finding a body together could be considered a bonding experience until she met Connor’s family.

But fate delights in marking its territory all over Izzy’s expectations. And this time she’ll be caught between the powers of Homeland Security, an evil human trafficking ring, and the Taste Society all working toward different ends…


I absolutely adore the Eat, Pray, Die Humorous Mystery series. It feels like my birthday every time a book in this series releases. I always enjoy reading about what is going on with Izzy and her gang. This series installment was no exception. It kept me chuckling and hanging on to see what crazy situation Izzy was going to get herself into again.

In Poison and Prejudice, Izzy and all the characters from previous books are back but this time she is running the show. Still working for the Taste Society, she is currently undercover with a high-profile celebrity. It seems like an easy enough job until a dead body surfaces in the trunk of the car she borrowed. That was such a hilarious scene, reading this story was so enjoyable.

This discovery brought Izzy straight into an ongoing investigation. Given that she was already in place with a solid cover story she was asked if she would consider sharing any information she gleaned with Homeland Security agents. Not willing to put herself at risk, Izzy was hesitant until she discovered why the agents were there. Lives were at stake as the agents were trying to gain information that they needed to find women who they believe were taken by a human trafficking ring.

Seeing those faces turned Izzy’s hesitation to concrete resolve. She knew she was in danger but she had to do something. With help from Connor and his sister Harper they were able to track down the information needed to ferret who was responsible for these heinous crimes. Unfortunately, what they thought they knew was just the tip of the iceberg and saving the day was going to take everything Izzy has to offer.

Such a good read! As always there was humor, action, and mystery. A fabulous blending of elements gave this story a fast pace and took me on plenty of twists and turns. It was nice that Connor and Izzy are still together but I wished Connor had more of a center role. I liked it when they solved cases together because the back and forth dialogue between them was so entertaining. It was nice though to see Izzy taking charge.

This is a series that I recommend to everyone I know and this book will be no different. I highly recommend this book to fans of cozy mysteries and anyone who has a funny bone in their body. You will love this book!

*Thank you to Chelsea Field for this eARC of Poison and Prejudice*

About Chelsea Field

Author Chelsea Field

Chelsea Field has lived an exciting life for an introvert.

She’s fallen off a galloping racehorse, faced down dozens of Australia’s most dangerous animals (including vicious roosters, for those of you who’ve read EAT, PRAY, DIE), and while she’s never sold buns or coffee for a living like her protagonist, she’s consumed plenty of both.

Yes, all of those points are about animals or food. I told you she’s an introvert.

After writing a romantic comedy (no, you can’t read it) where the hero was a photographer from Burnside and then meeting and marrying a photographer from Burnside a few years later, she’s a little worried her writing has weird prophetic fate-like powers. So she makes sure nothing too bad ever happens to her characters, just in case life decides to imitate fiction again.

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