Blog Tour Review & Excerpt: Shifter Clan Series by Tiffany Shand

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Blog Tour Review & Excerpt: Shifter Clan Series by Tiffany Shand

This review is based on a complimentary book I received from Author, Tiffany Shand. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.

Blog Tour Review & Excerpt: Shifter Clan Series by Tiffany Shand Shifter Clans Series Box Set by Tiffany Shand
Also by this author: The Amaranthine Chronicles Complete Series (The Amaranthine Chronicles, #1-3), Denai Storm
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
Release Date: June 12, 2017
Publisher: Independently Published
Format: E-book
Source: Author, Tiffany Shand
Pages: 220
Purchase at: Amazon
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The complete series: The Alpha's Daughter, Alpha Ascending and The Alpha's Curse.

Blurb for Alpha’s Daughter

After being kidnapped as a child, Christy Daine was sent away from her shifter clan to live among humans. For over a decade she has lived in fear of the people who tried to kill her. Living with her bodyguard, Ronan, the two embark on a secret relationship that could get them both killed.

When her father, the alpha of all the clans demands she return home to marry a man he’s chosen for her, Christy will finally have to face her past and her true nature. Danger lurks around every corner and even Ronan might not be the man she thought he was.

As the alpha’s daughter, can she really choose between the man she loves and the man she is supposed to be with? And who can she really trust?

Blurb for Alpha Ascending

After watching her family be slaughtered by the man chosen to be the next alpha, Christy has to turn to the only people left on the island for help. The outsiders are considered outcasts by the shifter clans and were blamed for her mother’s death years earlier.

With Ronan imprisoned, no allies and nowhere else to turn, Christy must learn to trust the people she once viewed as enemies and discover who is really friend or foe. To do that Christy must learn to accept who and what she and discover secrets long buried among the clans if she’s to save Ronan and their future.

Only she can become the true alpha and bring the clans together before it’s too late.

Blurb for The Alpha’s Curse

Christy should be happy now she’s finally with the man she loves, but enemies still cover the island sanctuary that the shifter clans call home. After discovering her brother may still be alive, Christy must go back to the man responsible for killing her family and into the heart of danger.

Now the alpha, she must find a way to stop the people who seeks to destroy all shifters, bring together the clans and the outsiders and stop the centuries old Alpha’s Curse before it can destroy every shifter in existence.



Alpha’s Daughter

Since her birth, Christy Daine has been hunted and on one occasion kidnapped. It is for those reasons that she was sent to London to live amongst the humans in order to keep her safe. During this time, she has been guarded by Ronan, a shifter who was not originally part of pack Stargaza but a mongrel who swore loyalty to that pack.

Christy is now almost twenty-five years old, which is coming of age in the shifter clan Stargaza. Once she comes of age she has been promised to Beta Alec, from the Imperious pack. Christy’s alpha, who is also her dad, has arranged this marriage in the hopes of strengthening his pack. Alec wants Christy for his own nefarious reasons.

There is a curse that was brought upon all shifters by a past alpha. This curse is one that prevents the shifters from using their magic. Once they all used to have magic but now using it is outlawed. No one until Christy has been immune to the curse and she has to hide that she has full use of her magic. It was use of her magic in defense of herself that brought her back to her father prematurely. Christy has no desire to go back because that means that she will have to be mated to Alec.

Ronan and Christy have been together for years and over that time have developed feelings for each other. Christy wants to mate with Ronan but Ronan refuses. He knows that Christy is engaged to another and even though he does not agree with the choice he respects the Alpha. He also does not believe he is good enough for Christy as he is in truth a mongrel.

Christy is just tired of everyone making decisions for her. Even Ronan, who she loves, will not be truthful with her about his feelings or his past. Fed up with the choices being made for her, she decides to take her future into her own hands.

This was a fast read with plenty of action. There is a chemistry between Ronan and Christy that feels authentic. I definitely am on board with their feelings of extreme dislike for Alec. He is a horrible shifter and I want Christy to get as far away from him as possible.

Alpha Ascending

Christy’s family is gone, killed by Alec after he realized that Christy was not going to marry him. She has been taken to the mongrel encampment and there she has to prove that she wants to work together with them to free Ronan and stop Alec from killing them all. In order for that to happen Christy had to learn about her past and in the process discovered part of Ronan’s past. It is also in this story where we learn more about the curse that has affected the shifters for the past few centuries.

Christy is also the last of the Daine bloodline, with her father dead she has become an alpha ascending as only she can become the true alpha. For this to happen she needs to have a true understanding of how the shifters were cursed as well as have her true mate by her side. Too bad he is still very unwilling to take that leap. Ronan does not want Christy to mate with him as an obligation. Time is running out for the shifters. Christy and Ronan have to break down the barriers that exist between them and Ronan’s full past must be told.

In this book, we learn more about the secret relationship that has been taking place between Christy and Ronan. I think these two characters are so cute. Christy is an all-in, let’s tell it to the world kind of girl where Ronan is more about keeping it secret and keeping her safe. He is just never willing to cross “that line” because he is afraid of the long-term consequences. It is not until he is pushed beyond all reason to protect Christy that he makes a declaration that will seal his doom.

The Alpha’s Curse

Everything has come to a head. Christy and Ronan has finally unlocked their power but still need to learn how to use them. Turns out that there is more to Alec and Oren’s plan than anyone had ever anticipated. Also, the reason for Oren’s hate has become apparent and it goes way back into the past, back before the Alpha was cursed.

What I wished for more of was the details. I felt that some of the scenes were not as detailed as they could have been and that some of the transitions were abrupt. There were also backstories and characters that could have been further developed. I wanted to know more and understand more but I am also a details person.

Overall, I found these short stories to be quite enjoyable. The storyline was consistent through each story and there was a real flow between them. I felt that all of the characters were authentic and that the story itself was quite unique. I loved the whole paranormal shifters meshed with a star-crossed lovers romance angle. It absolutely held my interest throughout all three books.

*Thank you to Tiffany Shand for this complimentary copy of The Shifter Clan Complete Series Box Set*


Excerpt from The Shifter Clan Series:

Christy’s feet pounded against earth, twigs cracking as she raced back towards the border between the Outland and the Stargaza lands with tears streaming down her face. She had experienced the happiest moment of her life – now she walked back towards the man who tried to destroy everything she held dear.

Malic? she called out her brother’s name again. She knew it hadn’t been a dream or some trick sent by Oren. It had been real.

She stopped when she reached the border, glanced back. The Outland had felt more like home than the Stargaza ever had. People had respected her there. She’d felt free to be herself.

Her inner wolf demanded out. It wanted blood. Revenge.

Christy ignored the beast, made sure the charm Magda had given her was safe inside her bra. Forgive me, Ronan. She took a deep breath, took one step over into Stargaza land and waited for the guards to appear.

Three men surrounded her, all strong and tough, their eyes leering at her.

“Stop, I’m Christiana, I’m the alpha.” She kept her hands by her side to avoid alarming them. “Take me to the mansion.” One of the men reached for her, she yanked his arm back, feeling the snap of bone. “Don’t touch me,” she warned. “I come in peace. Let’s go.” She shoved the man to the ground, marched ahead towards the mansion, hearing them cursing behind her.

Her heart ached at the sight of her former home where she’d watched her father be murdered. But maybe she hadn’t lost all her family. If Malic had survived she’d find him. Together they’d take down the bastard who had tried to destroy their family and clan.

Christy marched straight into the great hall, found Alec sitting in the alpha’s wooden throne. The mahogany wood gleamed and a wolf’s head was carved into the top half of the seat. It sickened her to see him sitting in her father’s seat, that throne had been made for an alpha, not a traitor to the clans. Now it was rightfully hers.

Alec’s dark eyes widened when he saw her. He rose, walked over. “You’ve returned.”

She glared at him. “I didn’t come here to you. I want to see my brother. Right now.”

She saw something flicker in his eyes – surprise. Her lips curved into a smile. Ha, weren’t expecting that now, were you?


About Tiffany Shand

Author Tiffany Shand

Tiffany Shand is a writing mentor, professionally trained copy editor and copy writer who has been writing stories for as long as she can remember. Born in East Anglia, Tiffany still lives in the area, constantly guarding her work space from the two cats which she shares her home with.

She began using her pets as a writing inspiration when she was a child, before moving on to write her first novel after successful completion of a creative writing course. Nowadays, Tiffany writes urban fantasy and paranormal romance, as well as nonfiction books for other writers, all available through Amazon and on her own website.

Tiffany’s favourite quote is ‘writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go’ and it is armed with this that she hopes to be able to help, inspire and mentor many more aspiring authors.

When she has time to unwind, Tiffany enjoys photography, reading and watching endless box sets. She also loves to get out and visit the vast number of castles and historic houses that England has to offer.

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