Never Say Never Again by W.S. Carmichael

Posted June 8, 2017 by Minx

This review is based on a complimentary book I received from W.S. Carmichael. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.

Never Say Never Again by W.S. Carmichael Never Say Never Again by W.S. Carmichael
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Release Date: June 1, 2017
Publisher: Independently Published
Format: ARC
Source: W.S. Carmichael
Pages: 220
ISBN: 1546542434
Purchase at: Amazon
Minx's Rating:
Heat Factor:three-half-flames

Emma Campbell never had an easy life. Growing up with an alcoholic mother and an absentee father, she learned early in life there were few people she could rely on. Once, she took a chance on love, only to discover firsthand how painful – literally – love could be. After her disaster of a marriage fell apart, she swore off love forever.Matt Montgomery has a job to do. Find and deliver one Frank Tanner to the motorcycle club hunting him. Tanner is the last job he will ever do for them. After years of procuring information for the notorious MC, he’s ready to leave that life behind.A chance encounter with Tanner’s ex-wife puts a very real – and very beautiful – face on those who have fallen victim to his viciousness. Imagine Matt’s surprise when he returns to Laurel Creek for his brother’s wedding, only to find the fascinating woman he can’t get out of his mind is his new sister¬-in-law’s best friend.Can he do his job and protect Emma without her knowing the real reason he’s returned to Laurel Creek?Emma’s emotional scars and Matt’s checkered past threaten to keep them apart, but true love will not be denied.Never Say Never Again is the second in the Laurel Creek series, but is designed to be read as a standalone novel.


Never Say Never Again had me from the start. I was one pissed of chica that is, lol. The book opens up with the main character in a bit of a domestic situation with her piece of crap husband. Definitely had my heart pumping with righteous anger. I also absolutely had to know where this story was going. I never expected to love it as much as I did with that kind of opening. The one thing this story did not do was to give me what I expected! It was filled with plot twists, swoony romance, and great conflict. Sooooo good!

Emma had a whirlwind romance that led to a crappy marriage. Since then she has not trusted men or herself. With an ex-husband who has been turning up more often than not, Emma has been feeling quite rattled lately. One night while waiting at a bar for a friend her Ex inexplicably shows up once again, only this time a knight in shining armor was around to diffuse the situation.

When Matt got out of the military he never expected that he would go back to Laurel Creek. After spending the last two years working for a motorcycle club gathering intel on rival clubs, or people who owed the club money, Matt was ready for a change. One night while doing some recon at a bar where his latest and last job, Frank Tanner, had been known to frequent Matt saw a gorgeous woman step up to the bar. He wanted to talk to this woman but he was there to get information for the Iron Nomads. That was until Frank walked in and started to harass the woman, then Matt had to step in. It did not take Matt long to figure out that the woman he just stepped in to protect was none other than Frank’s ex-wife Emma.

Knowing he could not have a relationship with Emma, Matt took her out for dinner and made sure she made it to her car safely and figured that was the end of that. He had his brother’s wedding coming up and that was going to be enough for him to deal with. What he did not expect to find was that Emma was his future sister in-law’s best friend and that Frank had not been leaving her alone. In fact, things were actually escalating into a dangerous zone. Matt couldn’t have that and he became friend and protector to Emma.

Emma did not know what to expect when the man she had been yammering on about walked through her best friend’s door. Hmmm, what?? Matt was Dylan’s brother? With him around things just got complicated for them both. Matt had a job to do which also meant continuing to lie to Emma but he wanted more with her. Emma knew she had to keep this Adonis of a man at arm’s length because she couldn’t get involved with him. When things started heating up between these two so did the danger level for Emma. Her Ex had really put her in a bad position with multiple parties and now she and Matt had to work together to put everything right.

This story was perfection and I became lost within it right away. The story never took me where I expected it to go. There are several plot twists that are executed just right and I just loved it. There is conflict, tension, sexy times, and a happily ever after. The characters are all well developed and fleshed out. Although I did not read the first story I truly enjoy the inclusion of the characters from that story. They added to the story and were not cardboard characters. This is such a good read and I am looking to see whose story is next in this series!!

*Thank you to W.S. Carmichael for this complimentary copy of Never Say Never Again*

About W.S. Carmichael

Author W.S. Carmichael

WS Carmichael is the mother of three busy teenagers and two adorable golden retrievers, wife to the love of her life, full time nurse, mediocre (at best) Tae Kwon Do practitioner, daughter, sister and friend extraordinaire and part time (hoping one day to be full time) author.

Alright, not really. While she does strive for all of the above, she’s usually a hot mess and is perpetually late. She forgets more than she remembers, there’s almost always a protective layer of dust on her furniture and sometimes she really doesn’t care if the kids eat cereal for dinner.

But, she does love her family and is eternally grateful for the support they offer while she writes her heart out. Her first book At Long Last has been well received, and she’s excited to release the next novel in the Laurel Creek series, Never Say Never Again June 2017.
She’s especially thankful to her fans. Without all of you, her dreams of becoming an author would still be languishing in a tattered notebook somewhere.

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