May 2017 Wrap-Up and June 2017 Reading Plans

Posted May 31, 2017 by Minx

Hello my Lovelies! How is everyone doing? Can you believe that we made it through May?? I know I can’t! May is a crazy month for me. It contains 2 birthdays, 1 anniversary Mother’s Day (yay me!) and it also is the end of my kiddos school year. So, lots a-going on!

It was also my un-official Indie Authors month! I tried to read and review a lot of Independent Authors in May. Was I successful?? I think 19 indies of 29 authors being represented through review is pretty good. Next time I will try to make it more official, maybe create a banner and everything.

Also, indie to me includes author’s that publish themselves completely as well as those from small indie publishers. I try to always give the love to those who have to market their books for themselves. As a reading community we should support the indies as well as the mainstream authors. ♥️

Now, I know I do a lot of reviews for being a lone blogger at this site (for pity’s sake just nod your head please, let me have my moment! lol) I also have started to include some blog tours in order to showcase upcoming or recently published books that you maybe haven’t heard of. I am hoping you like the new blend that I have going on. I love reading the excerpts and seeing the cover reveals for all the new books.

With all that said it is now time for the main event……….how many books have I read and how many tours have I done? Hmmmm, keep reading my friends.

Here is a quick re-cap of books I have reviewed on the blog in the month of May:

  1. [1 May] Pipe Dreams by Sarina Bowen
  2. [1 May] Bear With Me by Jennifer Blackstream
  3. [2 May] No Rest for the Wicked by Krystal Jane Ruin
  4. [3 May] The Girl Who Knew Too Much by Amanda Quick
  5. [3 May] A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas
  6. [4 May] Beautiful Sacrifice by Ember Raine Winters
  7. [5 May] Bad to the Bone by Linda O. Johnston
  8. [6 May] Poison's Kiss by Breeana Shields
  9. [9 May] Reckless Treasure by Cecily Wolfe
  10. [10 May] Full Wolf Moon by Lincoln Child
  11. [10 May] Crazy in Love by Annabelle Costa
  12. [12 May] Taming a Savage Gentleman by Tammy Andresen
  13. [12 May] Quinsey Wolfe's Glass Vault by Candace Robinson
  14. [15 May] Merely a Marriage by Jo Beverley
  15. [16 May] The Miseries of Mister Sparrows by Matthew Timmins
  16. [16 May] Wealth of the Bear by Rachel Robins
  17. [17 May] Alpha Kaden by Midika Crane
  18. [18 May] The Brothers Three by Layton Green
  19. [19 May] The Gate Guardian's Daughter by K.T. Munson
  20. [19 May] Where Hearts Meet by Maureen Driscoll
  21. [22 May] Only the Few by L.N. Denison
  22. [23 May] Intricate Deceptions by Jennifer Rayes
  23. [23 May] Blaze by Donna Grant
  24. [24 May] The Watcher by Bella Jewel
  25. [25 May] Forgotten by Neven Carr
  26. [26 May] Smugglers & Scones by Morgan C. Talbot
  27. [26 May] I Want Superpowers by Steven Bereznai
  28. [27 May] Chance at Redemption by Samatha Harris
  29. [29 May] Dominic’s Nemesis by D. Alyce Domain
  30. [31 May] May 2017 Wrap-Up and June 2017 Reading Plans


Here is some of the blog tours etc. that I have done on the blog this month:


  1. [3 May] Cover Reveal: Quinsey Wolfe’s Glass Vault by Candace Robinson
  2. [4 May] Blog Tour Blitz: Ensnared by Rita Stradling, Excerpt and Giveaway
  3. [5 May] Blog Tour Blitz: Cake: A Love Story by J. Bengtsson, Excerpt and Giveaway
  4. [6 May] Blog Tour Blitz: The Bodyguard by Wende Dikec With Excerpt
  5. [7 May] Cover Reveal: False Awakening by Cassandra Page
  6. [8 May] Blog Tour Blitz: Who She Was by Stormy Smith, Excerpt and Giveaway
  7. [8 May] Blog Tour: Groupie by C.M. Stunich, Excerpt and Giveaway
  8. [9 May] Release Day Blitz: Ravenheart by Dannika Dark With Excerpt
  9. [11 May] Blog Tour Blitz: The Unseen by Jacob Devlin, Excerpt and Giveaway
  10. [11 May] Blog Tour Blitz: Written in Blood by Alex R. Carver, Excerpt and Giveaway
  11. [12 May] Cover Reveal: I Still Remember by Priya Prithviraj with Giveaway
  12. [13 May] Blog Tour Blitz: The Lucky One by Sylvie Stewart, Excerpt and Giveaway
  13. [13 May] Blog Tour Blitz: The Non-Disclosure Agreement by Kelsey McKnight, Excerpt and Giveaway
  14. [14 May] Cover Reveal: Ever After by Aya Ling with Giveaway
  15. [14 May] Leslie North Mother’s Day Sale Blitz – 100% proceeds go towards Breast Cancer Research
  16. [15 May] Spotlight: The Blood of the Infected Series by Antony J. Stanton
  17. [17 May] Blog Tour Blitz: Butterfly in Amber by Camilla Monk, Excerpt & Giveaway
  18. [18 May] Gage by Nana Malone, Excerpt and Giveaway
  19. [19 May] Blog Tour Blitz: Rook by J.C. Andrijeski, Excerpt and Giveaway
  20. [20 May] Blog Tour Blitz: The Tempest by Brit Constantine, Excerpt and Giveaway
  21. [20 May] May 2017 genreCRAVE Freebie Fair Blitz
  22. [21 May] Blog Tour: Stalker, My Love by Zack Scott with Excerpt
  23. [22 May] Cover Reveal: Seraphina’s Vengeance by Sheena Hutchinson
  24. [24 May] Blog Tour Blitz: Darkest Days by N.W. Harris (Guest Post)
  25. [25 May] Blog Tour Blitz: True Hero by Susan Owensby, Teaser and Giveaway
  26. [28 May] Blog Tour Blitz: Aiding the Dragon by Jessie Donovan
  27. [28 May] Blog Tour Blitz: Dark Illusions by D.D. Miers with Giveaway
  28. [29 May] Memorial Day 2017 – A Time to Remember
  29. [30 May] Blog Tour Blitz: The Royal Treatment by M.J. Summers, Excerpt and Giveaway
  30. [30 May] Blog Tour Blitz: Keeping Kyler by Siobhan Davis, Excerpt and Giveaway
  31. [31 May] May 2017 Wrap-Up and June 2017 Reading Plans
  32. [31 May] Flights of Fantasy Update May 2017

For the love! That is a lot going on, am I right?? Just say I am right, please, just say it! A blogger needs to hear it every now and then, ha ha ha ha ha, kidding! 🤔…😁…😏…😈 Runs off to laugh maniacally.

I am getting smarter as I age in blogger days. This month I decided to include all my read books for May in one beauty of a screenshot. I read 42 lovely reads this month and here they all are. If you have interest in reading my reviews you can go to my Goodreads account and check them out. Some will be featured at later dates on this blog and some were “for me” reads. Sometimes a girl has gotta read just for enjoyment. 😃 I did include some mini-reviews below for books that had been on my physical TBR shelf.

May 2017 - Read Books The Genre Minx


Heartless by Marissa Meyer

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Heartless by Marissa Meyer

Wow! I am not really a fan of reading books about how characters that are villains become said villain. It is never a happy ending and this story was no exception.

What was exceptional was the imagery and storyline of this story. Literally heart wrenching, breathtaking and vividly written. An amazing tale of how the Queen of Hearts become the heartless vile shrew that she is.

So sad to see where this character started from and I wanted so much for a different ending, :). It was a good read and heartbreaking towards the end. I highly recommend for those who dare!

Traveler by L.E. Delano

⭐️⭐️ Traveler by L.E. DeLano

I finally finished this book. It was 9 days of picking it up, putting it down, then picking it up again. No one can ever accuse me of not sticking to my commitments (I committed myself to read this book as a part of a challenge). Alrighty, I am still in love with this cover. It is what is in-between the cover that let me down. What a lovely cover….sigh.

Why did I not love this book? Slow plot. Cliches run rampant. There is no depth. The characters are not that interesting. Pirates?? – Not really. Love interest – boring. Love triangle – hate those.

I just wasn’t feeling this story at all. Such a shame.

The Fate of the Tearling by Erika Johansen⭐️⭐️⭐️ The Fate of the Tearling by Erika Johansen

This book took me 4 days to read. That is forever. I kept picking it up and putting it down. It was just not so interesting that I couldn’t stop reading it. I loved the first book! Absolutely thought it was an amazing read. The second book was also good but not at the same level. Going in to this book I was not excited to read it I suppose. That is probably why it took me so long to even get to it.

Thoughts: Kelsea has truly transformed into a great leader, although to me she is not really that likable of a character. I always enjoy Mace’s character. I used to like Fetch and had hoped for something there but I think Kelsea truly dodged a bullet on that one. View Spoiler » I like that I finally understood the history of the Tearling and the finally had all my questions answered. I am glad that I read this series but I am also equally glad that it is over.

Caraval by Stephanie Garber⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Caraval by Stephanie Garber

You know what? I really enjoyed this book. It was as amazing as the reviews say. I only gave it 4 stars because I did become a bit overwhelmed with all the “I gotta get my sister.” Tella really didn’t seem to care for Scarlet and I wish their bond was equal, not Scarlet carrying most of the relationship. It would have meant more to me that way. Hard to invest myself in the whole “saving Tella” things when I think little of her. No great emotional feels for me there.

The ending is a twist that will make you have to read on because it is just plain awesome. Overall I did really like it and will read the next one but I am not in love with this book. I wanted to be though….🙃

May was a pretty good month in terms of a book haul. Here is a pic of the books I picked up. Of course this doesn’t include my digital books hauled, maybe someday I will show that, but I am pressed for time this month.

Book Haul May 2017 - The Genre Minx


There are a few books there that I have previously read but needed for my personal collection. I had put off buying a couple of the Micheal J. Sullivan books because I had hoped they were going to be released in hardback but so far they haven’t. So I decided I wanted a complete collection and bought what I needed.

I am a fan of Clive Cussler and I am slowly working on trading out my paperbacks for hardbacks for my collection. His older books are hard to find in first edition, first printing, so it is always a good month when I can snag those up. Everything else you will see on my TBR shelf for me to read. They are newish-releases but I am looking forward to getting to them.

Speaking of my TBR shelf, I had set a goal of reading and completed the following:

I really want to read Hanging Tree so that will be happening in June but I am not setting any actual reading goals from my TBR shelf. There are some books on my digital shelf that I have been dying to read! Two of these books are the first in the series and I have the next installments, so I anticipate some serious bingeing. (See a theme? I think I kinda fangirl for Bec McMaster, 😻)

Shadow Bound by Bec McMaster     Mission Improper by Bec McMaster      The Last True Hero by Bec McMaster


So as it stands here is my actual TBR shelf at the end of this month:

TBR Shelf May 2017 - The Genre Minx Book Reviews

Personal Note: Hey BFF you see where I have the present you’d sent to me? I am thinking of adding “best friend and reading” to that sign. I know you understand the sentiment. 😘 For everyone else: I have the best BFF in this world and she loves me despite leaving New York for Texas. Mega love to you my friend. I miss you!

Ok, moving on…lol. Lots of good books on that shelf. Also, lots of room compared to previous months. Heck it was getting so bad that I was piling books on top of the standing books. If I had to pick one book that I am going to try to read (after Hanging Tree) it is going to be Deadmen Walking by Sherrilyn Kenyon.  We will see how the month goes for me…..

So that is it for my May wrap-up and reading plans. Any books you looking forward to reading?


Love Always,


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