Wealth of the Bear by Rachel Robins

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This review is based on a complimentary book I received from Author, Rachel Robins. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.

Wealth of the Bear by Rachel Robins Wealth of the Bear by Rachel Robins
Series: Bear Kamp #2
Also in this series:Seduction of the Bear, Growth of the Bear, Saving the Bear
Also by this author: Seduction of the Bear, Growth of the Bear, Saving the Bear
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
Release Date: May 6, 2017
Publisher: Independently Published
Format: ARC, E-book
Source: Author, Rachel Robins
Pages: 142
ISBN: 1546301208
ASIN: B071DZ641B
Purchase at: Amazon
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Heat Factor:three-flames

Emma has known one thing her entire life. Men will always leave. So she's guarded her heart and never committed past one night.

Jasper is a bear shifter that's waited for his true mate for too long. Success and wealth mean nothing without his mate to keep the darkness from overpowering him.

When the two collide Jasper finds his true mate. Emma finds her biggest fear. There's betrayal, lust and lies revealed as these two partake in a battle of the souls.

Will Emma ever drop her guard? Can Jasper's bear fight off the darkness until she's ready to commit?


Wealth of the Bear is the second book in the Bear Kamp series. It is quite enjoyable to read! I loved the first book in this series, Seduction of the Bear, so I was eager to get my hands on this book. I will say that in order to really enjoy Wealth of the Bear you need to have read the first book in this series. You could read it without reading the first book but you will enjoy it more after reading the first in the series.

Jasper is a bear shifter who has all but given up on finding his mate. He is friends with Austin from book one and is a regular over at Austin’s bar called the Kamp. Jasper is the owner of a successful construction company and has everything a shifter could ever ask for. Except the one thing his bear desires, a mate! That is until he lays eyes on Emma. His bear knows without a doubt that she is his.

Emma is the best friend of Kate who we met in book one. Emma enjoys the company of men but she is not about to lose her heart to anyone. She had seen what that did to her mother after her father walked out on them and Emma will not have that happen to her. Her attraction to Jasper is off the charts and after him there is no one else but she just can’t seem to overcome her struggle to accept the truth. That she is truly Jasper’s mate.

Emma has experience with the shifter community, so she is aware of the fact that Jasper wants her as his mate but she is not okay with that plan. In fact, that is the very thing she has spent her adult life running from. Jasper has all the confidence of a shifter. He is certain that he will have Emma as his mate in no time. Unfortunately, he did not take into account how headstrong Emma is and how deep her hurts run.

Both Jasper and Emma are a bit broken. They have lived their lives keeping others at a distance, especially lovers. They are the captains of their own ships. So to expect a little friction in their relationship was within the realm of reason. Jasper being a shifter knew right away what he wanted with Emma but was overconfident in regards to Emma just snapping in line because of the mate bond. Emma was immediately aware of the mate bond but she resisted it. You can definitely see the struggle taking place between both of these characters. It just makes the ending that much sweeter.

There was a big reveal in the end for Emma and that was most interesting. It also helped Emma come to terms with a few things in her life and set up the next book in this series nicely. I found this story to be a fast read that was filled with passion, angst, and growth. The story of Emma and Jasper is one of attraction and two worlds colliding. They must overcome their fears and learn what it means to be together, despite the personal costs.

If you have read the first story in this series then you will absolutely want to continue with this story. There is also a secret that involves the first couple from book one and that is very exciting. Overall, I liked parts of this story and it is a nice addition to the series. This is a good read that I recommend.

*Thank you to Rachel Robins for this complimentary copy of Wealth of the Bear*

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