Seduction of the Bear by Rachel Robins

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This review is based on a complimentary book I received from Author, Rachel Robins. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.

Seduction of the Bear by Rachel Robins Seduction of the Bear by Rachel Robins
Series: Bear Kamp #1
Also in this series:Wealth of the Bear, Growth of the Bear, Saving the Bear
Also by this author: Wealth of the Bear, Growth of the Bear, Saving the Bear
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: March 18, 2017
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Format: ARC
Source: Author, Rachel Robins
Pages: 82
ISBN: 1544772289
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Kate is fresh out of a divorce. She's been betrayed, hurt and neglected. She needs a job and a place to live. What she doesn't want or need is a man to mess with her determination and independence.
Austin's a bear shifter whose come to terms with a life of solidarity. He has close friends and his bar to keep him company.
The two collide for the first time when Kate goes to the bar for a night out with the girls. Austin sees his mate-the love he's been waiting a lifetime for. Kate sees another man who has the power to hurt her.
When her ex-husband attacks them, can they work together against him? Can Kate fight her eternal battle against the love that Austin offers? Will Austin push her too far too fast?


Not that often do I read books that involve shape-shifters where they shift into bears. I was delighted to get my hands on this story for that very reason. Seduction of the Bear is a truly a romantic story and I am now enamored with these characters. Filled with passion, some sexy times, menace, and powerful shape-shifters this story was a fast paced and exciting read!

The main character Austin was immediately likable. Having been alone for a long time he was comfortable in his solidarity. Finding a life-mate is rare, so he was not expecting anything outside his normal night running his bar when Kate walked in. He immediately knew that she was his mate and he did not go all alpha bear about it. His first instinct was that his bear yearned for her. He just wanted to touch her and know her. Not just sexually. He was smitten and he tried to take things slow because she was human and not a shifter herself.

Kate’s life was in shambles. Her marriage was in its death throes with the finalization of divorce looming. Unable to accept the end of her marriage but trying to come to terms with it anyhow Kate finally reached out to her best friend. They ended up going out for a girl’s night which is exactly what Kate needed. To be reminded that there was more to life than her ex and that she had people who loved her. When she caught sight of Austin she realized that it was probably a bad idea to go out for drinks because she was feeling things that she did not feel that she should. She blamed it on loneliness and avoided him as much as possible for the night.

Until her friends all went home with someone and left her stranded. This left Austin in the prefect place to rescue his damsel by offering her a ride home. From there Austin used any chance he could to have her by his side. His presence though created a conflict with her douchebag ex and led to some dangerous consequences. This also became an exciting turn to the story that brought out the need for Austin to protect his mate and Kate to learn the fast way what being a mate means to both her and Austin’s future.

Austin’s character was just swoony! He recognized his mate and he was all in! I adored how the shifters in this story revered not just their mates but all women. That concept was felt throughout the entire story. Austin was an alpha bear but the tenderness and caring he showed to Kate, even though she had no idea that she was his mate, was just so appealing. There are many scenes that are both hilarious and sexy with this character, just swoon is all I can say!

I loved Kate’s character. I felt that her feelings and actions surrounding her divorce were spot on. She was a woman who had endured an abusive marriage and was struggling to come to terms with it all. Her past was fresh and raw and it affected her acceptance of Austin. Smartly, she was against another relationship and was not ready for one either. I was so glad that she was not written where she just moved on easily. It would have taken away from the conflict of the story for me.

I fully enjoyed this story and I am truly hoping that this book will turn into a series. I could see where the Author would be able to jump off into another story involving some characters from this book. If you enjoy reading paranormal romance or stories of shape-shifters then I highly recommend this book to you. For all other readers, I say to give this book a try as it is a great read!

*Thank you to Author Rachel Robins for this eARC of Seduction of the Bear*

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