Brain to Books Cyber Convention and Book Expo April 7, 8, & 9, 2017

Posted April 7, 2017 by Minx

A.M. Justice is an author that I admire and she contacted me about a cyber convention that is rumored to be “The Catwalk for Indie-Authors.” Her book A Wizard’s Forge (an awesome read!) is going to be featured in a few contests. Even more fun, Vic is going to be in a character tournament! Sounds exciting! Here is a blurb about what it is and what to expect:


CyCon is a virtual version of the San Diego Comic Con, but our theme is books. We organize a number of events, celebrating every genre, reader, and undiscovered author out there, and we host dozens of events all crammed into three days. To experience CyCon is a lot like attending a State Fair, only CyCon is 100% online. There is simply so much to do that it’s impossible to do it all in one day and there is something for everyone.

We have a book expo, blog tours, podcasts, radio appearances, live coverage, contests, games, prizes, raffles, giveaways, book readings, panels, workshops, freebies, grab bags…and the list is ever growing. Our staff is composed of 50+ volunteers. Readers attend for free, registered readers are entered for a chance to win a $100.00 Amazon Gift Card. Authors wanting to be featured have more than 2 dozen events to choose from ranging from. Featured authors are also given marketing materials, instructions, and classes to help them learn how to better market their books without us.

For three days, Brain to Books shines the spotlight on authors not seen in bookstores as a means to welcome in the new season of book releases. Working to increase reader awareness to these hidden treasures, authors, publishers, and retailers are coming together world wide for the largest book event designed just for you, the book lover! We’re giving away books, presenting readers with never-seen-before content, and featuring the world’s largest collection of undiscovered talent available today. We have blog hops, panels, discussions, contests, games, prizes, story time, book readings, sales, and exclusive content only available for these three days. This is content you won’t find anywhere else!


I love this! What a great way to give exposure for independent authors! It sounds fun AND you do not have even get dressed up or leave the house to attend. Here is a link if you are interested in learning more: Brains to BooksCyber Convention and Book Expo

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