Saving Mercy by Abbie Roads

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Saving Mercy by Abbie Roads Saving Mercy by Abbie Roads
Series: Fatal Truth #1
Also by this author: Race the Darkness, Hunt the Dawn
Genres: Paranormal, Romantic Suspense
Release Date: April 4, 2017
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Format: ARC
Source: NetGalley
Pages: 320
ISBN: 1492639230
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First in a chilling new paranormal romantic suspense series from award-winning author Abbie Roads

He's found her at last
Cain Killion knows himself to be a damaged man, his only saving grace the extrasensory connection to blood that he uses to catch murderers. His latest case takes a macabre turn when he discovers a familiar and haunting symbol linking the crime to his own horrific past-and only one woman could know what it means.

Only to lose her to a nightmare
Mercy Ledger is brave, resilient, beautiful-and in terrible danger. The moment he sees Mercy, Cain knows he's the one who can save her. He also knows he's beyond redemption. But the lines between good and evil blur and the only thing clear to Cain and Mercy is that they belong together. Love is the antidote for blood-but is their bond strong enough to overcome the evil that stalks them?


Saving Mercy is the third book that I have read from Author Abbie Roads and she has never failed to shock and awe me with her plots. I swear I almost read this book while having my fingers spread over my eyes at certain points! I know, I know…not possible, but if it was then I would have done it!

There is no easing into this story. It just grabs you from the first chapter and does not let go! Cain has a paranormal power that is unbelievable, grisly, and horrifying but at the same time fascinating to consider. He is able to relive a crime through the eyes of the killer. He does this through a connection with the  blood found at the scene. Talk about graphic imagery!

Currently working as a profiler, Cain Killion was brought in to investigate a crime that seems eerily familiar to that of a sadistic killer. A killer who is currently locked up for his crimes. When he stumbles upon a symbol at the crime scene a direct link is made between this crime and a past crime. A crime involving the character Mercy Ledger but no one knows how that is possible.

Cain takes it upon himself to reach out to Mercy to see if she can be of any assistance in the investigation. This is not an easy thing for him as there is a twisted connection between Mercy and him. They both had atrocities committed to them in their early childhood by the same perpetrator but under entirely different circumstances. They are familiar with each other’s stories but have never connected for personal reasons.

Cain’s character is haunted and yet yearns for someone to see him, not his past, just him. He’s adorable but his backstory is filled with atrocities! Trust is not something that is easy for him but when it comes to Mercy he is unable to keep her at a distance. He has a pull to her that cannot be explained. All he knows is that he will do whatever he can to make sure she stays safe.

Cain and Mercy are brought together and pitted against time as they are caught in a web of deceit by an evil that knows no bounds! In order to stay alive, they must learn to look beyond their pasts and trust in one another. Things become complicated as their relationship heats up and they find they have something to lose beyond their lives – each other.

Mercy is a great character. Her backstory was one of horror and her present situation is no better. I was terrified and angry for her at the same time. Her notoriety as a victim and her withdrawal from society had made way for a very sick and twisted individual to have her locked away and at his disposal. I was on the edge of my seat for this character’s plight. It was a real nightmarish situation that added an extra element of suspense and dread to this story!

I do love a good love story and for me it is even better when there is a suspense element. This book delivers that and more. There are sexy times that are sweet and full of heat. A deranged killer who really makes your stomach turn. As well as nicely fleshed out characters. A fast read that will be a delight to those who enjoy a good story with a paranormal twist. It is truly a great read!

*Thank you to NetGalley & Sourcebooks Casablanca for this eARC of Saving Mercy*

About Abbie Roads

Author Abbie Roads

Seven Things about Abbie Roads:

1. She loves Snicker Parfaits. Gotta start with what’s most important, right?

2. She writes dark emotional books featuring damaged characters, but always gives her hero and heroine a happy ending… after torturing them for three hundred pages.

3. By day she’s a mental health counselor known for her blunt, honest style of therapy. At night she burns up the keyboard. Well… Burn might be too strong a word. She at least sits with her hands poised over the keyboard, waiting for inspiration to strike. And when it does—the keyboard might get a little warm.

4. She can’t stand it when people drive slowly in the passing lane. Just saying. That’s major annoying. Right?

5. She loves taking pictures of things she thinks are pretty.

6. She’s represented by Michelle Grajkowski of 3 Seas Literary.

7. Her first book RACE THE DARKNESS was a Publishers Weekly Top 10 Pick for Fall.

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