Taming a Rake into a Lord by Tammy Andresen

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Taming a Rake into a Lord by Tammy Andresen Taming a Rake into a Lord by Tammy Andresen
Series: Taming the Heart #4
Also in this series:Taming a Duke's Wild Rose, Taming a Laird's Wild Lady, Taming a Savage Gentleman, Taming a Rogue Earl
Also by this author: Taming a Duke's Wild Rose, Taming a Laird's Wild Lady, Taming a Savage Gentleman, Taming a Rogue Earl, Christmastide With My Captain
Genres: Historical Fiction, Romance
Release Date: March 21, 2017
Publisher: Independently Published
Format: ARC, E-book
Source: Aurora Publicity, Publisher
Pages: 165
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Christopher Masters is a first class rake. Having retired as a spy, he thinks he may spend the next year or two gambling and drinking as a way to forget the horrors of his past. Quite suddenly, he is thrown into a new role entirely when he inherits the title and properties of the Earl of Winthrop. He has no desire for such a role but even more distressing is the ward that accompanies the estate.

Lady Elizabeth knows that her future is uncertain. But when a handsome new earl arrives and announces that the will requires her to marry within the year, all hope is lost. Having cared for her father these past months, she is less than a wallflower. At least those ladies attended the ball. But if she doesn't marry, a new Earl might take Chris' place, Bernard Sinclair. She can't explain it, but his attention frightens her more than she can express.

As Chris attempts to help Lizzie find a suitable husband, his attraction for her cannot be denied. Will his past cripple his future or can Lizzie tame the rake into a lord?


I love it when a series will bring back characters from previous installments and give them a true part in the story. Taming a Rake into a Lord includes the main characters from the previous three books in the Taming the Heart series. Which I just loved. They give the book a family/friendship vibe that is heartwarming and carries through until the end. In order to enjoy this book, it is not necessary that you have read the previous books but having a history with the previous characters gave the story depth for me. It was like having old friends come along for the ride.

Christopher Masters was introduced in the second book of this series, Taming a Duke’s Wild Rose. He is friend to Lord Wentworth in that story and was instrumental in rescuing Rose. Now this rake has been informed that he has inherited an Earldom that comes with a string attached, of that which is called Lady Elizabeth. Lady Elizabeth’s father has recently passed away and since she is a woman and unable to inherit she is forced to await whoever is to become the Earl.

Chris may be a rake but he is a rake with some morals (an oxymoron, I know) but his morals start to bend when he happens upon his ward. He does not want to find her attractive but he just can’t help his desire for this woman. A clear case of insta-lust but he does try and hold himself back, and does well……as long as he is not in the same room with her 😉. I think it is fitting that this character was inappropriate with Elizabeth from the start, which was hilarious, because he is not a man used to denying himself the company of females.

Although there is an attraction between the main characters their happily ever after is not a certainty with Chris being unwilling to set aside what he feels his ending should be. An ending that does not include a wife or family. This is a bit of a bumpy ride and their courtship is whirlwind, filled with conflict, sweetness, and an antagonist worthy of a sneer. Another great addition to the Taming the Heart series.

*Thank you to Aurora Publicity for this eARC of Taming a Rake into a Lord*

About Tammy Andresen

Author Tammy Andresen

Tammy Andresen lives with her husband and three children just outside of Boston, Massachussetts. Her childhood was spent on the Seacoast of Maine, where she spent countless days dreaming up stories in blueberry fields and among the scrub pines that line the coast. Her mother loved to spin a yarn and Tammy spent many hours listening to her mother retell the classics. It was inevitable that at the age of 18, she headed off to Simmons College where she studied English literature and education. She never left Massachusetts but some of her heart still resides in Maine and her family visits often.

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