Knock Before You Enter by D.A. Bale

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This review is based on a complimentary book I received from Author, D.A. Bale. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.

Knock Before You Enter by D.A. Bale Knock Before You Enter by D.A. Bale
Series: The Bartender Babe Chronicles #3
Also in this series:Look Before You Jump, Think Before You Speak, Die Before You Wake
Also by this author: Look Before You Jump, Think Before You Speak, Die Before You Wake
Genres: Contemporary, Cozy Mystery, Mystery
Release Date: December 15, 2016
Publisher: Independently Published
Format: E-book
Source: Author, D.A. Bale
Pages: 253
ISBN: 1540873897
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Your favorite bartender is headed on vacation - and this time it isn't all high heels and handsome hunks.

Try gators, a grandmother, and GOLD!

The De'Laruse matriarch carries a secret from the Civil War era, and it's high time to tear down the accompanying rumor mill. More than a hundred and fifty years ago, French gold was captured when the ship aiding the Confederacy tried to run the Union blockade. Addie enlists the help of Vicki Bohanan and her granddaughter, best bud Janine De'Laruse, to decode the clues left in a Union soldier's journal to solve the mystery once and for all concerning what happened to the bars emblazoned with the fleur-de-lis imprint.

As if Vicki doesn't have enough concerns to occupy her week. Between fighting off Janine's oversexed younger brother, a mysterious maid of questionable conduct, and the sperm donor breathing down her neck - not to mention those grumpy gators again - all Vicki wants is one uninterrupted night's sleep.

Fat chance - even in the land of Fat Tuesday, as Vicki jets off to Louisiana for the holidays in book three of the Bartender Babe Chronicles.


Knock Before You Enter is the third book in the Bartender Babe Chronicles. It follows Vicki as she heads off to Louisiana to spend a week on vacation with her best friend Janine at Janine’s grandmother’s estate. Too bad Janine’s brother, George, is also there. That character is such a creep. Vicki has not been to the De’Laruse estate in years and much has changed. Addie the De’Laruse matriarch has had some significant changes. She has become almost nice and is starting to show signs of emotional vulnerability. Not the Addie that Vicki remembers but she is along for the ride. Addie has decided that she wants her granddaughter to search for a possible treasure trove that she learned of from a journal in Addie’s possession.

Janine and Vicki are all in to the hunt for the gold bars that were supposedly hidden on the De’Laruse estate. It was fun to read about them searching for clues, seeing what they could find with researching the property purchases, and trying to fend off George from getting his hands on the mystery journal. There was also a new character named Lucas who gives Vicki the feeling that he has a hidden agenda. Hmm, was not too fond of the explanation of Lucas’s presence in Louisiana. I am sure it could be/is a real thing but it just did not feel real to me. I wish his character had been written as a history buff who was passionate about uncovering a piece of history. His career was not a major part of the story so I just felt it was a little unnecessary.

For me the best part of the story was about Vicki’s maturity. Not so much in the first half of the book but by the second half of the book it is really coming across that Vicki’s character is maturing. She is starting to come to a few realizations that I am really excited about! By the end of this book, everything I had been hoping for this character was falling into place! I am extremely enthusiastic about where this series is going to go from here. I think that Vicki’s character had to take this trip and have this story not be all about her in order for us as readers to see her character growth. Although this story didn’t put me over the moon I feel like it was the perfect piece to this series! I highly recommend the Bartender Babe Chronicles!

*Thank you to D.A. Bale for this complimentary copy of Knock Before You Enter*

About D.A. Bale

Author D.A. Bale

Sometimes life emulates fiction.

Life is filled with tragedy and Ms. Bale’s writing reflects this reality. However, there is always a silver lining…even if one must spend their entire life searching for it.

In her previous career, Ms. Bale traveled the United States as a Government Relations Liaison, working closely with Congressional offices and various government agencies. This experience afforded her a glimpse into the sometimes “not so pretty” reality of the political sphere. Much of this reality and various locations throughout her travels make it into her writing.

She dreams of the day she can return to visit Alaska.

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  1. Thank you once again for a wonderful review. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed Vicki’s antics thus far. Stay tuned for more in book four later this spring!

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