The Haunted Manor: Torn Between Power and Love by Emilia Hartley

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This review is based on a complimentary book I received from Author, Emilia Hartley. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.

The Haunted Manor: Torn Between Power and Love by Emilia Hartley The Haunted Manor: Torn Between Power and Love: A Regency Paranormal Romance by Emilia Hartley
Genres: Fantasy, Historical Fiction
Release Date: December 27, 2016
Publisher: Independently Published
Format: E-book
Source: Author, Emilia Hartley
Pages: 120
ISBN: 1520182244
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A Steamy Paranormal Romance set in the Regency Era

Luck has not been on Lord Michael Baird’s side. After losing yet another large sum of money, he is relieved to discover that he has been left an estate in Scotland. With the ownership of this new estate he decides he will do his best to make it profitable. Upon arrival to the town he notices how unfriendly everyone seems to be. Finally when he reaches his estate he is met with not only a less-than-pleasant manor, but also household staff who refuse to even stay in the estate overnight. They try to explain about the ghostly goings-on in the home but he ignores their warnings completely. However it isn't long before Michael is thoroughly convinced! He learns that there is only one person who might be able to help him rid his new estate of the malevolent spirits that haunt it: Rebecca.

Rebecca is the village’s wise woman who is only too willing to help. Ignoring her growing attraction to Michael, she works hard to find out more about the spirits and how she can banish them forever using her magic. Michael is surprised to discover that the wise woman is both young and beautiful, and a desire for her grows the moment he first sets eyes on her. Realizing that nothing can happen between them, he tries to put his attraction aside, knowing that he will need to marry well if he is to set the estate to rights.

Will they be able to rid the estate of its ghosts and pursue their love for each other, or will Michael’s pursuit for money push her away for good?

Content Warning: Explicit love scene. Intended for mature audiences.


A love story that includes malevolent spirits, yes please! I was very interested in reading this book because I wanted to see how well the author could combine true paranormal and romance. For me it was a winner!

My favorite part of this book were the angry spirits. The scenes with the spirits were a bit spooky. The writing was well done, I could feel their anger and imagine them trying to enter, rattling the door knobs and wreaking havoc. They were strong spirits born from a slaughter and they wanted what was theirs – the estate. Their attempts to send a message were cruel and I enjoyed every minute of it!

Lord Michael Baird is at the start written as a bit of a jerk. He has gambling debts that have left him near penniless so when he receives the news that he has inherited the estate he is thrilled. It was not as big of a boon that he had been anticipating though. At first he will not believe his staff about the hauntings but he soon learns, the hard way, that everything is as it seems. Luckily he is not stubborn and quickly enlists the help of the one person he believes can help him, the village wise woman. His character starts out as a bit of a cad but does have some development. I really enjoyed that he tried to make the right choices when it came to his dealings with Rebecca.

Oh Rebecca, I do love this character a bunch. She is the local wise woman but she also has some magical abilities that allow her to know what the ghosts truly want and she is Michael’s only hope in ridding the manor of them. She is also a saucy little minx! I love, love, love that she was the aggressor in this story. You go girl! She challenged Michael when he held his ground, denying his attraction to her. I could see her defying him and it was the best. Such a great character.

Did I want more? I would wish for more fleshing out of the characters. I wanted to know more of them. There were story threads introduced such as Michael’s mother, who is apparently a hag, and Rebecca’s sisters, who also have magical endowments and it made me curious. I would have loved to know more.

There were sexy times in this story but it was nothing heavy. It was more of a light romance with growing attraction between the characters. It was a nice paranormal romance with a side of heat. I enjoyed reading this story and I am looking forward to more from this author.

*Thank you to Emilia Hartley for this complimentary copy of The Haunted Manor: Torn Between Power and Love*

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