The Sour Taste of Suspicion by CeeCee James

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The Sour Taste of Suspicion by CeeCee James The Sour Taste of Suspicion: An Angel Lake Mystery by CeeCee James
Genres: Mystery
Release Date: December 7th 2016
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Format: E-book
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 218
ISBN: 978-1540839299
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The only thing worse than living in a haunted house is somebody trying to make you the next ghost. When Elise takes a position at spooky old Montgomery Manor as companion to her friend Lavina's great aunt, she's expecting an easy job for the holidays. What she doesn't expect are dead bodies, ghosts and a murderer who's picked her as the next target. Delving into the secrets and tragedies of the past, her only clue is a doll's house from which pieces keep mysteriously disappearing. But what is the connection between the doll's house and the real one? Is Montgomery Manor really haunted, or is there something even more sinister afoot? Elise will have to use all her all her ingenuity to answer the questions-and fast, or she just might find she's the house's newest ghost.


The Sour Taste of Suspicion is the third book of the Angel Lake Mystery Series. This is the first book that I have read from Author CeeCee James and it was a delightful cozy mystery. It was enjoyable how the story gave an old time feel but was set in the current day and age.

Elise is the protagonist in this series with the aid of her best friend Lavina. In this installment Lavina is in a bind and needs Elise to be a companion for her Great Aunt Myrtle. Elise finds herself in need of funds agrees to take this paid position.  What she didn’t know is that she would be staying at an estate that appears to be stuck in time. Strange goings on have been occurring at the Montgomery Manor and Elise just can’t help but want to get to the bottom of the mystery.

I adore spooky mysteries especially when they take place in creepy mansions. Add in servants with an air of fear and a creepy Victorian doll house that is identical to Montgomery Manor and I am hooked. Reading how items were missing from both the house and the doll house, strange noises at night time, and bloody footprints. Such a suspenseful and creepy read. Adding greater interest was that Elise’s great grandmother was actually a governess to Myrtle when she was a child. During her stay Elise had uncovered her diary and I loved reading the diary entry portions. It really added to the depth of the story.

There is a bit of a love interest going on with Brad. He is a local police officer and he pops in and out of this story. He aids a little with Elise’s personal investigation but he is not a prominent character, except in Elise’s musings. If you are a fan of cozy mysteries and creepy mansions with a reputation for hauntings, then you will most certainly enjoy this book.

About CeeCee James

Author CeeCee James

CeeCee James is a wife, mom of four kids and pet mom to two mini-dashchunds. She’s always loved to read and always had her nose in a book– getting her into trouble at school when she’d sneak it in her text books.

Writing has been a life long passion. Her first works were published in middle school and she won several short story and poetry competitions through out her life. She loves writing about love, humanity’s struggles and the celebration of life. Sometimes there is beauty even in the chaos of a messy moment. For her, writing is about taking time to savor those moments.

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