The Pruxnae Series by Lucy Varna

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The Pruxnae Series #1-4 by Lucy Varna
Genres: Romance, Science Fiction
Publisher: Bone Diggers Press
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I came across this series this past summer and found it to be fascinating! Currently there are four books in this series and since I have read them all I decided to do a post that had all four books with a mini-review of each.

Thief of Hearts by Lucy VarnaThief of Hearts Book (The Pruxnae #2)

On the eve of her appointment to the ranks of the elite Queen’s Guard, Alna Lomig bumps into Gared ab Einif. Her wariness of the handsome Pruxnæ melts under his roguish charm, softening her resistance to his gentle courtship. When he sneaks into her room in the House of Jakuv, she offers one night of shelter and nothing more, certainly not the kiss he’s come to claim.

Gared has more than a single kiss on his mind. He’s searching for the one woman who can give him his most secret desire. To get it, he’s not above kidnapping a beautiful Lady Warrior and hiding her away in her home planet’s dense jungle.

The jungle holds more than refuge. Within its verdant foliage lurks a danger even a wily Pruxnæ isn’t prepared for, forcing Alna and Gared to face the truth lying within their hearts before the jungle destroys them both.

Minx’s Musings

I chose to read this book during the 2016 Wobble challenge over at Goodreads. I did not know what to expect from this story but I thoroughly enjoyed it! The story begins by introducing two strong female characters who are looking for a night out on the town before they report in for duty. Little did they know that the Pruxnae males had decided that their planet was the one to be choosen for a raid.  but with the male characters being from a tribe that was rumored to steal brides I was not so sure I was going to like it. I am glad that there was more to the rumor, that the Pruxnae actually wooed their conquests and obtained their permission before taking them to their home planet.

I loved that Gared appreciated Alna for more than just her sexuality and that he went through so much to prove to her that he valued her. This was such a sweet, romantic, and entertaining read! I highly, highly recommend!!

My Rating: 4 Stars


The Choosing by Lucy VarnaThe Choosing Book (The Pruxnae #2)

Ziri Mokuru has lived her entire life in the rural village of Arden Hollow on the planet Tersi. While her parents are off having adventures and being Very Important People, she’s struggled simply to find a place where she belongs. One night, she investigates a disturbance in her home and discovers an armor-clad man sorting through her belongings. Her first thought is for her parents’ safety, not to question why this man is in her home late at night without even the courtesy of knocking. After all, no one among the trusting Tersii breaks into someone else’s home without a good reason.

Ryn abid Alna has an excellent reason for sneaking into Ziri’s home. After years spent scraping together enough vud for the bride price, he’s finally ready to steal a wife. One look at Ziri’s sweet smile and Ryn decides no other woman will do. She can fix anything she touches, so why not the loneliness he’s lived with since he was enslaved as a young boy?

Though Ziri longs for love, she’s not so sure she’s ready to settle down with the man who kidnapped her, especially after he jumps her into a nest of Sweepers, a sinister alien race bent on mayhem and destruction. As the day draws near when she faces Ryn’s family on the Choosing field, Ziri ponders the hardest decision of her life: Fight for Ryn and the place he’s made for her in his heart or choose another man as a life mate and risk never knowing love.

Minx’s Musings

This is the second book in the Pruxnae series and I am loving this series! The installment follows the character Ryn amid Alna as he chooses his bride to be from the planet of Tersi. Usually I am not a fan of stories that include bride stealing but in this story the women are revered and given a choice in the end, a limited one, but still a choice. That is enough to pacify me, ha ha ha.

This is a romance but it is entrenched in the science fiction genre and it has all the right elements. Aliens, life aboard a space craft, space travel, and world building. I enjoyed the characters of Ryn and Ziri, they both have their strengths and weaknesses and I loved watching them create a relationship in such strenuous circumstances. The antagonists of this series, the Sweepers, were seriously nasty alien creatures and that was awesome!

The romance was sweet on Ryn’s end. He was a great character and give me more of him. Ziri’s character was captured so she spent most of her time fighting her attraction but she got to be a bit annoying. She spent more time than I would have thought trying to decide if “she could love him.” He was amazing, considerate, and sincere…I know I could love him, lol.

A great read even if some elements feel a bit flat for me. I am eagerly looking forward to the next book in this series and I can’t wait to see where things go with the Pruxnae race. Maybe we will finally learn why women are in such short supply.

My Rating: 4 stars


Alien Mine by Lucy VarnaAlien Mine (Pruxnae #3)

Single mom Rachel Hunter has not one second to spare in her day between rearing two daughters, running a thriving goat farm, and keeping tabs on her eccentric brother. Not to mention an ex-husband who’s in prison for murder and a local gang leader harassing her at every turn! Then a gorgeous, tattooed man crashes into her fence and she finds out exactly what it means to have her hands full.

Pruxnae Dyuvad ab Mhij is sent to Earth by a mysterious Net telepath to protect a young girl, from what, the ‘path doesn’t say. He arrives at the girl’s home expecting the worst, and is greeted by the young girl’s mother, a honey-haired, plain spoken temptress whose mountain fortitude makes her a perfect candidate for the Choosing.

Dyuvad’s first duty is to his mission, protecting a young girl from dangers unknown. It doesn’t take long for the danger to become apparent, however, and soon, he and Rachel are embroiled in a reckless game led by a man who will stop at nothing to control Rachel and her children.

Minx’s Musings

I was introduced to Dyuvad’s character in book two of this series as he was stunned by his friend, but I didn’t know it was Dyuvad until the start of this book. So, the mystery on a question that lingered from book two has been solved.

The story between Rachel and Dyuvad was entertaining. I loved Rachel’s inner monologues, hilarious! There was a mystery element as to why Dyuvad was enlisted to protect Rachel’s youngest child and it carried all the way through. The bad guys were bad but not villainous and I wish there was more of a cringe factor for them. It would have been more exciting if they were aliens bent on stealing the child because of her unique abilities. So yes, she was in danger but it was not the exciting kind. The romance was swoon worthy and there were sexy times. The ending was very satisfying and just a bit funny, ha ha.

What really took away the enjoyment factor for me was the voice of Rachel. It was a real southern country vernacular. That really detracted from the story for me BUT it is also a personal dislike and does not apply to everyone.

My Rating: 3.5 stars


A Warriors Touch by Lucy VarnaA Warrior’s Touch (The Pruxnae #4)

Yasmin Olvera has a man problem. Her brother is in jail for murder, her ex-fiance has inconveniently forgotten he dumped her, and someone is leaving dead animals on her stoop. The last thing she needs is another male thrown into the mix, even a strong extra-terrestrial warrior who’s crossed the galaxy to aid her.

Benar Q’Mhel has better things to do than babysit a helpless Terran female, no matter how attractive she is. Sure, somebody’s after her, and in a nasty way, but does she really need an elite mercenary-soldier to solve her problem?

But as the situation escalates, Benar begins to reconsider the tough-minded Yasmin and her place in his life, and she begins to wonder if love might be the key to solving her man problem once and for all.

Minx’s Musings

This is a really quick novella. The story is a spin-off featuring the best friend from book three, Yasmin. I feel in order to really enjoy this book you would of had to read the third book in this series. There is just not enough time in this story for the character development that takes place with Yasmin in the previous story.

I liked Yasmin’s character but not a huge fan of Benar. Just everything with how he views Yasmin as weak and considers her to be someone he would like to have sex with because hey, she’s there. I loathe his mentality. The author tries to develop his mindset and turn him around but I just didn’t feel that there was enough time and that nothing took place that really made me feel like his mindset should have changed. Yasmin did not do anything that really made me feel “strong female lead,” so it was not believable that he should have seen her differently. I did appreciate the fact that he did learn to respect her and through that he began to value her.

The reason for Benar’s stay with Yasmin was creepy but really a pleasure to read. Watching the mystery of who was responsible for stalking Yasmin play out was a bit of a surprise. I cannot say that I saw the plot twist coming and that is always a plus for me. The ending was quick but satisfyingly a HEA. If you would enjoy a series that has elements of science-fiction, romance, and HEA’s then I highly suggest the Pruxnae series for you!

My Rating: 3 stars



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