Reckless Creed by Alex Kava

Posted January 7, 2017 by Minx

Reckless Creed by Alex Kava Reckless Creed (Ryder Creed, #3) by Alex Kava
Series: Ryder Creed
Genres: Crime and suspense, Thriller
Release Date: September 27, 2016
Publisher: G.P. Putnam's Sons
Format: Hardcover
Source: Purchased
Pages: 336
ISBN: 0399170782
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In the new edge-of-your-seat thriller from New York Times–bestselling author Alex Kava, Ryder Creed, his K-9 search-and-rescue dogs, and FBI agent Maggie O’Dell find themselves at the center of a dire and mysterious case.

In Chicago, a young man jumps from his thirtieth-story hotel room; along the Missouri river, a hunter and his son stumble upon a lake whose surface is littered with snow geese, all of them dead; and in southern Alabama, Ryder Creed and his search-and-rescue dog Grace find the body of a young woman who went missing in the Conecuh National Forest...and it appears she filled her pockets with rocks and walked into the river. Before long Ryder Creed and FBI profiler Maggie O’Dell will discover the ominous connection among these mysterious deaths. What they find may be the most prolific killer the United States has ever known.


I really enjoyed the previous two books in this series, Ryder Creed. It made me very excited to get this book into my hands and see where things had gone with Ryder and his dogs. What I was not expecting was a thriller that brushes against a reality that is so terrifying. It is one of those situations that could be potentially happening now. I haven’t read a book that was this gripping from a biological standpoint since the Hot Zone by Richard Preston.

This story takes place in different locations throughout the United States. There are what seems to be random suicides and at first there appears to be no connections between them. Then there are flocks of birds that start showing up dead. With some quick thinking and connecting of the dots a thread appears that seems to connect the suicides and birds in a terrifying truth. There is a mastermind behind the actions as of late and their intent is grander than anyone could ever imagine.

When a book is written from multiple points of view it can sometimes be hard to follow however Alex Kava nailed it. Every character that had a voice added pieces to the story that when brought together completed the big picture. Seeing the perspective from the infected characters was agonizing, creepy, and sad. You really feel their suffering, confusion, and obtain a better understanding of what the antagonist was up to. The way that the virus was being spread was just too horrific to consider because it could happen. That is what really gave this book the creep factor for me. It was all so close to a situation that could take place at any time here or anywhere in the world. It was a breathtaking, sensational and gripping read that would not let me go, a real page-turner!

My only issue with this story was that I felt that there was more Maggie O’Dell than Ryder Creed and his pups in the story. I wanted the main protagonist to be Ryder Creed with Maggie swooping in to help him out like in the previous books. I hope that this is not a trend because I truly enjoy this series. If you enjoy thrillers with a biological component, then this is not a story you want to pass up. It will keep you on the edge of your seat and make you possibly just a bit paranoid about viruses that make the news.

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