Protecting You by Amanda Siegrist

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This review is based on a complimentary book I received from Amanda Siegrist, Author. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.

Protecting You by Amanda Siegrist Protecting You by Amanda Siegrist
Series: McCord Family #1
Also in this series:Deserving You
Also by this author: Escaping Memories, Merry Me, One Taste of You, One Taste of Love, The Danger With Love, One Taste of Crazy, Paint by Murder, Deserving You, Mistletoe Magic
Genres: Romance
Release Date: June 5, 2015
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Format: E-book
Source: Amanda Siegrist, Author
Pages: 280
ISBN: 1512303054
Purchase at: Amazon
Minx's Rating:
Heat Factor:two-half-flames

Ava Rainer is on the top of her game. Good life, good job, great friends—especially Detective Jimmy McCord. Not everyone appreciates their friendship, particularly Jimmy's brother Zane. He thinks she's there to tear his family apart, insisting Jimmy's meant to be home in Minnesota, not in New York. She met him once with no desire to meet again. She would do anything for Jimmy. She sadly found out he would do anything for her.

Tragedy strikes, leaving Ava under the depths of despair, struggling to climb her way out. Wishing that Jimmy were there to help her out of her turmoil, she finds herself face-to-face again with Zane in Minnesota. His anger towards her is worse than the last time. She doesn't blame him since he has every right to hate her.

But as the days go by, surprisingly, his attitude starts to change towards her. She discovers the only comfort to her pain comes from him, creating a connection so deep it frightens her. The way her body yearns for his is so wrong, yet feels so right. She can't seem to resist him as her heart begins to heal. Only problem is, he'll never step foot in New York. That's her home. If only she can forgive herself and create a new home, specifically with Zane, if he'll have her.


Charming, touching and tragic! What a great story this is. I flew through this book in no time. All the characters were unique and developed. The pacing was good from scene to scene. I loved the romance aspect. There were some sexy times but they were not the focus in this story. There are some transitions from present to past and they are well done. They really help to incorporate Jimmy’s character and build the story line.  The main plot is essentially about healing after tragedy strikes and opening ourselves to love in unexpected places.

I just loved the main characters Ava, Zane and Austin. I especially liked Zane, which is weird because he has a real rough side and can be a bit of a jerk. That is usually a big turn off for me but I think the author did a nice job of showing his motivations and tender side in such a way that I was able to understand that his crankiness stemmed from some maturity issues as well as his desire to keep his family safe and whole. I also think that Zane was the only character who actually developed.

One of the elements that endeared me to this story was the conflict between Zane and Ava regarding the farm animals being seen as pets or livestock. Essentially there was a conflict on to name or not to name. So cute! Also, there were many great emotional pulls all throughout this story that helped draw me into the characters.

With all that greatness, what was missing? The epilogue, give me an epilogue. I want a peek at their happily ever after! 😀 This is definitely a book that you want to get all sorts of comfy to read because you will not be able to stop reading once you start!

*Thank you to Author Amanda Siegrist for this complimentary copy of Protecting You*

About Amanda Siegrist

Author Amanda Siegrist

I am a romance enthusiast. I can’t pinpoint an exact time I really got into reading a good romance novel, but I can say I’ve always loved to read. There’s nothing better than grabbing a good book and immersing yourself into another world. I can read almost anything, but if I have a choice, it’s romance. I have a sappy heart that just loves two people meeting, going through the cycles of a relationship, and ultimately, falling in love. Give me a good book like that and I’m a happy camper:)

When I’m not trying to create a wonderful reading experience for you, I am enjoying my time with my children, my incredible husband, Will, and lovable dog, Curley! I hope you enjoy every story I create. I plan on continuing to write until I can’t write any more…which probably will be never! I will always have stories to write as the words never stop flowing through my head.

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