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This review is based on a complimentary book I received from Author, Jane Blythe. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.

Two by Jane Blythe Two by Jane Blythe
Series: Count to Ten #2
Also in this series:One, Three, Four, Five
Also by this author: One, Three, Charity's Wrath, Four, Mackenzie's Trust, Christmas Hostage, Five
Genres: Crime, Mystery
Release Date: July 26, 2016
Publisher: Bear Spots Publications
Format: E-book
Source: Author, Jane Blythe
Pages: 282
ISBN: 0992418089
Purchase at: Amazon
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Before the sun rises, another will fall.

When Brooke Mariano is found murdered on the grounds of the powerful Everette family’s estate, it looks at first as though she may have been killed in order to keep the paternity of her unborn child a secret.

However, when another member of the Everette family turns up dead each night, it quickly becomes a race against time as Detective Ryan Xander and his partner try to discover which member of the family is the killer before the entire clan wind up dead.

Ryan’s only inroad to the secretive family is Sofia Everette. Shunned by her father for her refusals to obey him, and battling a mysterious illness, Sofia’s childhood dreams may be the key to saving her life and stopping the killer from exterminating the entire Everette family.


Author Jane Blythe writes a dark crime thriller that tells a twisted story of apathy, degradation and crime that should only take place in our nightmares. It was brutal and told with such conviction that it left me feeling disturbed at times. This is a story that makes the idea of “keep it secret, keep it safe” appalling.

From the start of the book I was engrossed and also grossed out! I love how the Author is very detailed about the crime scenes. She remembers to add the little things that we would not think of but make the scene more alive, lol, even if it is actually victims of the crime who are no longer living.

Every character both main and supporting all have backstories. You will find yourself either loving or hating each one. They all add to the overall plot and when some of them meet an untimely demise you are just a wee bit emotionally invested so it makes it more engaging. There is a wonderful element of psychological terror in this plot. The main protagonist, Sofia, has been plagued by nightmares since she was a child. She has been convinced by her father that they are just dreams but there is much more to the story. There are layers of family secrets in this book and with the unveiling of each secret you think that the next one cannot be as bad, but it is that bad or worse. It really propels the story along.

There is a romance angle in this story. There is a backstory to the romance so it is not an insta-love situation. There are no sexy times, it is just a nice I like you, you like me let’s see where this goes. I felt in this book that the romance was a bit more realistic than in the last book. With that said I will say that there is no connection between the books and it can be read as a standalone.

If you are expecting a mystery as to who the killer is with an unexpected reveal at the end…well just do not expect that. About halfway through this story the killer is revealed and for most mystery readers that would be a disappointment but for me it was not. What kept me reading was what the hell was the killer’s motivation? That kept me guessing until the very end. As the plot was exposed layer after layer I just felt myself wanting to know why, why, why? I did find out why and it was a stomach turner. I highly recommend that you give this book a try.

*Thank you to Author Jane Blythe for this complimentary copy of Two*

About Jane Blythe

Author Jane Blythe

Jane has loved reading and writing since she can remember. She writes dark and disturbing crime/mystery/suspense with some romance thrown in because, well, who doesn’t love romance? She has one completed series, Detective Parker Bell, and one new series, Count to Ten.

When she’s not writing Jane loves to read, anything romantic suspensey; bake, anything chocolatey; go to the beach, ski, horse ride, and watch Disney movies. She has a black belt in Taekwondo, and a 200+ collection of teddy bears. She has the world’s two most sweet and pretty Dalmatians, Ivory and Pearl. Her favourite colours are pink and yellow. Oh and she also enjoys spending time with family and friends!

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