Love Literary Style by Karin Gillespie

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This review is based on a complimentary book I received from Author, Karin Gillespie. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.

Love Literary Style by Karin Gillespie Love Literary Style by Karin Gillespie
Genres: Humor, Romance, Womens Fiction
Release Date: November 8, 2016
Publisher: Henery Press
Format: E-book
Source: Author, Karin Gillespie
Pages: 280
ISBN: 1635110858
Purchase at: Amazon
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They say opposites attract, and what could be more opposite than a stuffy literary writer falling in love with a self-published romance writer?
Meet novelist Aaron Mite. He lives in a flea-infested rented alcove, and his girlfriend Emma, a combative bookstore owner, has just dumped him. He meets Laurie Lee at a writers’ colony and mistakenly believes her to be a renowned writer of important fiction. When he discovers she’s a self-published romance author, he’s already fallen in love with her.

Aaron thinks genre fiction is an affront to the fiction-writing craft. He likes to quotes the essayist, Arthur Krystal who claims literary fiction “melts the frozen sea inside of us.” Ironically Aaron doesn’t seem to realize that, despite his lofty literary aspirations, he’s emotionally frozen, due, in part, to a childhood tragedy. The vivacious Laurie, lover of flamingo-patterned attire and all things hot pink, is the one person who might be capable of melting him.

Their relationship is initially made in literary heaven but when Aaron loses his contract with a prestigious press, and Laurie’s novel is optioned by a major film studio, the differences in their literary sensibilities and temperaments drive them apart.

In a clumsy attempt to win Laurie back, Aaron employs the tropes of romance novels. Too late. She’s already taken up with Ross, a prolific author of Nicholas Sparks-like love stories. Initially Laurie is more comfortable with the slick and superficial Ross, but circumstances force her to go deeper with her writing and confront a painful past. Maybe Aaron and Laurie have more in common than they imagined.
In the tradition of the Rosie Project, Love Literary Style is a sparkling romantic comedy which pokes fun at the divide between so-called low and high brow fiction.


Entertaining, romantic and an emotional delight. I wanted to read this book because the idea of a literary author and an inexperience romance author coming together sounded like a train wreck in the making and I was curious to see how the author would make this work. Turns out that I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story. Ms. Gillespie did a fantastic job of bringing these two worlds together.

Laurie Lee is an independent author who is also attending school to become a nail technician. Her motivation for writing comes from her love of watching romantic comedies on television and reading of light-hearted romantic novels. She is written in a very stereotypical fashion and that works because when people see Laurie they do not see past her beautiful exterior. There is more to her than meets the eye but when we first meet Laurie even she is unaware of her potential.

Aaron Mite is a cynical adjunct college professor who dreams of being a literary novelist. His father is a renowned literary critic and Aaron has lived in his shadow all his life. His greatest desire is to be respected for his work and not to receive any favors or special consideration due to his father’s fame. He is also the epitome of a literary snob who believes that genre fiction is a complete joke.

Both main characters’ greatest desires are to be taken seriously for their work and to achieve a publication contract. Although, that is not what brings them together. It is actually a case of mistaken identity that has gone horribly right. The juxtaposition of these two authors literary styles was most enjoyable.

This book will resound with struggling author’s everywhere. I love that Ms. Gillespie wrote into the story a bit about the publishing and marketing elements for authors. The parts about Laurie’s discouragement over her blog readership and WordPress stats rang very true as well as the fact that as an independent author it can take a while to get her name out there and she needed to stay positive.

What else did I enjoy? The supporting characters. Every one of them added depth to the story for good and for bad. My favorite one was Bernie Fields. If I was ever an author this is who I would wish for as an agent. His character also delivered one of my favorite quotes:

“Guys like that are always womanizers. Hell, if I looked like him, I’d be a womanizer too. Lucky for my wife, I look like a Brillo pad with legs and a mustache.”

That visual is just hilarious. This is a romantic comedy and you should expect some insta-love, sexy times and a small little love triangle. Oh my gosh, Aaron’s response to a rival was the most hilarious scene ever and I loved it! So great!! This is a HEA (happily ever after) but the road to that HEA is paved with self-realization, heartbreak, betrayal, and self-growth at the cost of prideful assumptions. I highly recommend that you find this book and read it!

*Thank you to Author Karin Gillespie for this complimentary copy of Love Literary Style*


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