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This review is based on a complimentary book I received from Amanda Siegrist, Author. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.

Merry Me by Amanda Siegrist Merry Me by Amanda Siegrist
Series: A Holiday Romance Novel #1
Also in this series:Mistletoe Magic
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Genres: Humor, Romance, Womens Fiction
Release Date: December 1, 2016
Publisher: Amanda Siegrist
Format: ARC, E-book
Source: Amanda Siegrist, Author
Pages: 250
Purchase at: Amazon
Minx's Rating:
Heat Factor:two-half-flames

Chief Elliot Duncan hasn't enjoyed Christmas since his mother passed away three years ago. She always managed to make each day, from the start of December to Christmas morning, a special one. When an unmarked gift lands on his doorstep, an elegant card attached with such Christmas wisdom, it touches his heart. But a sudden compulsion to find the owner and promptly return the gift consumes him. He never imagined searching for the owner would lead him to an amazing single mother with a delightful seven-year-old little girl.

Lynn Carpenter is a vision of beauty, and she loves Christmas. Wanting a woman who loves Christmas is just wrong. Yet, he can't stay away from her. As Christmas approaches, Lynn manages to make the holiday pleasant for once. Apprehension fills his soul that she'll hate him for lying, keeping the gift a secret. She's a proud woman. He knows she won't like him trying to give it back. The only thing he wants for Christmas is her heart.

Note: This is a standalone novel meant to fill your heart with the holiday spirit.


Charming, poignant and a real page turner! First off I just love the title. Great word play and it is an adorable book. This a sweet little Christmas love story that also has elements of anger, loss, romance, humor and lust. Just an all over feel good story that keeps you entertained from start to finish.

Lynn’s character was written as a woman who is trying to make ends meet but is not bitter with her life circumstances. When you learn her background story it is bittersweet. I love that she is written as a bit insecure due to her place in life but she does not let her insecurities, when faced with a situation that would make most women see red, make her lose her common sense and doubt everything. Loved that!

Elliot’s character has issues with Christmas because he misses his mom but trust me he is not written as a whiny momma’s boy. He is a strong, loyal and likable character. I love how he was so focused on finding out who gave him the unmarked gift that he found on the porch. I enjoyed how the connection was made and that it gave him the lightbulb moment where he figured out who had indeed given him the present. He might start the story off as a real scrooge but as the it progresses he finds true happiness and works hard to keep things together.

Both protagonists are well rounded and the supporting characters add enough interest to the story to make it heartwarming but the book is truly about the relationship between Elliot and Lynn. The story has well developed ideas with nicely tied together subplots. Also, this might be a romantic novel intended to put you in the holiday spirit but it is not without some sexy times. The romance is definitely there and not only is it steamy but there is also some humor surrounding their attraction to each other.

Was there anything I would add? During a sex scene, there is a condom in play but then the story does not discuss disposal of it. Then when they had more sexy times there was no mention of protection, so it’s assumed they are using more? If a subject is introduced I do expect it to be brought to a conclusion. Now if they had a conversation about her already being on birth control and they were both consenting to no secondary protection then no issues for me but to have it brought into play and never mentioned again caught my attention. It is a minor point to the overall story and most people probably would not even notice.

I adored this story and I flew through it in no time at all. Such a cute Christmas novel but no worries this story has plenty of romance, humor and drama to entertain one and all. I highly recommend taking time this book during this hectic season!

*Thank you to Author Amanda Seigrist for this eARC of Merry Me*


About Amanda Siegrist

Author Amanda Siegrist

I am a romance enthusiast. I can’t pinpoint an exact time I really got into reading a good romance novel, but I can say I’ve always loved to read. There’s nothing better than grabbing a good book and immersing yourself into another world. I can read almost anything, but if I have a choice, it’s romance. I have a sappy heart that just loves two people meeting, going through the cycles of a relationship, and ultimately, falling in love. Give me a good book like that and I’m a happy camper:)

When I’m not trying to create a wonderful reading experience for you, I am enjoying my time with my children, my incredible husband, Will, and lovable dog, Curley! I hope you enjoy every story I create. I plan on continuing to write until I can’t write any more…which probably will be never! I will always have stories to write as the words never stop flowing through my head.

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