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Thanksgiving Day 2016. The Genre Minx Book Reviews

Today in the United States we are celebrating Thanksgiving Day. It is supposed to be a day were we take a moment to consider all that we are grateful for and spend time with our families.

I did want to take a moment and say that I am truly grateful for all followers and visitors of this blog! You guys are truly the best! If you are in the U.S.A. Happy Thanksgiving, don’t go into a turkey coma! For everyone else out there I hope you have an amazing day!

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I thought what better way to spend some time today than checking out some mini-reviews from the month of October. I once again broke the books up into categories. I am really looking forward to next month’s wrap up because I am actually going to be able to have a TBR listing for the month as the Wobble Challenge has finally ended over at Goodreads. So now I am actually raising up my head and looking at what books have come out recently or are coming out and starting to compile a list of books to be read.

During the challenge there was no piling up of anything. I had to read everything I could get my little hands on. I started the challenge on June 17, 2016 and ended on November 07, 2016 and during that time I read 355 books!! Just reading one book a day seems too slow to me now. I hope to recover soon, lol. No more having to read for a challenge, no more title relays, and no more trying to find the right colored cover. It has been weird being able to actually read whatever I want when I want to read it. Anyhow are you wondering how we did?  Our team placed 5th place out of 24 teams, seriously that is pretty awesome!!

Now on to the Mini-Reviews:

Juvenile Fiction:



Four stars! This was great story full of action, mystery, and humor. After I got over my whole, they are just children feeling I rather enjoyed reading this book. Anthony Lockwood is just a wonderful character although for whatever reason Lucy reminded me of Hermione Granger. Probably because she is always trying to be the voice of reason, ha ha ha. Very good read for juvenile fiction! I was surprised about how much I really enjoyed this story.











Four Stars! In fact I enjoyed the previous book so much that I had to continue with the series. What I like it that there is that the sub-plots are just as enjoying as the overall plot and when woven together make for a great read. The characters have not really grown any but it is juvenile fiction so I was not expecting much in that area. It is the action that I truly enjoy. The ghosts, rapiers, mysteries and rivals make it all the more interesting.







Historical Romance:



Four Stars! This is the third in the series and Sarah finally got what she wanted! I do enjoy this series. It was more than just a light romance. There were plenty of dark elements as well. I am curious to see how the author will continue the series? There was much discussion regarding Hugh’s brother?? I wonder if he will ever be the focus of a book? Anyhow it was a good read!













Four Stars! This was a really nice story and romance. The Sexy Times were not over the top and the sub-plot kept me engaged. I wanted to know what the hell was behind the locked door!! Seriously like 19 chapters and I am still trying to figure out what was behind the locked door and why he could not get married? I loved it!













Four Stars! This was lovely! I loved this story about friendship. Marie is just a wonderful and sparkling character with a larger than life personality. Her group of friends are very entertaining and it was nice to read a contemporary book where her love interest doesn’t end up actually screwing her over. It is an easy read and it has a very satisfying ending!












Three Stars! I love the idea of everyone finding their Mr. Darcy and I liked the pretense of this book that the main protagonist was so fixated on the idea of Mr. Darcy that no one could ever live up to her fantasy. In order to shake off that vicious cycle Jane decided to go all in and play out her fantasy to get it out of her system so that she could join the real world. It was really cute, I just had a hard time with the whole pretense of “play acting” the fantasy. It seemed ridiculous to me. I enjoyed the story and highly recommend.






Shape Shifters:



Three Stars! I like stories that involve shapeshifters and this story offered that but there was very little character development. There was almost no depth to the story as well. There was a bit of good romance but just when things became interesting the story ended. I think that this would have been a fabulous story if it had been developed more.











Three Stars! This is a book in the Blue Moon Saloon series and was a direct continuation with the story of Todd who was really f-ed over in the previous book on many levels. Honestly in this book he mostly is getting the short end of the stick and there is a major plot point that I just had issues with. Sigh, with that said I did really enjoy the story. I liked Anna and her affect on Todd. In the end I was very satisfied and happy for Todd. About time for that guy! 😀












Three Stars! I did like this story. For me it started out great(ish), not exactly the greatest fan of her coping mechanisms, the middle was wah, wah, wah for me, then it all came together at the end. I liked the characters, the story was unusual and I enjoyed it, and I did emotionally connect with a few of the characters. Overall nice way to spend my time.









Three Stars! This was a dystopian fantasy where the Fae are not revered and are treated more with disdain than admiration. At the bottom of that heap is Sam as she is a Void. A half-fae who can take the magical properties from another super natural which makes her very unpopular within the supernatural community. I really enjoyed the story and how we see Sam’s plight within her community. It definitely made me mad for her. I did not like how she was treated and I am hoping that her dad gets a dose of his abuse in the next installment in the series. I also liked the set up between Sam and a mysterious Mage who seems to call to her. Although with how things were left at the end I am not sure if there is going to be anything positive to develop between them.




Well that is the end of my October 2016 mini-reviews. Stay tuned for my November monthly wrap-up and December TBR!

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