Unfathomable Chance by K.T. Munson

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This review is based on a complimentary book I received from Author, K.T. Munson. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.

Unfathomable Chance by K.T. Munson Unfathomable Chance by K.T. Munson
Also by this author: The Gate Guardian's Daughter, The Sixth Gate
Genres: Fantasy
Release Date: September 30, 2016
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Format: E-book
Source: Author, K.T. Munson
Pages: 194
ISBN: 1537158457
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When Diana woke up on her 23rd birthday she thought it was going to be a normal day. She thought of donuts, coffee, and laughter. She did not think she was going to become the center in a galactic race to win her heart. None too pleased with the prospect of alien races descending on Earth to try and woo her, Diana does the only reasonable thing she can; she runs. Now she has to try and find a way to get rid of the blasted bracelet that is the cause of all the recent craziness in her life. The problem is this isn't an ordinary bracelet; it contains the Heart of the Cosmos. Furthermore the Cosmos chose her for a reason and it isn't keen on letting her go until she finishes what it started over ten years ago. Something tried to destroy it and now Diana isn't just worried about her heart, she is worried about her life.


What a hilarious novel! This is a fun and intriguing story set in a diverse universe. I love reading comic science fiction and I don’t mean comics, 😉 comic science fiction is a sub-genre of soft science fiction, it is also known as comedy science fiction. This story has much humor as well as extraterrestrial creatures, space travel, interstellar politics, assassinations, and romance.

There is a great backstory on Diana Williams that tells the tale on how she came to be the wearer of the bracelet that contains the Heart of the Cosmos. It is this entity which resides within the bracelet that chooses the future Empress of the Universe. When one Empress dies the bracelet will search the cosmos and find a new bearer of the bracelet. Unfortunately, in this story being chosen by the Heart of the Cosmos is not enough, the chosen must also take a mate of their choosing in order to become the Empress of the Universe.

“You’re telling me aliens are converging on Earth in some cosmic race to see who can get me laid?” Diana asked in an unbelieving tone. “If by “laid” you mean convince you to marry him or her and bear his or her offspring as you rule the universe,” the talking cat said, “then, by all means, expect to be thoroughly laid.”

Diana is a fantastic character who steps outside the typical swoony female. She had a life planned and when she was confronted with the idea that she was to become an Empress to rule the universe she did not welcome the idea with open arms. In fact, she kept focused on the goal of doing whatever it took to have the life that she would choose for herself. I love that! Most characters would be written that they have the whole world and go along with the plans that others have for them. Not Diana, she kicks that mantra in the teeth!

“You have slept long enough,” Kal Zed said, tugging at the blankets. “No,” she moaned, rolling over and pulling the blankets up. “The blankets have accepted me as one of their own. I don’t want to leave and ruin the trust we have built.”

Kal Zed the Catorian, honestly talking cats who cannot love this?? I love this character; he is by far my favorite. I love the idea that cats on earth are actually displaced aliens. I wouldn’t doubt that for one minute, cats can definitely act unnatural to this world. If you have ever had a cat you know what I am talking about. Kal Zed has been appointed as guardian to Diana, he is responsible for her safety as well as advising her in the process of choosing a mate to rule beside her. He tries to come off as indifferent but again and again he shows that his loyalty is to Diana.

There is a bit of a smoldering romance between Diana and sexy alien Dimar but it takes a backseat to the story in this book. When Diana is being sought out by all beings of both sexes she finds it hard to know who to trust. Dimar is no exception to this. He wants Diana but he also has an ulterior motive and that motive is what overrides his romancing of her. I liked that! As far as love interests go he is written well but I love Jacrifcar of the house of Grithli! He was always honest with his intentions, was there for Diana whenever she needed him and he is an assassin, so what if he was like a leprechaun, he was awesome! Loved his character!

I could go on and on about all the characters in this story. Every single one is interesting and adds to the story. What did I not like about this story? Although the story was fantastical it felt rushed, a bit underdeveloped in areas and the ending was anticlimactic. I wanted more from the ending! Would I recommend this novel? Yes, hands down every time. It was a most enjoyable read that kept me entertained and laughing out loud!

*Thank you to Author K.T. Munson for this complimentary copy of Unfathomable Chance*

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