Terrific Tuesday: Two Can Play by Kate Kessler, Publishing November 08, 2016

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Heeeelllllo on this Terrific Tuesday! I read the first book in the Audrey Harte series, It Takes One, and it was a fantastic read! If you are interested you can read my review here. I am really excited about seeing where this series goes with the newest installment, Two Can Play!

Two Can Play by Kate KesslerPraise:

Two Can Play is the second book in a new thriller series where a criminal psychologist uses her own dark past to help law enforcement catch dangerous killers.


Halloween is approaching, and criminal psychologist Audrey Harte has been hired by the prosecution to help prepare for the trial of 19-year-old serial killer Ian “Boy Scout” Monroe. His one surviving victim, Tori Scott, is the star witness, but when someone begins killing with Monroe’s M.O., the authorities — and Audrey — begin to wonder if Monroe had a partner. Keeping Tori safe is the main concern, but Audrey has also attracted the copy-cat’s attention.

Audrey is drawn into a dangerous game of cat and mouse, and when someone close to her is abducted by the killer, Audrey has no choice but to play…

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About the Author


Kate Kessler is a former juvenile delinquent who grew up in a north-east rural town where sorrows and celebrations are shared, and secrets are hard to keep — especially if they belong to someone else.

She began reading Nancy Drew mysteries and graduated to Sidney Sheldon’s intrigue-fueled thrillers by age eleven. She was writing her own books by age 12.

A peculiar addiction to soap operas at a young age, and an overblown sense of curiosity often resulted in landing her in trouble, an affliction that continued into her teens.

These days, however, she prefers to write about trouble rather than jump head first into it. Kate also spends far too much time trying to figure out why people do the things they do, and shopping for shoes.

She lives in New England with her patient and supportive husband and four cats, who provide all the external drama her life needs.

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If you are looking for more information you can go to the author’s website or follow her on Twitter.

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