Wrap-Up for October 2016

Posted November 5, 2016 by Minx

If you have been following this blog for any amount of time you know that I have been reading books at a heavy rate. I have survived another month of the Wobble Challenge over at Goodreads. We are finally in the last segment of the challenge, Emerge the Victor. In the home stretch and I am so glad for the end to be in sight.

I never realize until I put together this post exactly how many books I have read. I know it was a lot this month because my reviews for books that do not make this blog have dwindled to about three sentences, lol, or no review at all above rating with stars. My main strategy during this challenge is to read books under 200 pages. The challenge rules state that all books have to be above 100 pages, so reading short books allow me to read many books.

With that said I bet you are a bit curious how many books I read this month? I could not believe it but I read an even 100 books! I had no idea, lol, but my family did:


The Genre Minx Book Reviews


The challenge is over on November 07, 2016 from what I hear so next month the post will be tiny. So were there any 5 star books in the month of October? No, there was not. I read a bunch of zombie books and a bunch of everything else. If you are interested in a book click on the cover and you will be directed to its page on Goodreads.

zom-b-city-by-darren-shan zom-b-clans-by-darren-shan zom-b-gladiator-by-darren-shan zom-b-underground-by-darren-shan zom-b-by-darren-shan zom-b-baby-by-darren-shan zom-b-angels-by-darren-shan wicked-charms-by-janet-evanovich-and-phoef-sutton witches-of-crytal-cove-murder-most-faoul-by-emma-watts when-a-scot-ties-the-knot-by-tessa-dare wicked-business-by-janet-evanovich twice-bitten-by-chloe-neill Unfathomable Chance by K.T. Munson the-ugly-teapot-by-fred-holmes shadowed-souls-edited-by-jim-butcher-and-kerrie-l-hughes One by Jane Blythe escaping-memories-by-amanda-siegrist the-bone-witch-by-rin-chupeco  the-hunger-pains-by-chelsea-field Mind Waves by Amanda Uhl transformation-by-cristina-rayne to-marry-a-scottish-laird-by-lynsay-sands the-whispering-skull-by-jonathan-stroud the-sum-of-all-kisses-by-julia-quinn the-unwilling-adventurer-by-heidi-willard the-vampires-partner-by-jordan-k-rose
the-viscount-who-loved-me-by-julia-quinn the-space-between-us-by-leah-atwood the-skeleton-takes-a-bow-by-leigh-perry the-screaming-staircase-by-jonathan-stroud the-shock-of-night-by-patrick-w-carr the-lost-duke-of-wyndham-by-julia-quinn the-outcast-by-kathryn-lasky the-lightning-thief-by-rick-riordan the-husband-hunt-by-lynsay-sands the-husband-list-by-janet-evanovich the-last-battle-by-c-s-lewis the-duchess-of-love-by-sally-mackenzie the-fourth-side-of-the-triangle-by-ellery-quenn the-diamond-of-darkhold-by-jeanne-duprau storm-on-the-horizon-by-meredith-bond takedown-twenty-by-janet-evanovich say-yes-to-the-marquess-by-tessa-dare softly-at-sunrise-by-maya-banks split-image-by-robert-b-parker salvation-by-anna-lowe one-pink-rose-by-julie-garwood reckoning-by-jeaniene-frost redemption-by-anna-lowe night-and-day-by-robert-b-parker of-triton-by-anna-banks moonborn-by-marina-finlayson miss-kanes-christmas-by-caroline-mickelson live-wire-by-amber-lynn-natusch lock-and-key-by-sarah-dessen love-in-a-nutshell-by-janet-evanovich lean-mean-thirteen-by-janet-evanovich knitting-bones-by-monica-ferris killing-the-blues-by-michael-brandman hot-six-by-janet-evanovich inkheart-by-cornelia-funke just-like-heaven-by-julia-quinn holes-by-louis-sachar her-vampires-promise-by-jordan-k-rose happily-never-after-by-jeaniene-frost fit-to-be-tied-by-elizabeth-cameron foul-play-by-steffie-hall frost-burned-by-patricia-briggs fang-by-james-patterson diamonds-are-forever-by-ian-fleming dreams-on-ice-by-beverly-lewis emily-windsnap-and-the-sirens-secret devil-to-pay-by-jeaniene-frost dark-gold-by-christine-feehan cornered-magic-by-charissa-dufour brians-return-by-gary-paulsen beck-and-call-by-jennifer-peel  becoming-of-a-vampire-by-martha-woods black-heart-by-holly-black because-of-miss-bridgerton-by-julia-quinn austenland-by-shannon-hale angel-time-by-anne-rice any-dutchess-will-do-by-tessa-dare a-crooked-kind-of-perfect-by-linda-urban a-war-of-gifts-by-orson-scott-card absent-hero-by-z-t-burian 9th-judgement-by-james-patterson Broken Bits by Kel O'Connor Unraveling the Earl by Lynne Baron Leopards Fury by Christine Feehan The Shattered Vigil by Patrick W. Carr Once Bitten, Twice Die by Antony J. Stanton Curse on the Land by Faith Hunter  The Wave at Hanging Rock by Gregg Dunnett Sin City by Jennifer Samson

the-burning-isle-by-will-panzo  my-kind-of-perfect-by-hannah-ellis

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