Mini-Reviews from September 2016 Wrap-Up

Posted October 15, 2016 by Minx

September was another good month for me! I read many books in genre’s that I would normally not read and I enjoyed the expansion of my horizons for the most part. Below you will find a few mini-reviews on books that I think you would enjoy reading or at least give you something to think about if you are choosing to read it.


the-storied-life-of-a-j-fikry-by-gabrrielle-zevin“Why is any one book different from any other book? They are different, A.J. decides, because they are. We have to look inside many. We have to believe. We agree to be disappointed sometimes so that we can be exhilarated every now and again.”

Four Stars! Don’t you just love that quote? I loved it! I read this book for the book reading challenge and I did not go into it thinking that I would enjoy it as much as I did. The story grew on me as it went on and there were a few emotional highs and lows, lots of humor, and overall it was just an adorable story. I highly recommend!




Two Stars. This was a cute story but it was entirely predictable from the start to the end. It was very hard for me to enjoy. It did have a satisfying ending and could be attractive to readers who enjoy cutesy romantic reads.








louisianna-longshot-by-jana-deleonFour Stars for this one. Oh my this was such an entertaining story! I love the story, there was so much humor in it. The main character Fortune is written in such a witty way and I also enjoyed the deputy very much. The Sinful Ladies are a hoot.

As far as the mystery went there was a boat load of misdirections with an absolute “who done it?” type of feel. The author did a great job with a red herring and although the storyline was over the top it was an enjoyable read. Great series starter! I did not think I was going to enjoy this story as much as I did and I am looking forward to continuing the series.






Four Stars! This was a super cute start to a series! It had many great one-liners. I liked how the author handled the whole skeleton as a part of the family. There was a great amount of humor and great dialogue in this book. It kept me entertained through the entire story. The mystery was unique and written very well. Great Read!!!









Two stars. I read this for a book challenge, needed a book with “hand basket” in text of the story. Erotica novels are usually not for me. This story just did not have enough of a plot or character development to make it interesting.








Four Stars! This was another musician book read for the challenge but not for the genre of music, lol, but for the title word of “mine.” It was an easy read loaded with sexy times and a little humor. Jumped around a lot and sub plots were left undone (at least in this story, maybe it continues in the next one?). Won’t be continuing with the series but I did read it in one sitting because it kept me engaged.







Four Stars! I loved this newest installment in this series! I think the addition of Beep is super cute. There was as many twists and turns as I would come to expect in a Charley Davidson novel and I found Reyes to be a completely charming character this time around. In the end my heart was ripped out for Charlie and I hope that their time on sacred ground is therapeutic for her and that they are able to bring justice for her family member in the next book.






wicked-as-they-come-by-delilah-s-dawsonThree Stars. I was so eager for to read this book, it seemed like a cool concept. I liked it but I wish that the characters had been set up differently. Criminy Stain is supposedly a wicked man but he was not at all. If you are going to call someone wicked then let his character be wicked before turning him into a love struck fool. Just not enough of a backstory for me to convince me of his wickedness. So the image that the author was trying to paint him in did not match up for me. As a character I really did like him. Tish as a character was also not very convincing. She wakes up in a new world thinking she is dreaming.I get that she wouldn’t be too worried but as time goes on and she is realizing that she is indeed in another world I don’t feel that her passion for all that she loves on Earth is real. She lacks the passion about getting back, she talks the talk but I just do not feel that as written that her desire to go back comes through.

Sang as a world is a bit dark and disgusting but it is at the very least interesting. The plot is very cool and I liked the characters in this story. I do not think I will reading on in this series though.

Well that is the end of my September 2016 mini-reviews. Stay tuned for my October monthly wrap-up!

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