Omega Rising by Anna Kyle

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This review is based on a complimentary book I received from Anna Kyle, Author. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.

Omega Rising by Anna Kyle Omega Rising by Anna Kyle
Series: Wolf King #1
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
Release Date: March 27, 2016
Publisher: World Weaver Press
Format: E-book
Source: Anna Kyle, Author
Pages: 284
ISBN: 0692669507
Purchase at: Amazon
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Cass Nolan has been forced to avoid the burn of human touch for her whole life, drawing comfort instead from her dreams of a silver wolf-her protector, her friend. When her stalking nightmares return, her imaginary dead sister's ghost tells her to run, Cass knows she should listen, but the sinfully hot stranger she just hired to work on her ranch has her mind buzzing with possibilities. Not only does her skin accept Nathan's touch, it demands it. Cass must make a decision-run again and hope she saves the people who have become her family, or stand and fight. Question is, will it be with Nathan or against him? Nathan Rivers' life is consumed by his quest to find the Omega wolf responsible for killing his brother, but when the trail leads him to Cass and her merry band of shapeshifters, his wolf wants only to claim her for himself. When evidence begins piling up that Cass is the Omega he's been seeking, things become complicated-especially since someone else wants her dead. Saving her life might mean sacrificing his own, but it may be worth it to save the woman he can't keep from reaching for.


A truly inspired world development with such attention to the characters! Even the supporting characters were fleshed out and given a truly meaningful part. The story is about shape-shifters, referred to as Joined, and they come from all different walks of life and even religious practices. There are also witches, humans and fae in the mix. This is not just a simple boy meets girl fantasy. There is a complex, prophetic, and detailed story that has so many elements that all readers would find something memorable between its covers.

Cass Nolan is the star of this book for me and her affliction is so unusual that at first I was pessimistic that the whole “burn of human touch” idea would work but with the way it is written, it totally works. Since Cass is unable to withstand more than a few seconds of contact with anyone otherwise she actually burns and blisters from their touch she is very disciplined in her “no touch” policy. That is until she meets Nathan Rivers.

“What the hell was wrong with her? He’d said something about asking her some questions before she clearly freaked him out by trying to molest his face. Super. Probably just freaked out a potential customer.”

Nathan Rivers just showed up one day to inquire about job and unfortunately for Cass it flipped her world upside down. That entire scene is just hilarious! She is a complete hot mess and she keeps trying to touch his face, all subconsciously, which is humorous because she has avoided the touch of others for so long. So very funny! Nathan appears very closed off and unapproachable but as Cass just lost an employee she is desperate for the help on the horse farm and she hires him for the day. Of course she really just wants to “get it on” with Nathan.

Cass as a character is witty, fiery, compassionate and, my favorite, sarcastic. I love the interaction that her character has between her and her employees. The dialogue is full of snarky banter, respect, and a sense of belonging. She seems like she cannot do anything without help from the others but as the story plays out we find that she is actually the glue that holds the farm and her employees together. Speaking of employees, they all have a secret of their own and it is actually really exciting.

“You know, Robin isn’t supposed to throw Batman over his shoulder.” He jerked his head up, incredulous. “I’m Robin?”

So we have the joined, a prophecy, crazed killings, and what else? Hmmm, feels like I am forgetting something…oh yeah, the romance. Yes, there are Sexy Times happening in this story between Cass and Nathan. It does not come easy and it is not the entire plot, which is nice. What I really did like about the romance angle was that although Cass and Nathan fought the attraction tooth and nail once Cass was committed to the attraction she did not let his reluctance to accept it bother her. I really liked that about her character. She was like “I am gonna love you despite yourself and when you are ready to put your big boy pants on I will be right here.” She did not do the girl thing where she was insecure and wrung her hands over did he want her or not. It was refreshing.

What did I like? Well besides everything I have already discussed, the alternating points of view between Cass and Nathan. All too often we get the story from one side or third person but in this story we get the inner thoughts and feelings of both Cass and Nathan. For me that adds depth to the characters and makes the story more enjoyable.

What did I not like? When you first start off reading this book you find yourself a bit confused by all the characters and races that make up the world that was developed. There is a lot to follow and you will need to really pay attention because there are no “filler” details. Every detail is used and built upon later on in the story. Once you get it all straight in your head though it is very easy to fall into this world and enjoy every minute.

What a great series starter! There are so many wonderful things about this story that it would just make this review too long or be full of spoilers to discuss them. 😉 I recommend this book highly to fans of paranormal romance, fantasy, and just plain romance! It was a good read.

*Thank you to LibraryThing and World Weaver Press for this complimentary copy of Omega Rising*

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