Mini-Reviews from August 2016 Wrap-Up

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August was a good month for me. I read a few books that I found to be great reads! There were also some really bad reads. Since there was a lot to choose from this list I decided to separate it by categories/genre.


The In-Betweener by Ann Christy


I gave this one a 4 stars. This story was heart breaking! The time transitions are done well and the story itself is believable in the world that the author built. If you are looking for a good sci-fi read that has zombies and end of world realities then this is a book for you.






Lipstick & Zombies by Faith McKay

I gave this one 3 stars. What I thought it was going to be: 5 girls who were going to be working together to kill zombies and looking fabulous while doing it.

What it was: 5 girls brought together to make a pop group for the purpose of propaganda. The man needed more teenagers to fight the zombies and they were trying to use marketing and teen idol worship to make that happen.

This story is told from the different point of views from characters. Also switches to narrator style with news reporters reporting in on the progress of the rounds the potential Divas must go through to be chosen.

Round 1: looks
Round 2: what do you bring to the table
Round 3: Zombie killing time

Once a diva, things did not turn out according to their plans. I did find the writing to be realistic. I could imagine all the dialogue taking place in a realistic setting. It was entertaining but really not for me. I was hoping for more of a gritty zombie killing hear me roar, while looking fabulous and singing on key.

Historical Romance:

To Each His Own by Anna Albergucci


4 stars for this one. The creativity of this story was amazing! I loved the premise and the romance was nice. The villain was a disgusting pervert and I really had a hard time accepting that situation. Kinda just ruined it for me but it was still wonderfully written.






Out of the Storm by Jody Hedlund


3 stars. This was a sweet little novella. Not much in the way of a story and the plot twists were more like a plot bend. The characters were pretty one-dimensional with a little character growth from the male protagonist. It was a pleasant way to pass the time and if you pick this up you will not regret it.






Contemporary Romance:

Blue Streak by Jules Barnard4 stars! This was a novella and I really liked how it was written. It’s scope was very narrow but the two main characters that it did include were well done. I felt the struggle that the male protagonist went through and I love that although he had made many bad choices he was aware of them and had a deep underlying reasoning. The female protagonist was written realistically. I feel that when a woman is truly interesting in a man that she can be a bit crazy especially when there are barriers (friendship) in the way and that the usual route of attraction is muddied. I really enjoy this book! It has sexy times people, just letting you know.



Halloween Kisses by Susan R. Hughes


This one for some reason I missed on my August Wrap-Up but I wanted to include it because it was a 5 star for me. This was a great story about a shy girl wanting what she thinks she can not have but if she could only go for what wants maybe she’d be surprised. I found it to be a fast and easy read with lots of charm.





Science Fiction:

4 stars and to say that I enjoyed this book would be an understatement.

“It was a party on an alien planet in a galaxy far, far away.”

Girl Gone Nova by Pauline Baird JonesHow can I not love this story if this is how it starts out?? Humanoid aliens, commandos on a mission to leave no man behind, councils in bed together to tear down leaders on both sides. One person, the chameleon, sent to do the impossible. Wow! Sign me up for part 2!

I became more intrigued as the story went on and the end was an almost near assurance that I would have to continue reading this story…oh yeah not to mention there is an alien lusting for the chameleon who was sent to…hmmmm…oh yes! Very awesome story. You must read it!



Thief of Hearts by Lucy Varna4 stars! I did not know what to expect from this story but I thoroughly enjoyed it! I liked how the story started out with two strong female characters but with the male characters being from a tribe that was rumored to steal brides I was not so sure I was going to like it. I am glad that there was more to the rumor, that the Pruxnae actually wooed their conquests and obtained their permission before taking them to their home planet.

I loved that Gared appreciated Alna for more than just her sexuality and that he went through so much to prove to her that he valued her. This was such a sweet, romantic, and entertaining read! I highly, highly recommend!!



Strange Days by Rebecca Royce

3 stars for this one. I liked reading this book. It has some seriously cheesy moments and the sexy times could have been written better….if I read the word “creamed” or any variation of it one more time…overall though the characters had some depth, the villain was super creepy and heck yeah for girl power!!






Fifth Grave Past the Light by Darynda Jones Ok, this one get’s five stars from me because there is finally some growth from Reyes!! Finally, he is showing that he may be able to get beyond the whole angry all the time grumpy attitude. I know he has saved Charley many times, and is great to all others in his life but I never felt like he deserved Charley because he was always so flipping grumpy…and by grumpy I really mean other explicits that I just can’t put out there.

I decided I need to buy this entire series just for reference when I need some sarcastic saying. The “t-shirt, bumper sticker, and status updates” are just the best. I love this series!

PS: I am hoping that Cookie finally gets Uncle Bob in the next book….. ha ha ha…she deserves some love…

Well that is the end of my August 2016 mini-reviews. Stay tuned for my September  monthly wrap-up!

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