Eat, Pray, Die by Chelsea Field

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This review is based on a complimentary book I received from Author, Chelsea Field. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.

Eat, Pray, Die by Chelsea Field Eat, Pray, Die by Chelsea Field
Series: Eat Pray Die Humorous Mystery #1
Also in this series:The Hunger Pains, Taste of Christmas: A Holiday Short Story, Poison is the New Black, Poison and Prejudice, Duty and the Beast
Also by this author: The Hunger Pains, Taste of Christmas: A Holiday Short Story, Poison is the New Black, Poison and Prejudice, Duty and the Beast
Genres: Contemporary, Cozy Mystery, Crime
Release Date: July 5, 2016
Publisher: JFP Press
Format: E-book
Source: Author, Chelsea Field
Pages: 344
ISBN: 978-0994575609
Purchase at: Amazon
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Being an undercover poison taster for the rich and famous might sound glamorous, but for Isobel Avery it means stomaching bad clients and even worse coffee.

The one side of the job that lives up to expectations is the money. Which is just as well for Izzy, since she needs an awful lot of it. Who knew when she made a lifelong commitment to a man that it would be one year living with him and the rest of her life paying for it?

But even her scoundrel ex-husband doesn’t look so bad compared to her new client. He’s competent, condescending, and annoyingly attractive, and Izzy doesn’t know whether to sleep with him or poison him herself. Throw in a loan-shark, a nosy neighbor, and a murder attempt, and Izzy will have her work cut out for her.


“Almost daily, another celebrity or political figure is in the news for doing something stupid under the influence. Sometimes they sabotage their own careers. Sometimes it’s the last thing they ever do – a fatal drug overdose. The general public take the stories at face value, as I had until a few months ago. Now I knew better. The climb to power and fortune is a war zone and poison the weapon of choice.”

Do you want to know why I loved this book, it is that the author took a sad to say not too uncommon occurrence and made it into a sinister situation. So unique! I am usually not a fan of foodie books but this book was truly unique, an undercover food taster that specializes in poisons?? How could I not give this book a try? I have to say that I enjoyed this book from beginning to end and it left me begging for more.

Izzy, originally from Australia has jumped countries to land in Los Angeles, California in order to work for a super secret organization known as the Taste Society. The organization trains candidates who have a rare gene mutation and this abnormality gives them heightened senses of taste and smell to assist with the identification of poisons. Once they graduate from the intensive training the operatives become known as shades.

Izzy is a straight shooter who is desperately broke! Her first job interview is with a man named Connor Stiles, who is a constantly rude and insensitive person. Unfortunately she is in dire need of a job so she is determined to stick with him, even if that means that her cover is that she is his girlfriend. I enjoyed Izzy’s character. I found her funny, sarcastic and naïve, which was refreshing. As a main character she did not have it all together but she was unwilling to let that be her stumbling block. She kept moving forward no matter the circumstance and still kept a good attitude.

Connor is written as a condescending, puzzling, and smug character. His job is that of a private investigator and he has all the confidence he needs for that occupation and then some. I dislike how he treats Izzy immensely, ha ha ha, but she also drives him to drink with her stubbornness. All I have to say about that is “you go, girl.” As the story goes on you learn more about this character and will begrudgingly come to like him, well maybe like is too strong of a word…more like tolerate?? ha ha. I am curious if he will play a main role in the next book? For me it is a love/hate relationship with that character.

There is a second installment to this series that just published called The Hunger Pains, will I be reading it? Heck yeah I am going to be reading the next book, so that is a sure indication that I liked this story. There were enough sub-plots woven throughout this story for it to be able to carry on into another book successfully without losing the feel of the characters and setting. This was an enjoyable read that once I started I did not want to put down!

*Thank you to author Chelsea Field for this complimentary copy of Eat, Pray, Die*

About Chelsea Field

Author Chelsea Field

Chelsea Field has lived an exciting life for an introvert.

She’s fallen off a galloping racehorse, faced down dozens of Australia’s most dangerous animals (including vicious roosters, for those of you who’ve read EAT, PRAY, DIE), and while she’s never sold buns or coffee for a living like her protagonist, she’s consumed plenty of both.

Yes, all of those points are about animals or food. I told you she’s an introvert.

After writing a romantic comedy (no, you can’t read it) where the hero was a photographer from Burnside and then meeting and marrying a photographer from Burnside a few years later, she’s a little worried her writing has weird prophetic fate-like powers. So she makes sure nothing too bad ever happens to her characters, just in case life decides to imitate fiction again.

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