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This review is based on a complimentary book I received from Author, Emigh Cannaday. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.

Release and Catch by Emigh Cannaday Release & Catch: a Three Part Book Bundle by Emigh Cannaday
Also by this author: The Flame and the Arrow, The Silver Thread, The Scarlet Tanager, The Darkest of Dreams
Genres: Womens Fiction
Release Date: November 26, 2015
Publisher: Smashwords Edition
Format: E-book
Source: Author, Emigh Cannaday
Pages: 495
ISBN: 9781310746635
ASIN: B01813C654
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After years of playing catch and release when it comes to men, Sloane has just hooked what seems to be the ultimate trophy. Andy is funny, sweet, smart, and oh so sexy with his Ken doll good looks, but there’s a snag the size of Texas—his best friend Barbie. Not only is Barbie a matchmaker with a perfect track record, but the tall, tan, gorgeous blonde clearly adores Andy and isn’t about to give this new relationship the green light without conducting a thorough investigation. Claiming to have Andy’s best interest in mind, Barbie starts to cross-examine Sloane to learn who she really is and what she wants most out of life. When Barbie’s ruling is announced, Sloane’s in too deep to realize she’s in way over her head.

If you enjoyed the romantic comedy Pucked by Helena Hunting, you'll love this lively & gritty romantic dramedy.


During the reading of this book I kept drawing parallels with two characters from the show Sex in the City. Maybe I am totally off because I can’t say I watched that show on a regular basis but I think if you took the character’s Samantha and Carrie and squished their personalities into one body you would have the main femme fatale, Sloane Spadowski. She narrates this story with humor, honesty and a sprinkling of crass.

“I mentioned my jobs only lasted a few months at a time. So did my relationships. I never subscribed to the idea that there’s only one person out there for us, because let’s face it; there are a lot of people on this planet. I saw every man the way that Lewis and Clark saw America; as a new frontier to discover, a new territory to claim.”

At the start of this book I was under the impression that it was going to be the female equivalent of a player is going to play, but as the story goes on there are aspects of Sloane’s character that start to come through and she develops. Sloane is not everything that she seems. Having to overcome some terrible family situations she has developed a “catch and release” type attitude about life in general with little thought to what consequences that those choices might bring.

“I’ve walked away from so many people, not just because of my career as a temp or my inability to commit to a guy, but because of my journey as a human. People outgrow one another, just like potted plants outgrow their containers. Some plants surrender to their confinement and wither and die a long, slow death.”

I think that most people will be able to identify with the main character Sloane in a way. Not in terms of the choices she makes but in that we have all made choices that seemed right in the moment but when we look back we can clearly see what we should have picked up on as “obvious.” Although Sloane’s character is not one I can personally identify with I did enjoy when she began to see beyond herself and started making choices that were good for her and her personal growth.

Now that I have covered that let’s talk about humor! I am not going to lie; you need to read this book for the Brazilian wax scene alone!! I was laughing out loud!! There is a club scene that involved Barbie and Andy that was also hilarious! What made the entire book wonderful was that throughout the story everything happening to Sloane was written realistically. Nothing is glossed over, no details made to “perfection,” just gritty realism that draws you in. This is just why I love, love, love author Emigh Cannaday’s writing! I may not love Sloane’s character but she is so real to me that I cannot help but truly appreciate her journey of self-realization.

What did I not like? Only the mega of all-times love triangle! If you like love triangles that are well written and full of drama, humor, and sexy times then this book is for you! If you ever found Sex in the City offensive, hmmm maybe not for you, just saying. This story packs a big punch and it is not meant for the prudish of heart.

*Thank you to Emigh Cannaday for this complimentary copy of Release and Catch*

About Emigh Cannaday

Author Emigh Cannaday

After bouncing around from Paris to Portland, Emigh now lives in Wisconsin with her musician/winemaker husband and a rowdy pack of Pembroke Welsh Corgis. She grew up drawing, painting, and writing down her elaborate daydreams that focus on relationships, nature, intuition, and a bit of magic. When she’s not writing, she spends her free time testing out new recipes in the kitchen and playing with houseplants and horses. She can’t remember the last time she was bored.

She also co-hosts the Wine Wars podcast, the only rated-R show dedicated to all things wine and Star Wars. Find her on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter to get the latest author updates and connect with other fans.

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