The struggles of a beginning book blogger

Posted May 30, 2016 by Minx

I still consider myself a beginner book blogger and I will until I hit the six month mark. My blog is not quite 4 months old at this point and it has been a real personal growth catalyst for me. 😉 This is where I give a shout out to all the followers who have been with me from the beginning: Much Love!!

The Genre Minx Book Reviews

My first issue was writing the reviews themselves. In the beginning this was were I started, my first review:

WickedWicked by Jennifer L. Armentrout

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow! This book was great from the beginning. Although it is an older book, I wanted to read it before the next book in the series comes out. The main characters are addictive. Ivy is badass and Ren is just steamy. The Fae in this book are just straight up bad but I am loving Tink, Ivy’s Brownie roommate. This book had it all…friendship, love, lust, Fae and betrayal. Also, did not see that ending. Now I have to read the next book “Torn” as soon as it comes out!!!

Wow, right?! Yeh, what can I say? Got to start somewhere and I am not ashamed because I think I have improved greatly and that makes me feel successful. I think of it like this: I am a great verbal communicator…written…hmmm…a bit challenged there, so I had to start writing my posts like I am having a conversation with a friend and they got a lot better.

Next for me was imagery. I had started with my Goodreads account and when I posted my reviews from there it would add an image, a bit bigger than the size of a thumbnail pic, to my blog. I thought this was rockin’! After a bit I decided that when I visited sites that I liked decent sized pics so then I had to learn how to find images, import, size and tag…I am still confused on certain aspects like Image CSS Class, Link Rel, Link CSS Class. I know kinda what they mean but I am not fully invested (yet) into learning that. So I know (I guess) it is not the images that are the issue but the appropriate way to label and/or tag them so that they can be linked back to the blog (and I don’t use copyrighted materials, here’s a good post about that topic from Kimberly@Caffeinated Book Reviewer). My next challenge for myself is going to be photoshop (never, ever had it before)…thinking I need a header that is more than just a snapshot of a few of my books.

Then, I have to discuss the elephant in the room, social media…ugh. I am an social media cavewoman. I never had a facebook account, barely had a twitter account…how do I tweet?, instagram… whhaaat?, and whatever else there is out there…sigh…no clue. So I decide that I wanted to start a book blog? What? I love books, I love reading and I wanted to connect with others who felt the same and so I decided to put myself out there and learn it all. I found myself having to use the almighty google to figure things out, I am so lame, ha ha ha, but eventually I will get all the kinks worked out and become pretty darn good with some social media….sigh. For now I am still dragging my knuckles on the ground a bit.

So I am more than proud of the followers I do have because not one of you came from any of my friends or family. This is for all of you, Much Love:

The Genre Minx Book Reviews

Why not my friends and family? They get a live feed…after I read a book they ALL know about it….sometimes even strangers know, if they are in the right place at the right time…..ha ha ha.

I love this blog very much and I am trying to keep the content fresh and relatable. Which means challenging myself to improve. Comments and feedback always help with this. Having comments means I am doing something right or wrong because a person took their time to tell me so. Nice! Also, trying to figure out what content I want to do is another facet. I do not want to do what every one else is doing and I want to connect with my audience in a way that they feel that we are having a conversation. I love reading blogs where the personality of the blogger comes through. It just cracks me up! That is my ultimate goal….a blog where I and my love of books shines through so much that even non-readers have to try out the book I reviewed.

I wrote this post in case there are other beginners out there and they are maybe feeling a little lost or down. I like to put it out there….where I was, am, and hope to be so that they can see that they are not alone or maybe even give them a boost because they are doing better than me…ha ha ha…which is fine by me because those kind of things never did bother me:

The Genre Minx Book Reviews

buhhuuuwwaaa, totally kidding. Writing this type of post is also helpful for me to look back and remember. Anyhow, if you are actually at the bottom of this post and read my thoughts and feel like commenting then that is great! Any tips or sites that helped you along your journey would also be welcomed. For all of you that are thinking of starting a blog….any kind of blog then here is my GIF for you:

The Genre Minx Book Reviews

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6 responses to “The struggles of a beginning book blogger

  1. It’s not just me who is a social media cave woman! !! I have personal social media but I barely use that. I’ve recently attempted instagram and still not sure what I’m doing. It’s definitely hard if you’re not already well versed in it.

    I’m a new blogger as well (just over 2 months!), and I really relate to everything you wrote here. It’s tricky to figure it out and then to make it work. What I’ve found most helpful is just poking around other blogs and finding what I like. I’ll probably be following your comments and trying to get some ideas from here too 🙂

    • It is such a struggle with social media if you are not using it often enough and YES, you are not alone! Thank you for your comments. It made me smile to also know that I am not alone. 😁

  2. I love this post! I only started less than 3 months ago, and I found it all quite confusing at the beginning too. I had no sense of direction, and no clue where I wanted to go with this blog. Creating a blog was just a spontaneous decision one night because I wanted to talk about books! I didn’t even want to review. But I started to enjoy it all, and don’t regret it one bit. I’m still a social media caveman, but I’ve tried to remedy that 🙂

  3. Oh god do I feel you on the social media thing. The tension between my need to be a hermit and my need to talk to people about books has been a constant struggle since I started. It’s definitely something I’m trying to work on.

    As for the writing issue, I do think it’s much harder to talk about something you like than something you hate. When I dislike a book I usually have something specific that’s bothering me, but when I like something I just kind of float on a haze of enjoyment that’s completely counterproductive to analysis. I consider myself a much better writer than speaker, and I still have that problem.

    I’m glad you feel you’ve improved, though. I know I’ve enjoyed the couple of reviews of yours that I’ve read.

    • I hear you on the hermit thing. Lol I tell my hubby all the time, there will be no replacing him with another man but my books however will keep me company–lol. When I dislike a book I write the rant I want to write to get it out of my system. Then I write a constructive review that is not bashing to the author. Ha ha ha. Thanks for the comments. I loved your perspective. Cheers!!

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