Ascension: The Dragons of Kendualdern by Sam Ferguson

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Ascension: The Dragons of Kendualdern by Sam Ferguson Ascension: The Dragons of Kendualdern by Sam Ferguson
Genres: Fantasy
Release Date: February 21, 2015
Publisher: Dragon Scale Publishing
Pages: 399
Illustrator: Bob Kehl
ISBN: 1943183074
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Format: E-book
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Gorliad is the first crowned prince to hatch in centuries. Destined to one day conquer a kingdom of his own, he begins his rigorous training and progresses wonderfully. That is, until a rival dragon descends upon the kingdom in a ferocious battle that leaves Gorliad crippled, and bereft of his birthright. The young dragon will need to find the fires deep within his soul if he is to overcome his handicap, but even victory may bring defeat as he will have to risk his father’s kingdom and everything in it to ascend to his promised throne.


King Geldryn rules the mountain kingdom of Kendualdern with his High Queen Siravel. When the book starts the main protagonist has just been laid by Siravel and is being attended by Algearon, the Nursery Master dwarf. In this book dwarves are created from the magic of the Dragon King to serve the dragons. There is a very complex hierarchy established, similar to what you would expect within a monarchy, between the dwarves and the dragons. There is also a caste system in place that is determined by the color of the dragon’s egg. A spotted egg was indicative of a crowned egg, a prince, and one had not been hatched in centuries.

So a crowned egg has been laid and now the whole kingdom is awaiting the hatching of Gorliad. The wait is not without drama as there is an assassination attempt on the egg but the day finally comes and Gorliad is hatched. I love, love, love watching this dragon grow up and accomplish feats, he was so endearing as a protagonist. Years go by; encountering some challenges, Gorliad is not quite ready to ascend to his place as Prince but he is hopeful it will be soon. Unfortunately as fate will have it a dragon comes to challenge for the throne of Kendualdern. Gorliad being Prince, seeing his kingdom threatened, goes out of the mountain and gets embroiled in the ongoing battle against the advice of Algearon. He should have listened because he was unfortunately wounded and became crippled. This leads to him being demoted to the status of a servant because those are the rules of the dragon caste system. Crippled royalty become the lowest ranking royal servant. That just sucks.

This part of the story really pulls at my heartstrings because it is just so unfair. Shunned by all that he had spent years in relationship with, ugh, devastating! Luckily, some circumstances present themselves and Gorliad is not completely without the benefit of a friend. His situation however is dire. Through this tragedy Gorliad is shaped into the dragon he is to become and the journey is amazing.

Honestly, I did not ever think I would enjoy this book as much as I did. For me the story started out a little slow but once there started being battles between the dragons, which was so well written, I became very intrigued and could not put the book down. This is a story that is suitable for all ages. I highly recommend!

About Sam Ferguson

Author Sam Ferguson

Sam Ferguson is a fairly average guy.
That’s it.
No, really, that’s it.

Oh- you are actually reading this?

Well… the truth is that Sam is a very lucky guy. He juggles work in such a way that he makes sure to spend enough time with his loving wife and five sons. He is blessed to be writing full time now. In his spare time he is an avid powerlifter, and competes from time to time.

He spent nearly five years serving as a U.S. Diplomat and absolutely loved the experience, but decided to move back home. Outside of the U.S. he has lived in Latvia, Hungary, and Armenia. He speaks Russian, Hungarian, and Armenian. (He used to speak some Latvian too, but he has no one to practice with anymore…)

He has a large, happy dog.
He plays the Elder Scrolls series.
His favorite superhero is Wolverine, but Batman is a close second.

If the kids go to bed at a reasonable hour, he will cuddle up with his wife to watch Scrubs reruns, the Big Bang Theory, Castle, and Burn Notice.

See, really just an average guy after all.

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