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A Well Read WomanWho does not enjoy a game of tag every now and then? I was tagged by Poppy @Poppy’s Best of Books to do the Burn, Re-Write and Re-Read book tag. Thank you very much Poppy! Please take a minute and check out her site. 😎 On each book image I have included a link to the review in case you wanted to get a deeper insight on the ‘why’ of it all.

Since I have yet to engage in this particular game of tag let me tell you the rules of the game as they have been explained to me:



  1. Choose three books you have read, at random if you will.

  2. For each group, decide which book you will either choose to burn, re-write, or re-read.

  3. Repeat until you have completed three rounds (or six rounds).

Round #1:

The Glittering Court by Richelle Mead Thicker Than Water by Brigid Kemmerer Truthwitch by Susan Dennard

Here’s my round 1: The Glittering Court by Richelle Mead, Thicker Than Water by Brigid Kemmerer, and Truthwitch by Susan Dennard.

Burn: The Glittering Court, this book is definitely a burn for me. If you have read my review (based on a sample) and subsequent revised review (based upon entire book) then you can understand why I need to burn this book. It became increasingly anti-climatic from the middle of the book forward and I am still put out about the ridiculous attempt at a cliffhanger.

Re-Write: Thicker Than Water, in this book I did love the characters and it is solidly written. I would however make the plot twist towards the end more believable and better explained. I am still 🙄 at that twist, it really took the story down in flames for me.

Re-Read: Truthwitch, I truly enjoyed this book. I know there are haters who did not like this book, but are there not always? For me, I really enjoyed the camaraderie between these chicks and love how Susan Dennard left lots of room for character development on both main characters.

So that concludes Round #1!







Round #2:

Feverborn by Karen Marie Moning King's Folly by Jill Williamson It Takes One by Kate Kessler

Here’s my round 2: Feverborn by Karen Marie Moning, King’s Folly by Jill Williamson, and It Takes One by Kate Kessler.

Burn: Feverborn, ouch my review on this was a rant! Like Fangirl gone angry! Wait?!…..I am still angry at being disappointed, why Karen? Whhhyy??! Sigh, in case you have not read my review I will summarize why: Dani/Jada Character 👿, Mac & Barrons 😴, Sinsar-Dubh 💤.

Re-Write: King’s Follylets just re-write the whole monarchy drama, concubines, prostitutes, and polygamy….it could have been written differently. While I am at it I am going to add to the characters, add a little interest to them.

Re-Read: It Takes One, this book is a mesmerizing psychological thriller that I could not put down. Ms. Kessler did a great portrayal of realistic characters and the psychological observations are quite detailed. It is a must read and I am looking forward to the next book in the series.

This concludes Round #2!







Round #3:

The Devil's Serenade by Catherine Cavendish Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

Here’s my round 3: The Devil’s Serenade by Catherine Cavendish, Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton, and A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas.

Burn: The Devil’s Serenadeas a horror book, it did not grip nor spook me. The plot to me was unrealistic….like the typical horror movies you see where the dumb chick goes back for the shoe she lost running. You know he’s gonna get you, seriously?? Why go back?! It was dumb like that to me.

Re-Write: Rebel of the Sandswhere are the Djinni’s at??!! I would definitely re-write this a bit to flesh out the characters and maybe make it a little more Arabian Nights than The Old West. She can still shoot guns and not have to have a western theme. I would also add some real djinn and make the half-djinns more badass.

Re-Read: A Court of Thorns and Roseswhen I first read this book I had a hard time because it reminded me so much of Beauty and the Beast that I was disappointed 😫. Soooo maybe I was being a little dramatic, maybe hormonal that day?! After the initial reading of the book I kept thinking about it and then had to re-read it and then read it on a vacation and then after the fourth time reading the book I had to get real. I loved it 😍. Hmmm, now I am here thinking about the story and just maybe I am going to have to re-read it again tonight. No harm in that as the sequel comes out NEXT WEEK!! 💥 💥

This concludes round 3, my final round.








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